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World Travel Market 2014 is a four-day business-to-business event presenting a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors to UK and International travel professionals.

It is a unique opportunity for the whole global travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business under one roof. 

WTM is established as one of the world's leading travel exhibitions and 2014 will be the show's 35th year. WTM brings the industry's most prominent figures together to negotiate new contracts, develop existing relationships and set strategies for the future.

WTM 2014 is an annual business to business exhibition for travel industry professionals. Suppliers of travel and tourism products showcase the latest developments in the travel industry.

WTM brings together the largest global industry gathering of destinations, tour operators, hotels, airlines, technology and online travel services under one roof and covers a diverse range of sectors within the travel and tourism industry.

World Travel Market (WTM 2014), the leading global event for the travel industry - is a vibrant four-day business-to-business event presenting a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors to the UK and International travel professionals.

It is a unique opportunity for the whole global travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business under one roof.

As one of the world's biggest monetary parts, Travel and Tourism makes employments, drives trades, and produces flourishing over the world.

The sector, comprised of a wide range of industries, aims to serve and support domestic, international, business and leisure visitors.

Companies, large and small, in industries ranging from accommodation and transportation to food & beverage, retail and culture and sports & recreation, all strive to create products and services that bring people together, support communities and celebrate the wonders that our world can offer.

In its yearly investigation measuring the worldwide monetary and business effect of Travel and Tourism in 185 nations and 25 locales, the World Travel and Tourism Council's (WTTC) look into uncovers that the sector accounted for 10.4% of global GDP and 319 million jobs, or 10% of total employment in 2018.

The division of overall spend is firmly weighted towards the leisure market, which represented 78.5% of the total compared with 21.5% for business spend, and the sector accounted for 6.5% of total global exports and 27.2% of total global service exports.

Domestic tourism, which represented 71.2% of all tourism spending in 2018 and had the strongest growth in developing nations, continues to support opportunities by spreading development and regional economic benefits and building national pride.

The continued rise in the number of middle class households and the solid growth in global consumer spending once again enabled the Travel & Tourism sector’s growth to reach 3.9%, outpacing the global economy for the eighth consecutive year.

The USA, China, Japan, Germany, and the UK were the best five markets in 2018, all things considered representing to 47% of the worldwide Travel and Tourism GDP.

Across the regions in 2018, Asia-Pacific remained a strong performer, growing by 6.4%, but North Africa’s performance – with 8.6% year on year growth – is particularly notable.

This growth not only showcases the sector’s resilience and capacity to bounce back from security shocks, but also its ability to spread its benefits widely across the world. Basically, Ethiopia, Ecuador, St Kitts, and Nevis, Egypt and Turkey drove the world for Travel and Tourism GDP development in 2018.

This growth, in turn, enables job creation. Travel & Tourism, which already supports one in every ten jobs on the planet, and has accounted for one in five of all jobs created across the world over the past five years, is a dynamic engine of employment opportunities. Jobs in Travel & Tourism particularly support women, youth and other, often marginalized groups of society.

Factors influencing the flow of travelers around the world, such as a destination’s attractiveness and its currency strength, will continue to affect traveler behavior in the coming year. 

Without a doubt, new improvements will develop close by these current components.

As certain countries look progressively internal, Travel and Tourism turns out to be considerably increasingly basic as a motor of financial advancement and as a vehicle for sharing societies and building common comprehension.


World Travel Market


World Travel Market London is the main worldwide occasion for the travel business, producing more than £3.1 billion of business contracts between participants.

There have been 39 releases of WTM London, drawing in a worldwide group of spectators that shapes the travel business.

More than three days, the travel business meets up as just about 5,000 displaying goals, technology, and private part organizations to discover and coordinate with 51,000 travel experts, key industry purchasers, writers, digital influencers, understudies and the travel industry Ministers.

This lively occasion offers the chance to find the world under one roof, and be motivated by industry pioneers talking about patterns, issues, and developments in the travel business.

World Travel Market, will – as it has done since its launch event in 1980 – host the global travel and tourism industry as it looks to agree business deals and discuss the current issues facing the sector.

