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Our Dedicated Team Is Expert in Payment Gateway Checkout Integration in Your Travel Website. We Make Sure the Customers Get Wonderful Checkout Experience on Their Websites.

Trawex offers a number of payment gateway integration solutions which will enable you to process payments for selected services. We have integrated numerous payment gateways around the world; However, our development team is constantly at your service, in case you'd like to incorporate your chosen processing provider to work with your travel reservation engine. We can integrate any payment gateway of your choice into your website with no hassle. Not all services offered by Trawex will require credit card processing, since some of the suppliers in Trawex travel booking system handle the processing independently, meaning all payment details are being transferred directly to suppliers.

Assuming that the basic requirements are in place, we can in fact integrate & have the payment gateway up, running in few days. With real-time alerts of specific transactions not being completed, it gives you an opportunity to immediately connect with the customer to ensure that the transaction is completed. Trawex system additionally allows you to make use of a number of processing vendors at the same time by using the benefit of our administrative panel and setup choices. If you're a travel agent that wants to sell your offers and services online, we can help accelerate your revenues with our state-of-the-art payment gateway integration solutions.

We integrate Payment Gateways as per our client requirements. You can process payments for selected services of your choice. Our development team is certified with most of the well-known payment gateways. We can integrate your website virtually with any payment gateway company right away.

A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal and the acquiring bank. The processing fee [TDR] for the services vary between vendors and can be in the 1-3 % area of the total charge. Some vendors will require you to open a merchant account, whereas others don't have that requirement. The higher volumes you will achieve, the better terms you will be able to negotiate with your suppliers.


We aim to deliver quality work till client satisfaction. We have proven record of positive ratings and feedback for us by our customers.

Accept All Significant Payment Modes, we integrate payment gateways that support all the major payment modes so that your users can quickly and easily make a purchase. We can also add support for mobile wallets, net banking, and PayPal, according to your business requirements.

Seamless Solution, we have made payments hassle-free. With one seamless end-to-end connection of our payment platform, all of your travel and payment data is brought together in one place. This one point of contact makes getting paid and paying suppliers across the world effortless. you can have a global view of your entire payment ecosystem and access real-time data. So, you can focus more on what matters most for your business success.

Easy Integration, our payment integration methods use the latest technology and enable you to implement it with ease. We deliver a web-based proprietary payment processing platform for businesses of all sizes and industries. With one integrated system, you can accept multiple payment types in real-time wherever and whenever they want, maximizing revenue opportunities. It ensures that customers have an easy and hassle-free payment experience.

Maintain Atomicity is essential for a transaction. A payment gateway transaction must ensure that either an entire transaction must be successful or the whole transaction must be canceled with no effect on any side. This is one of the most crucial factors that ensure the security of payment to your customers; our developers abide by this very rule strictly.


  • Accepting payment fast
  • Smart dynamic routing
  • Multiple currency processing
  • Multilingual checkout page
  • Offering a wide range of payment options like Cards, Net banking and Wallet
  • Manage your transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements
  • Integrated payment experience with responsive design, easy integration and auto update
  • Comfortable and convenient checkout experience for repeat customers
  • Share a payment link on Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS for collect or make payments


  • Flexible service
  • Real time payment
  • Secured over net
  • Cost effective solution for money transaction
  • Quick processing of transaction
  • Instant notifications
  • Online payment receipts
  • Complete transaction history

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