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Explore Hotel Booking Website Features to Boost Direct Bookings

Creating a dedicated hotel booking website is the best way for hotel businesses to beat up the exciting competition. With new emerging players already serving the customers with digitally advanced hotel booking services right from the beginning, established hotel brands are effectively compelled to join the revolution.

Trawex is a leading hotel booking website Development Company, provides integrated hotel booking software with extranet solutions to global clients. Our online hotel booking system allows travel agencies, travel companies to manage online hotel bookings quickly and effectively.  

Design Tips for Creating an Amazing Hotel Website

Your hotel website design is an essential part of your online marketing strategy, and you need to consider each component carefully as you create it.

Hotel web developers at Trawex develop a user-friendly booking engine that not only updates the availability of hotel rooms but also allows instant online booking. 

The integration of payment gateway allows your prospective guests to select and pay for rooms they are looking to stay.

We offer the creative design of hotel websites by understanding architecture, navigation, conversion, and user experience. 

Each and every web page of the website is interactive, easy to navigate and has features such as robust design and content. 

Hotels sites will also offer package deals—bundled comfort inclusions and the like—that aren’t shared with third-party sites.

1. Choose a template

Choose Hotels website template to start creating your stunning Hotels website fast and easy! Trawex has 24/7 support provided by site setup experts.

When choosing a hotel website template, you don’t need to worry about it missing anything, as each one comes with all the latest features already included.

Of course, some people don’t want to spend too much time on creating their website and that’s just fine. 

If you fall into this crowd, then Trawex is the perfect tool for you, which allows you to create a stunning and professional website in a matter of a couple of minutes.


Hotel Luxe


Hotel Luxe




Hotel website hotello

2. Incorporate A Booking And Payment Solution



Whether you’re renting out your hotel, B&B, city apartment, or beachside bungalow, you’ll need the help of an all-in-one online booking system

As a Trawex user, you can incorporate Trawex on your site and get access to the following features:


  • Accept payments
  • Take bookings from any device
  • Manage your reservations
  • Create flexible pricing options
  • Let guests’ book in their own language

3. Your Target Market

    Target Market


Finding your hotel target market is one of the most effective ways of growing your business. Here's how to reach the right customer segments.

Each feature on your website must be tailored to your target market's needs and desires. If you're a luxury traveler-focused hotel, you'll need to leverage beautiful images of your amazing amenities and use content that's likely to appeal to those.

4. Get Social

It doesn’t end with just having a website.

The Internet world basically runs on social networks, so it’s important that your business is also active on them as well. 

It’s a free and easy way to spread your name even wider.

5. Mobile Compatibility

      Mobile Compatibility


Create a mobile-friendly hotel website by knowing exactly what travellers expect from a mobile booking experience.

Generally, a mobile-friendly website allows guests using any type of device to easily search the information they need either in portrait or landscape view.

To stay on top of your game, make sure your website is mobile-first, with clear navigation and booking options from any mobile device.

Luckily, Trawex Hotels offers this out of the gate, so all you need to do is make sure it’s designed to your liking.

6. How To Choose A Hotel Booking Website?



Easy Website Integration:


The best hotel website design seamlessly integrates with your booking engine. This way, your website visitors can easily make a hotel reservation. The experience with seamless integration of booking engines as well as understanding the hotel guests and their needs will be one of the advantages of a specialized agency in hotel website design, resulting in the best possible hospitality experience.


Mobile Responsive Design:


Responsive web design is becoming a way of building websites around the world today. It's the best way to build or redesign your hotel website and it's key to keeping your competitors ahead. Trawex specializes in Responsive Website Design & Development Solutions for your hotel business; offering enhanced usability, architecture & optimization.


Seamless User Experience:


Trawex provides its customers with easy booking options and seamless user experience. A streamlined guest experience begins with an easy & powerful hotel booking system designed to offer more direct booking. Our booking engine integrates beautiful design and a seamless user interface to capture and convert your web traffic to direct channel bookings.


User-Friendly Website:


The user-friendly website of the hotel is important in today's mobile and the internet-driven world, so it is important to take the necessary steps to make this possible. Trawex provides the ability to work in a user-friendly way. Our goal is to provide an optimized user experience and to build a comprehensive and user-friendly hotel website.

Now You’re Ready To Create A Hotel Booking Website!

 Hotel Website


Create your state-of-the-art Hotel Website with built-in CMS and online hotel reservation system. Affordable, mobile optimized and ready-to-go websites by Trawex!

Build a Website for your Booking with Trawex, it's easy, fast and powerful. No coding needed and your website is online with a Booking Engine.

Trawex's booking engine is the best solution to boost the direct bookings of your hotel, with a hassle free and easy to use approach.

Build and awesome hotel website. Easy booking driven hotel website creator, 100% mobile responsive and designed to maximize traffic and conversion.

If you need any support in developing a hotel booking website plan, our experts at Trawex are happy to help you. Touch with us today. We're going to help you stand out in the market.


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