WTM London 2017 will facilitate deals worth about £3 billion in travel industry contracts from almost one million on-stand meetings between exhibitors and buyers from the WTM Buyers’ Club.

The WTM Portfolio – which additionally incorporates Arabian Travel Market, WTM Latin America, and WTM Africa – is the impetus for deals worth more than £4 billion.


The Vibrant event that takes your Business into more Professional

WTM London has overviewed its key partners – exhibitors, senior WTM Buyers' Club individuals, and guests – to find the focal issues for the business and the points of discussions on the show floor over the three days of WTM London 2017.

The discoveries form the backbone for the World Travel Market London 2017 Industry Report. They spread scope of issues from industry positive thinking, the effect of Brexit, capable the travel industry, Donald Trump's Presidency, terrorism, and solid performing nations.

These results are put into context by comparison with a survey of more than 1,000 UK holidaymakers (all of whom took a minimum seven-day summer holiday overseas or in the UK in 2017) uncovering their booking and holidaying propensities.

The World Travel Market in London is one of the biggest travel summits on the planet, went to by many travel associations, travel organizations, hotels, etc. In the event that it has to do with travel, it is likely being spoken to at the WTM.

In case you're anticipating going to the World Travel Market, you'll need a couple of tips on the best way to handle it.

Many travel bloggers go to in order to set up organizations and joint efforts with the different organizations and the travel industry sheets.

In case you're in the travel business as a blogger or influencer, you may think that it’s important to attend in order to stay over travel patterns and locate your very own coordinated efforts.

In any case, do remember that this occasion isn't intended for bloggers or toward framing business associations. It is progressively about the dissemination of data.

The World Travel Market is gigantic and exploring it very well may be somewhat overwhelming for first-timers. It's not especially simple or agreeable to virus methodology organizations, regardless of whether they are generally short of what one roof at a huge occasion intended for networking and data sharing.

When you see the exchange floor, you might be halted abruptly. It's gigantic and more than a little intimidating.

The World Travel Market occasion is intended to acquaint destinations and travel patterns with those in the travel business.

The travel industry barricades and travel organizations set colossal stalls with imaginative ideas, exercises and huge amounts of data about their goals.

At that point PR organizations, trip specialists, and travel bloggers wander the stalls, becoming more acquainted with what energizing things those destinations have to offer.

The show is broken up into regions: Asia, Europe, Americas… Once you go into a region, huge stands are representing a particular area.

For instance, within the Americas was the United States, then New York, then New York City, then New York City hotels, New York City tours, etc.

Many of the stands have one principle work area with delegates sharing handouts and information about the destination. Behind the fundamental work, the area is many little cubicles or work area spaces for every one of the organizations in participation for that area.


World travel market Industry Report


The global travel industry looks set for further development around the globe in 2018. Quite a bit of this development will be fuelled by business arrangements fixed as a result of WTM London, which will have in excess of 51,500 senior travel industry experts this week at ExCeL London.

The WTM London 2017 Industry report found that 75% (74%) of the travel representatives requested to anticipate that the business should develop, with 56% seeking after 'slight development' and 18% expecting significant development.

According to the 2019 Global Travel Forecast, travel prices are expected to rise sharply in the coming year, reaching nearly 5% increases in some sectors.


A focus on the future of work


With all the focus on emerging technology, it’s often easy to forget that people will remain one of travel and hospitality’s biggest challenges throughout 2019.

In an industry based on service excellence, individuals can be a brand's most dominant aggressive resource. Recent years served as a stark reminder that talent can also inhibit growth.

Tourism already employs roughly 1 in 10 people in the global economy. For the industry to grow, it simply needs more talent. But that represents a very significant problem.

Over the past decade, the US travel industry expanded- all while the gig economy soared, national employment approached full saturation, the workforce aged and became more educated, and the nation’s next generation of talent increasingly pursued attractive careers in emerging fields.

Considering the confluence of trends, it should come as no surprise that the travel industry now faces an incredible talent shortage.

