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How to become an IATA Agent - travel agent accreditation application forms, local criteria and application guide.

For travel agents and entrepreneurs that want to rise and shine in the travel industry, an IATA accreditation can work wonders.




International air transport developed at twofold digit rates from its earliest post-1945 days until the primary oil crisis in 1973.

A significant part of the driving force for this development originated from specialized advancement.

The presentation of turbo-propeller aircraft in the mid-1950s, transatlantic jets in 1958, wide-bodied airplane and high by-pass engines in 1970 and later, advanced avionics were the fundamental developments.

They brought higher speeds, greater size, and better until cost control and, as a result, lower real-time fares and rates. Joined with expanded real incomes and more leisure time, the impact was a blast popular for air travel.


Expanded interest for air travel prompted expanded activity for IATA


Specialized work developed into seven broad territories. Avionics and media communications incorporated the fundamental air navigation work; engineering and environment created IATA strategy on aircraft noise and different emissions; air terminals characterized aircraft requirements for airport terminals.

Flight Operations worked on safety elements, for example, least aircraft division models and air routings; medical monitored health standards for flight teams and encouraged air travel for disabled travelers; assistance attempted to speed the flow of individuals and products through air terminals – especially, customs and migration; security took a shot at measures to protect travelers and cargo by preventing hijacking and damage and on minimizing fraud and theft of tickets.

IATA's legal efforts anticipated the impacts of new technology related with the period of fast development.

It had the option to prompt the business on new aircraft and systems, electronic information handling and advances in deals and marketing techniques.

Since demonstrations of hijacking and damage become increasingly visit during this period, IATA helped the improvement of the Tokyo, Hague and Montreal Conventions, the essential global legal counter-measures.

International air transport makes exceptional issues of tax collection. This was a worry even before World War Two.

IATA makes specific difficulties to the legality of certain expenses and brings up to governments the counter-productive impact of excessive aviation taxation in general.

Client Charges - payment for utilizing air terminals and air route services - mushroomed during the 1960s and 70s.

IATA's assignment is to limit their effect by guaranteeing that the charges are for facilities required, that charges are cost-related and that productivity improvements are incorporated into cost projections.

Cash earned via aircraft abroad is sometimes blocked by the national bank of the nation which it is earned. IATA works to free it, for a move back to the airline that earned it.


What is IATA?


IATA stands for International Air Transport Association is a global trade association for the world’s airlines. Its mission is to lead and serve its members, as well as to represent their interests in a way that boosts the airport transportation industry. IATA was set up in Havana, Cuba, in April 1945.

It is the successor to the International Air Traffic Association, which was molded in 1919 at The Hague, Netherlands. At its establishing, IATA had 57 members from 31 countries, for the most part in Europe and North America. Today it has 290 members from 120 nations in every part of the globe.

Carrying 82% of the world's air traffic, IATA individuals incorporate the world's leading traveler and cargo carriers. Much of IATA’s early work was technical and it provided input to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The global scheduled air transport industry is more than 100 times bigger than it was in 1945.

Few enterprises can coordinate the dynamism of that development, which would have been significantly less astounding without the norms, practices, and methodology created inside IATA.

IATA supports numerous territories of aeronautics travel and details industry strategy on basic flight issues. It is the prime vehicle for inter-aircraft co-operation in promoting safe, solid, secure and economical air services to support the world's consumers.

IATA aims to be the force for value creation and innovation driving a safe, secure and profitable air transport industry that sustainably connects and enriches the world. IATA's strategic to speak to, lead, and serve the airline business.

For air carriers, IATA gives a surveyed asset to booking, traffic, and routes, standardizing services and the creation of overall open assistance for the air business.


What is IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)?


The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is a global appraisal system which is reviewing the operational service systems and control systems of an aircraft.IOSA has been intended to assist airlines with sharing review assets and lessen the general number of reviews performed.


