Flight Status & Track, Historical Flight Status, Schedules, Connections

Flight Status & Track, Historical Flight Status, Schedules, Connections powered by Our API

We provide a robust API that allows any travel organization to quickly search Flight Status & Track, Historical Flight Status, Schedules, Connections from a network of the world's major airlines.

More than 750+ airlines along with GDS carriers and low-cost carriers (LCCs) connecting various destinations in 170+ countries.

Our Flight API provides access to worldwide flight deals as well as information such as round-trip, on-the-way, multi-city, and group booking options to authorized travel agents, travel companies, and tour operators.

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Sell Flights. Without The Complexity.

Sell Flights.
Without The Complexity.

Trawex, a leading flight API provider, assists you in optimizing your requirement for flight inventory by delivering extensive flight contents aggregated from several IATA and non-IATA consolidators via its IATA-recognized fully owned subsidiary.

Trawex provides the industry's most powerful flight API platform, which considerably reduces integration time by allowing access to global inventory from a range of airline suppliers and GDS. Our flight API gives you access to domestic and international flight data and ticket prices, as well as seat availability and a payment gateway.

Our flight booking engine connects with several GDSs, consolidators, and low-cost carriers (LCCs) via flight API integration vendors, allowing your clients to search and book a wide choice of local and international flights at the best rates from the comfort of their homes or on the go!

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Any Flight Worldwide,
At Your Fingertips

Our flight data API is utilized by millions of individuals every day, whether they are developing booking systems, visualizing and monitoring worldwide flights, or developing popular flight-tracking applications.

Our APIs enable the seamless integration of platforms and flight information, making life easier for travelers, agencies, and flight operators. Travelers expect up-to-date information when using the flight search API to check which flights use certain routes and which are the cheapest. With such information, travelers can customize their plans.

Trawex APIs provide real-time flight data including:

  • Historical flight status
  • Connections
  • Connections
  • Airlines and airports
  • Flight Information Display System connection
  • Alerts
  • Delays
  • Flight ratings
  • Weather
Any Flight Worldwide, At Your Fingertips

Power your Systems With Our Rich Flight Data API

The Flight Data API allows the entire travel ecosystem to access and integrate various aviation data sets into systems and applications.

Check Flight Status

Checking the status of your flight is easy with Trawex's live flight tracker. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, the flight tracker software allows you to track your flight at any time and check if there are any changes in the scheduled timings.

Extensive Flight Data

Access a wealth of aviation data, including real-time flight status, historical flights, schedules, airline routes, airports, aircraft, and much more.

Global Coverage

Our API, which is powered by a strong backbone of aviation data sources, provides accurate details about each global flight at any point, even down to the minute.

Business Expansion

After incorporating our flight API our partner will instantly have access to a vast inventory of flights. With so many options and a user-friendly booking interface, the Trawex flight API assists our partners in growing their opportunities to earn high commissions and increase their customer base effortlessly, allowing you to focus on promoting travel business without worrying about the quality of service.

Wide range of Inventory Worldwide

We have partnered with major flight chains to obtain the greatest deals, which gives opportunities to earn high commissions. Trawex believes in retaining client professional relations for worldwide growth.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Access to best net rates and availability
  • Fast, robust and scalable backend
  • Auto confirmation for selected flights
  • Fast and agile JSON-based XML code
  • Multiple GDS and LCCs aggregator
  • Largest inventory with every airline available
  • Quick & easy API integration
  • A diverse set of REST/JSON APIs
  • NDC & ONE Order compliant solutions
  • Automated Airline Ancillary services offering
  • Search for global flights with real-time availability and booking confirmation
  • 24/7 support from a dedicated Account Manager and API team
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