With talent gaps in travel and hospitality are not new, the magnitude of the current shortage is unprecedented. In the United States, at the height of the Great Recession, there were roughly 353,000 open positions in hospitality.

Starting at 2018, with the travel business flooding, that number expands to 1,139,000.

The hole traverses both talented and untalented work. In the airline industry, for example, while crew shortages restrict route expansion- some smaller, regional carriers are ceasing operations entirely due to pilot shortages.


Features of World Travel Market (WTM)


  • Around £3 billion in travel industry arrangements will be marked between 5,000 exhibitors and 10,000 individuals from the WTM Buyers' Club. Right around one million on-stand conferences will occur at WTM London 2017.

  • Any individual who's anybody in the travel business will be in participation. Around 51,500 members from 182 nations and regions will visit. Built up exhibitors with enormous stands at the occasion will incorporate Italy, India, and Greece and in excess of 60 new exhibitors have joined to work together at the current year's WTM London.

  • The massively famous WTM Speed Networking has been extended over every one of the three days of the occasion.  All events start at 9 am before the exhibition floor opens with buyers seated by region on Monday and product on Tuesday, while Wednesday session is for Digital Influencers (recently called WTM Bloggers' Speed Networking) and is supported by Whalar.

  • The Travel Tech Show at WTM is the biggest devoted travel technology occasion in the United Kingdom. The show unites the most recent items and services in technology to the worldwide travel industry. This year there is an attention on payment solutions.

  • There will be in excess of 200 speakers and 80 sessions occurring at WTM London 2017. In 2016 total attendance for the conference program was 18,963 (10,021 unique delegates). The conference program includes aviation, responsible tourism, technology, gastronomy tourism and digital influencers. The new program for this year includes payment solutions and wedding and honeymoon tourism.

  • WTM London 2017 will have a large group of enormous name speakers from both inside and outside the travel and the tourism industry. Terry Jones, the keynote speaker who set up Travelocity and developed Kayak into the business purchased by Priceline for $1.8 billion.

  • WTM London has the biggest recurring Media Center in the United Kingdom, facilitating in excess of 3,000 individuals from the media and offering unparalleled special open doors for exhibitors.

  • Agents going to WTM London can exploit limited hotels that can be made by means of WTM London's selective association with Hotel Map.

  • Find the most recent overall travel and the tourism industry information, insights, and patterns from the main research associations Euro screen International, Nielsen and Forward keys.


WTM London will finish up with the well-known WTM Festivals. Several exhibitors will host parties showcasing their culture, music, and cuisine.

The celebrations enable everybody to associate after the customary working hours in a fun and energetic air. Try not to Miss Out.


In general, one of the key reasons why so many travel professionals attend the show year after year is because of the valuable networking opportunities and connections they make.


  • Find and meet new suppliers exhibiting at the show

  • Built and strengthen your current network

  • Learn from industry experts

  • Discover tourism trends and innovations

  • Senior buyers gain additional benefits with their buyers’ club membership

  • Socialize at informal networking events


Travel and Tourism competitiveness report 2019


In 2018, according to the World Tourism Organization, the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide reached 1.4 billion, two years before it was predicted to do so. That year also marked the seventh year in a row where the growth in tourism exports (+4%) exceeded the growth in merchandise exports (+3%).

Given this rapid pace of growth, the prediction that international arrivals will reach 1.8 billion by 2030 may be conservative. This presents enormous potential for the sector and economies globally as travel is further democratized.

Emerging economies are contributing larger proportions of travelers to this global trend and are becoming increasingly desirable as destinations as they show greater competitiveness in travel and tourism.

It is likewise since the past distribution of our biennial Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report in April 2017, which the expression "over-the travel industry" has turned out to be basic currency.

Used to depict the negative impact tourism can have on a destination, its residents and visitors alike, and often the result of congestion and overcrowding from poor tourism management, " over-the travel business" can be seen as the consequence of destinations outperforming their travel industry passing on limit.

