From Travel Technology to Transforming Lives

While the whole world is moving towards digital technology, we believe that our capability to support travel & tour companies to possess technology solution that seamlessly allows our customers to handle huge transaction volumes can create betters returns for them. We embrace the latest technologies with skill and enthusiasm and are proactive in providing service that is consistent with our customers’ market and business vision. We are actively developing online and travel technology solution in order to further assist customers in finding the most suitable service to their business.

As a Travel Technology company with extensive experience and a proven track record of client success, we provide turnkey solutions to assure you of exceptional product delivery while taking care of the varied facets of your project - from its analysis, design and development to distribution, management, and on-going support.

Beginning of the journey…

With a goal to innovate technology that bridges gap between online and traditional travel markets. Being a Global Technology Company, we have over 1000s of customers all over the world and rapidly growing with a global strategy. Our innovative technology with continuous research and development @Trawex gives you the edge to reach global customers. Our key goal is to aid travel companies in their successful digital transformation.

Cutting Edge Technology

Trawex has been delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers for almost two decades and is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading travel technology providers. Our comprehensive range of finely-tuned, bespoke products helps our global clients work smarter, improve their bottom line and enhance customer experience and retention.

Trawex has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the travel industry’s leading travel technology providers. Our advanced technology solution - which has seen the company achieve the coveted ‘Best Travel Software Company 2019’ is what sets us apart from other travel technology providers.

Business Diversification

In 2013 with an ambitious new management team took over what was already a leading technology company. They fastly began an aggressive acquisition and expansion program. Their vision would see Trawex become one of the global leaders in digital transformation within a decade.

In those years, we have gathered a dedicated team of respected experts. They’ve helped us create a proven track record of success working with companies across a wide range of industry verticals. We’re now India’s largest travel technology company. We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified. More than anything, we’re proud to be providing infinite possibilities that help travel companies do business faster, better and smarter than before.

Diversification in business is all around us. In the past four years, Trawex has taken advantage of its strength to accelerate its growth and diversification with new technologies. Our diversification strategy registered success not only in terms of geographical scope, but also with the expansion of our customer base to access to new markets and reduce costs, and perhaps most importantly, provide a robust pipeline to fuel our customer’s future growth.

Success Stimulants

Compliance culture

Trawex have a diverse workforce of travel technology specialists, who believe every imagination can be turned into a reality. We treat our employees as partners in growth, helping them to unleash their potential and discovering what they love. Trawex culture promotes creative thinking and freedom to employees, which makes Trawex as one of the best places to work. The passion and determination of our employees to make a difference, helped us rise this far in the travel industry.

Building Relationship

We strongly believe in teamwork and collaboration. He always has immense pride in saying that our success as a leader will be judged by our team’s results – so those results can often be seen as a reflection of our relationships with the people delivering them. He always tried to build a strong bond with the human resources of the group and worked very closely with business associates and customers. Our combined industry expertise, technology capabilities, and extensive relationship network provide companies with the ability to offer a comprehensive travel and lifestyle benefits to their customers through one easy-to-use platform. Above all, our goal is to help our customers build, deploy, and operate successful travel programs that increase customer retention, and business revenues. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and maintaining long-term customer satisfaction - building enduring relationships is at the center of who we are. This feeling helps us to contribute more to our clients.

Corporate Citizen

At Trawex, we take our corporate responsibilities to heart. We believe that Corporate Citizen is a critical link between integrity and performance—how we do the right things the right way in order to deliver value to our clients, employees, and our communities. Citizen is embedded in our corporate values and is an important element of how we achieve success in working with all of our travel industry. We cultivate the skills and goals of our talented people, serve our clients with integrity, protect the planet, and support our communities. We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions, in which we operate.

Young Blood

Having several years of experience, We presently ready to scale new statures with dynamic help and inclusion of youthful Turks from family. The younger generation has infused modern ideas with the new school of thought and brought many technical & innovative changes in the business practices. The Power of Youth Travel provides an up-to-date overview of the major characteristics and trends of this exciting market, highlighting its importance to governments and business leaders worldwide.

The road Ahead...

First and foremost, it is about staying focused on the needs of our members, customers and the wider community. I will also be working with the board to build the strategic plan to bring continued growth, as well as more investment in our portfolio, innovation, service management and people. We need the right skills on board, and the right portfolio to compete and deliver the solutions our customers need and demand.