Airlines appreciate critical cost reserve funds through these decreases just as a wide scope of extra advantages, including:


  • Increased codeshare openings;

  • The controlled system to share audit outputs

  • IATA quality confirmation


IATA supervises the accreditation of Audit Organizations and Endorsed Training Organizations, guarantees persistent development of the IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices and deals with the focal database of IOSA Audit Reports.

IATA additionally executes effective quality assurance to guarantee generally speaking system institutionalization and guarantees that the program is addressing airline needs as adequately as could be expected under the circumstances and effective consummation of an IOSA will bring about the option to the IOSA registry.

The IOSA program lessens the burden on the industry by representing a global standard that is utilized by numerous regulators to complement their oversight activities on commercial operators.

IOSA is a globally viewed and acknowledged evaluation system expected to overview the operational management and control systems of an aircraft. All IATA individuals are IOSA enlisted and should stay enrolled to keep up IATA participation.

In 2018, IOSA commended its 15th anniversary. On that occasion, a series of workshops were conducted for airlines, audit organizations, auditors and regulators.

As of 8 November 2018, there were 438 airlines on the IOSA registry, including 145 non-IATA members. During the same year, over 1,400 IOSA Audit Reports were exchanged, which is an increase of 7% from the previous year (over 8,700 have been shared since 2003).


Role of IATA


For air transporters, IATA gives a surveyed asset to planning, traffic, and routes, standardizing services and the production of overall open assistance for the air business.

For buyers, IATA sets the worldwide standard for services and strategic approaches among member airlines. For example, the three-digit airport codes utilized globally are an IATA show.


Moreover, IATA means to accomplish the following mandate:


  • To promote safe, ordinary and affordable air transport

  • To encourage air trade

  • To study problems connected with the airline industry

  • To give a method for working together between air transport organizations and agencies

  • To co-work with other global air transport organizations Essentially, IATA is aircrafts cooperating to standardize and improve service universally. Due to the vital role played by IATA in air transportation issues, it is suggested that you guarantee that your carrier/forwarder is an IATA operator.


Accreditation of IATA travel agents


IATA accreditation enormously rearranges the business connection between travel agents and airlines.

Somewhere in the range of 60,000 IATA travel agents worldwide right now profit by IATA accreditation, selling US $220 billion worth of airline tickets in the interest of IATA aircraft members.

IATA accreditation, accessible for travel agents and cargo operators, improves the business connection among agents and airlines and gives aircrafts access to an overall system of reliably certified and recognized agents.


  • Access to IATA airline members with a single Sales Agency Agreement which approves the sale of universal or potentially domestic tickets

  • Access to IATA's Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), a productive interface for invoicing and payment between the agent, airlines and transport suppliers

  • Exceptional distinguishing proof all through the worldwide travel industry with the "IATA Numeric Code"

  • Utilization of the "IATA Accredited Agent" logo giving visibility and validity on-premises and website

  • Professional acknowledgment - qualified organization employees can apply for the IATA/IATAN ID Card - offering access to travel providers' concessionary offers

  • Standardized systems to guarantee reasonable dealings with the airlines


Application Procedure for IATA membership


Effective fulfillment of an IOSA will bring about expansion to the IOSA registry. An aircraft must be on the IOSA registry before IATA Membership can be confirmed.


The application structure should be finished and came back with the archives recorded underneath:


  • An ensured duplicate of the Air Operator's Certificate (AOC), valid for a minimum of six months, with ORIGINAL Stamp, date, and mark from the giving Authority (not a legal official), together with the Operational Specifications given by the State of Registry, if applicable.

  • A guaranteed copy of the Certificate of Registration with appropriate authority, for example, Council of Commerce or proportionate. Accreditation by a notary is acceptable.

  • Inspected Financial Statements for the candidate aircraft, and if greater part claimed by another organization (counting state possession), the budget reports of the proprietor organization. These must be guaranteed by a contracted or public accountant. For new airlines, a strategy arranged by a chartered or open record is acceptable.

  • The Annual Report of the candidate aircraft, or organization by-laws demonstrating how it is comprised, or carrier profile.