The tourism carrying capacity is defined by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as “the maximum number of people that may visit a tourist destination at the same time, without causing destruction of the physical, financial, and sociocultural condition and an unacceptable decrease in the nature of visitors' fulfillment."

It is within this context of enormous growth potential, and increasing pressure on tourism infrastructure and services, that travel & tourism competitiveness can be seen simultaneously as a powerful economic growth driver or a risk to the ongoing development of the industry if not managed correctly.

Growth in T&T competitiveness has traditionally offered tremendous returns, from increases to GDP and labor absorption, to local economic development for more remote communities.

However, competitiveness for competitiveness' sake may become a burgeoning constraint on the sector as a whole.

Consequently, the subject of the current year's release of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019 is "Travel and Tourism at a Tipping Point".

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report is a lead result of the Platform for Shaping the Future of Mobility, which unites world pioneers to guarantee travel and transportation systems meet 21st-century demands.

The rapid proliferation of new modes of mobility and disruptive business models provides us with the opportunity to reinvent mobility systems by using policy and technological innovations to address societal, economic and environmental risks.

This report provides a valuable tool for policy-makers, companies, and complementary sectors to understand and anticipate emerging trends and risks in global travel and tourism, adapt their policies and practices, and accelerate new models that ensure the longevity of this important sector.

This combination allows stakeholders to combine insight and action into accelerating change, and we invite leaders to engage with our platform.


Arabian Travel Market (ATM)


Arabian Travel Market (ATM), is the main worldwide event for the Middle East inbound and outbound travel industry throughout the previous 27 years. At the upcoming event, we will embrace 'Occasions for Tourism Growth' as the yearly topic for 2020.

The spotlight will explore the impact events have on tourism growth in the region and will inspire the travel and hospitality industry about the next generation of events while bringing together senior travel executives to meet and conduct business under one roof over four days.

The Arabian Travel Market (ATM) which happens this year at the Dubai World Trade Center more than four days from April 22-25 is considered by industry experts to be the barometer for the Middle East and North Africa travel industry.

Last year’s event featured 2,661 exhibitors, over 39,000 visitors and business deals reportedly worth more than $2.5 billion. LEADERS looks at what to expect at this year’s ATM and some of the most important trends likely to impact the GCC travel market over the next several years.

The yearly business-to-business (B2B) presentation features more than 2,800 items and destinations from around the globe to more than 28,000 purchasers and travel exchange guests crosswise over four days at the Dubai World Trade Center.

More than 39,000 travel experts, government ministers, and global press, visit ATM each April to organize, arrange and find the most recent industry assessment and patterns at Arabian Travel Market.

Beyond the occasion, we keep on assisting experts in the Arabian travel industry with driving business accomplishment with throughout the entire year chances to make associations and access to industry news and advancements, patterns and advances from around the globe.

Through our industry systems, worldwide reach and territorial center, ATM makes individual and business openings giving our clients quality contacts, substance and networks.


Global Travel trends to impact the region


Celebrating the 25th year, ATM 2019 will recollect over the span of the latest 25 years and discussion about the friendliness business in the Middle East and North Africa will make all through the accompanying 25.

A board discussion led by Content Inc. executive, official, Gemma Greenwood, will explore creative accommodation, new hotel thoughts, and the brands and hotels because of land in the zone.

Eight significant worldwide patterns are relied upon to happen in the provincial advertise.

These are fresh and mutual themed hotel plan: destinations encounter; customized dedication benefits; "co-everything" shared spaces; multi-job occupations for hotel partners enabled by technology; valid encounters; information and keen hotels.

Driving development crosswise over activities, duties will converge as partners move from small scale entrusting to performing multiple tasks, changing to multi-work jobs, empowered by technology.

As data applications advance, the conventional "yield supervisor" could be superseded by data scientists who mine and separate data on purchaser direct.

Other significant forecasts incorporate real over clear extravagance, receiving a real and progressively customized style, and in-room destination aides offering curated and marked encounters.

The presentation of customized benefits through hotels devotion plans will see hotels offering bespoke and customized benefits, in light of client purchasing behavior.



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We help your own developers
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Customized Hosted Solution

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system

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