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Trawex develops Arabic Travel Booking Website helps travel agencies to connect with more travelers around the world, boost bookings from international guests and establish a trustworthy, credible brand.



As a travel technology solutions provider, Trawex ensures strong security is applied throughout the booking process and have implemented different security layers and functionalities that aid our clients to remain worry-free and ensure that they only focus on their business operations.



Together with user-friendly navigation, we deliver future-proof travel software solutions and web developments, robust and scalable travel portal software and system modules. As a travel software company, we are constantly updated with latest technologies .



Travel booking website helps in saving the time and cost for business by reducing manpower and physical setups and bringing more of an entire business on a user’s devices. Since the time travel portal has come into existence it has helped in bringing cost-effective solutions to travel business globally



We enable travel companies to manage their inventories, operations and selectively distribute their niche content to a wider audience.It helps travel businesses to quickly place their negotiated contracts and rates for hotels, flights, cars and activities in an organized manner.


Stay ahead of the competitors with a team of Travel Technology experts who will work closely with you to create, design and develop your own Travel Portal Website and Apps with Latest Technologies .


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Arabic Travel Booking Website

Make your travel business globalize with Trawex Arabic Travel Booking System with customized features and functionalities.


Every travel business is unique and we understand it at Trawex. Our Arabic booking system is designed to be flexible and adapt to the needs of users. We offer all the latest features that can be tailored to a business as well.


Our Arabic travel booking system provides access to all the key features in a single console. The control of your entire system is also accessible on the desktop or your mobile devices in a very simple user interface, so can stay connected anywhere around the globe.


Increase your business ' visibility and reach across the global travel market. Having your own Online Travel portal helps to create a brand identity and drive bookings from all over the world. Trawex develops a customized travel portal accompanied by a well-executed digital strategy that leads to an increase in sales figures.


Quickly identify your most popular selling points, the most requested sectors, or even the most popular add-ons by using our travel booking system with robust insights. Benefit from knowing what your customers want most— saving you time and money on deals that will help your business grow.

Market-Based Arabic Travel Booking System

Trawex continues to help professionals in the Arabian and Global travel industry professionals drive business growth with all-year-round opportunities to connect and navigate content and innovations, trends and technologies around the world.

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Arabic Travel Booking Website

Accelerate the Growth of Online Bookings and E-Commerce Across the Region

The online market has grown marvelously over the last decade and brought a significant change in the perception of consumer’s plans to book their tours. Travel Booking Website plays a major role to bring a dramatic change in the behavior of the user. Thus, it has now become essential for the travel firms to reach out to their customers through a quick, trustworthy and cost-effective way. Trawex is one of the leading travel booking system solutions providing companies that offer their clients feature-rich travel systems including hotels, flights, cars, sightseeing, and insurance and holiday packages. Trawex provides a fully functional Arabic travel booking system so that you can leverage from the vast potential of offering travel services to Arabic-speaking travelers from anywhere in the world. The offered software is customized to meet the specific requirement of our esteemed clients and end customers. Our travel booking system ensures reliability, security, and quality of the travel business. As a renowned software company, we continue to enhance and update our software for the benefit of our clients. The software enables the clients to provide the best customer service through quick search response capabilities, simple payment platforms that provide several payment options. Moreover, it helps you to correct the errors through user-centered interfaces where multiple players can access, review, and modify offerings. Trawex has adapted the software to dissolve the language barrier just like the big booking websites.

Accelerate the Growth of Online Bookings and E-Commerce Across the Region

At Trawex, we have expertise in Arabic Travel Website Development based on the requirements of our clients and pledges to cater to your designing needs. Over the years, our experts have gained immense popularity due to the quality of service that we provide to our customers. With our innovative and travel-specific services, you can establish better business cooperation with your partners and enhance your tour and travel business. It assists in managing reservations, creating invoices, back-end accounting automation, tracking payments, etc. Being one of the trusted travel portal development company, we keep a hawk’s eye on the travel industry. Thus, we come up with modern ideas to create your travel portal in a unique way. Our intuitive and easy-to-use Arabian Travel Booking System allows travel agencies to book, integrate, manage inventory, compare prices and find the best deals all from a single interface. We provide a complete one-stop Arabic solution, tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether you are a start-up, a small company or a multinational business, we can help. We can provide you with a company website, mobile application and more. Our Arabic Travel Booking Solution is user-friendly that allows you to streamline the sales process, comparing pricing with third-party suppliers and providing you the best discounts you can offer to your customers.

Full Arabic Travel Booking System

Trawex provides the client with a completely cloud-based travel booking system that allowed it to distribute its inventory across the region. The online portal provided by Trawex was 100% mobile responsive and made available in both English and Arabic. We also provided a content management system to help the client easily update and manage the portal content. Our team of highly dedicated professionals and a portfolio of null clients in more than 20 countries around the world substantiate our ability to build a robust and feature-rich travel booking system that plays a crucial role in your growth. We are constantly working on integrating the latest technologies and enhancements and developing new ways to ensure that when you use our brand, you are always ahead of the market. Rest assured, you will always be able to rely on a simple and secure travel agency software. We can help you transform your Arabic travel business, maximize performance and outperform the competition through our expertise, technical knowledge, global presence, and tailor-made web solutions. We have a wide range of experience in web technologies within this niche field, offering us the skills and knowledge needed to help you maximize your presence on the web.

Trawex is a leading company specializing in tailor-made technologies for the travel industry. We provide web-based Arabic travel booking engines for tour operators, traditional travel agencies and online travel agencies websites. We offer complete solutions for B2B clients, such as tour operators or modern companies, by improving global visibility potential and therefore the power-selling services. We offer a specific travel booking website that allows your customers to book hotels, flights, and exclusive content and services. Our technologies will allow your website to quickly and effectively realize its sales potential. In addition to the b2c self-serve portal, we also provided our module that enabled the client’s employees to make reservations on behalf of its customers, using the same live feeds powering the b2c booking engine. It also helped the staff manage all the registered customers and their bookings from a centralized interface. We also provided a back-office management module to help them efficiently manage their portal policies, suppliers and pricing rules. The client also had some directly contracted hotels locally for which we provided an inventory management system (CRS) to help them manage their contracts.

Arabic Travel Booking System - a fully featured solution offers a fully featured Arabic travel booking system so you can benefit from the huge potential of delivering travel services to the Arabic speaking travelers from all over the world.

Trawex ensures that our clients make their business to the next level so that, in order to facilitate contact with prospective customers. We are in an era of spontaneous results, and customers want their service provider to give accurate, fast, and flexible offers. Hence, using a proper travel booking system can increase your business efficiency and attract new customers. Moreover, the right solution for your business will help you address the variety of customer requirements arising nowadays. Also, with the increasing trend in the travel industry, you need software that is designed keeping in mind, all the possible scenarios that can arise in your business. A versatile tool to operate your tour related errands takes your focus off the tiring challenges and lets you relax and enjoy your trip. So, whether you are an independently functioning tour operator, an independent travel consultant or a travel agent running an enormous travel agency, our Arabian travel booking system that is just for you, designed for your specific needs.

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