  • Substantial insurance certificates with airline type, enrollment number for every aircraft and respective details of registering authority, valid for at least months.

  • Traffic measurements for the previous two years. This necessity doesn't have any significant bearing on new airlines.

  • Distributed timetable/plan, if the airline has booked activities. For non-scheduled operations, a list of destinations is requested.


 Payment of Fees and Dues


  • Upon receipt of the application structure and every single required report, a receipt for the USD 15,000 non-refundable application expense will be sent to the applicant aircraft. At the point when the application expense is gotten by IATA, the enrollment application will be surveyed.

  • Start-up aircraft and airlines joining after the next year's yearly contribution for existing members have been determined (for the most part by 1 December), will likewise be invoiced for the next year's dues. All expenses and dues must be completely paid before enrollment can be approved.

  • Once all admission criteria have been met, the Membership Office applies for approval. All applications are dependent upon endorsement by the Director-General upon the IATA Board of Governors designation.


Advantages of IATA Airline Membership


1. International Recognition


IATA keeps up an international point of view and gives a one of a kind worldwide voice for the benefit of its individuals. With more than 60 workplaces around the world, IATA keeps up relationships with governments and other industry partners the world over, supporting in the interest of its members on key industry issues.


2. Targeting key industry priorities


Safety remains the business's top priority and IATA helps its individuals in proceeding to satisfy industry standards.IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), which is obligatory for IATA membership, is a basic part of IATA's security program. IATA is effectively working with ICAO to comprehensively blend safety efforts and is attempting to improve security forms.

IATA is leading the charge on reducing the environmental effect of aviation and is driving the business towards carbon-impartial development and at last a carbon-free future.


3. Driving Industry change


Members have the opportunity to help drive the industry's priorities on a key initiative such as New Distribution Capability (NDC).


4. Protecting airline money & reducing costs


IATA’s financial settlement systems (ISS) are the foundation of the worldwide air transport industry, containing costs, improve income and maximize efficiency. IATA is likewise helping individuals achieve cost reductions identified with ATC charges, fuel, and tax collection.


5. Increasing communication


Participation in member conferences, committees and gatherings offers extraordinary access to an assortment of airline and industry partners. The IATA Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit unite delegates from leading international airlines. IATA assists individuals with picking up the impact with the travel agent network through the IATA Agency Program.


6. Providing key commercial services & training


IATA gives preparing in significant fields, for example, traveler, payload and safety. IATA programs help to reinforce the abilities of flight industry experts. IATA members can receive discounts on several IATA publications.


Mission: To serve, to represent and to lead aviation industry


IATA tries to upgrade understanding of the industry among chiefs and brings issues to light of the advantages that flight brings to national and worldwide organizations. IATA further guarantees that individuals and goods can go all through the worldwide aircraft system as effectively.

It gives essential expert help to all industry partners like travel organizations, in addition, to isolate travel and the travel industry specialists with a wide variety of products and significant skillful services, for example, distributions, training and consulting.


IATA Certification


The IATA certificates are recognized by all the airlines and travel agencies everywhere in the world. There is a wide assortment of IATA programs. IATA courses are made by industry authorities and refreshed normally to keep pace with the most recent principles, managerial policies, and the rapidly advancing requests of the avionics business.

It offers a few globally perceived courses and preparing for all degrees of airline administrators and operations.

Airline operations, travel deals, and activity, CRS – Amadeus, fare calculation and air ticketing are a portion of the territories of training. This course gives inside and out information on the travel and the tourism industry.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is liable for controlling the aviation travel industry across the globe. Travel agents and agencies apply for IATA certifications to exhibit their prevalent capabilities.

To finish the initial application process, you'll have to answer an extensive questionnaire and give documentation of experience and financial standing.

Although the application process is quite rigorous, it's worthwhile to gain access to the significant professional resources of the IATA.


What will you learn?


  • Give remarkable customer service and construct customer loyalty.

  • Become familiar with the various services and facilities open to aircraft travelers during their travel.

