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What is the Payment Gateways Integration?

Trawex integrate with a wide range of merchant gateway solutions for processing credit/ debit payments for travel companies that want to process secure online payments in real time anywhere in the world.

Having an integrated payment system on your online travel website, you can avoid late payment or risk your customers taking their bookings somewhere else they want to be able to do it online: research and buy with only a few clicks.

Trawex provides a range of payment gateway integration solutions that will allow you to process payments for selected services. We can incorporate any payment gateway of your choosing into your website without any hassle.

We have integrated multiple payment gateways around the world; however, our development team is constantly at your service if you would like to add your preferred processing provider to work with your travel booking.

Trawex has strong expertise in Payment Gateway Integration, having integrated over 30 global Payment Gateways for its clients worldwide. If you are looking to integrate payment gateway solution into your travel website, please get in touch with us.

Payment Solutions - That Let You Focus On Your Business

Trawex provides a fully integrated payment gateway solution to clients so that they can enjoy safe, reliable and secure transactions. In addition, our platform helps you to make use of a variety of processing suppliers at the same time by making use of our administrative panel and setup choices.

We incorporate Payment Gateways as per our customer's requirements. You can accept payment for selected services of your choosing. With real-time notifications of specific transactions not completed, you are given the opportunity to immediately connect with the customer to ensure that the transaction is completed.

At Trawex, we have the expertise to integrate payment gateways into online travel portals seamlessly so that you can get the right payment solution for your e-commerce needs. If you're a travel agent that wants to sell your offers and services online, Trawex can help accelerate your revenues with our state-of-the-art payment gateway integration solutions.

How Payment Gateway Integration can become a Revenue Driver and Customer Acquisition Tool.

Safe & Secured

For any online website to generate sales, a payment gateway is required. Authorizing your credit card or direct payment, a safe and secured merchant service develops trust and sales. Simplifying your efforts for finding the right tools, we integrate with best payment gateway that gives you every possible payment options that compliment your social marketing website's needs.

Best Services, Best Prices

We offer a variety of services for Payment Gateway Integration that is reasonably priced. Customising currency processing to geographic location can be easily done with the click of a button. If you prefer CCAvenue checkout, it can be installed with our cost-effective API instantly. Apart from these very services, we have walked the extra mile by researching on the features that can be developed to make your payment gateway more user-friendly. These include routing on a dynamic basis that allows you to switch to the relevant transaction if your customer pleases. There are also smart and innovative solutions integrated through our timely upgrade versions that incorporate marketing tools to benefit your online payment gateway.

Features of Payment Gateways Integration:

  • Multi support payment gateway solutions
  • Secured payment
  • Customized payment gateway integration
  • Multi-currency conversions
  • Real-time instant information

Benefits of Payment Gateways Integration Services:

  • Easy report generation
  • Enables multiple currency payments
  • Customized gateway as per the payment process requirements
  • Secured transaction processing
  • Can be integrated with the other channels such as Website, Mobile Devices
  • Protects merchants from fraud attempts