  • Book and market travel products utilizing Global Distribution Systems

  • Plan and save travel schedules utilizing standard industry coding

  • Counsel customers on passport and visa prerequisites, just as on travel insurance benefits.

  • Sell customized travel packages, car rental, rail travel, hotel settlement, travels.


IATA Registration Benefits


IATA accreditation helps essentially the business relationship between travel agents and aircraft. There are more than 60,000 IATA travel agents around the world, selling US$220 billion worth of airline tickets for the benefit of exactly 250 IATA aircraft individuals.


A portion of the benefits of IATA Registration are: 


  • Access to IATA aircraft individuals with a single Sales Agency Agreement which approves the sale of international and/or domestic tickets.

  • Access to IATA's Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), a proficient interface for invoicing and payment between the agent, airlines and transport suppliers.

  • Unique identification proof all through the worldwide travel industry with the "IATA Numeric Code".

  • Utilization of the "IATA Accredited Agent" logo giving visibility and credibility on-premises and website.

  • Operator staff qualification for the IATA/IATAN ID Card, offering access to the special arrangements of more than 1000 providers.

  • Standardized methods to guarantee reasonable dealings with the airlines.


The utilization of the IATA Accredited Agent logo is a significant draw for a large number of the travel agent and the following logo can be used distinctly by IATA Accredited Travel Agents.Having the IATA Accredited Agent logo can give validity among clients and merchants for the business.


IATA Registration Requirement


While applying for turning into an IATA Accredited Agent, the following four criteria's are evaluated:


  • Financial record and standing Agent

  • Staff capabilities

  • Identification and availability of premises

  • Security and methodology


The financial record and financial standing of the applicant plays a major role in the IATA accreditation procedures.In India, the criteria for financial evaluation of IATA registration application are as follows (All financial information used in the financial criteria will be extracted from the Agent’s Audited Accounts):


  • There must be positive Net Equity.

  • Net Equity divided by long term debt and other long term liabilities must be more prominent than 0.5.

  • EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation, Amortization and extraordinary items) must be positive except in exceptional circumstances.

  • The EBITDA must surpass the interest payable by a factor of at least two and ideally three.

  • Adjusted Current Assets must surpass Current Liabilities.


Further, all Agents must provide financial security during the first two years as an Agent.

An Agent won't authorize or won't keep on being certified until any Financial Security required to be given to IATA has been received by IATA and confirmed to IATA by method for written confirmation got directly from the outsider supporting the Financial Security that the Financial Security was given and is valid.

All travel agents must provide Financial Security with a minimum amount of USD 50,000 to be accredited.


Future of Airline Industry- 2035 forecast by IATA


Over the past 30 years, the airline industry has been several changes, such as the increased market share of low-cost carriers as well as facing its fair share of challenges, from volcanoes erupting to infectious disease outbreaks.

The next 30 years are likely to be more turbulent, as a new wave of technological change and innovation unfurls.

Some observe this wave clearing the airline industry away, citing to as points of reference the taxi business, the music library before web downloads, and the printing business before computer design software.And technology is not the only source of disruption.

As a worldwide industry, subject additionally to the national-level guidelines, the aircraft business is profoundly touchy to such amazements; will, for example, the UK keep on being involved with existing European legislation governing airlines or will they have to restore agreements with European, US and different nations?

These twin forces of technology and (geo) politics featured heavily in the research conducted for this study and the consequences for the airline industry of the shifts and disruptions they could cause featured prominently in the material gathered and the scenarios produced. But they are not by any means the only drivers of progress that aircraft need to look out for.


Are you ready to become an IATA Agent?


The 'Travel Agent Handbook' accessible is the fundamental guide that any aspiring IATA part should experience.

After meeting all the local criteria determined in that book, the specialist should choose the nation of application and submit it according to the rules referenced in the Application Guide for that specific organization.

As we referenced previously, the accreditation fee differs from region to region.

For candidates in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, IATA will reach them for payment once the application has been accepted. IATA's acknowledgment of loyalty towards the flight business is taken for what it is worth.

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