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We have immense pride in saying that we strive to maintain excellent relationships with our clients with impeccable services of Hotel API along with Hotel Booking System with affordable prices.

Worldwide Inventory

Trawex offers unrivalled hotel search and booking technology designed to meet all of your requirements. Our online booking system allows you to access our vast hotel inventory from anywhere in the world quickly and easily.


Our API is fast, reliable and straightforward to implement. It allows you to integrate our entire hotel inventory within your own website or application. We provide dedicated support throughout your development cycle .


The full API is aimed at those of our clients who have their own system or website with total control of the entire booking process. You can fully integrate our product inventory into your site easily.

Real time Data

API messages are used for both search and booking requests. Users can search for hotels in any format used by the client’s site. This enables you to display and package our products together with products from other suppliers.


Stay ahead of the competitors with a team of Travel Technology experts who will work closely with you to create, design and develop your own Travel Portal Website and Apps with Latest Technologies .


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Build strong online presence with high-performance travel website


Make your travel business globalize with Trawex hotel booking engine with customized features and functionalities.

Leverage the fastest and most reliable API on the market

Enjoy unmatched performance levels across speed, data quality, and rate accuracy. We eliminate the wait times experienced with typical multi-source APIs where suppliers are polled each time a search is performed. Our advanced caching technology maintains rates directly in a proprietary warehouse, returning accurate results to you from distributed servers worldwide.

Advanced loyalty features come standard

With the Trawex Hotel API Differentiate your travel product with an exciting rewards offering. Our Hotel API is fully equipped to make it easy! Simply configure your rewards business rules in a self-service admin panel to define how much of your commissions to re-invest in customer value. Our loyalty-engine performs the calculations in real-time, sends you the rewards values.

Cost savings

Accessed via HTTP-POST means no software or installation and maintenance is required. Real-time online availability reduces operational costs. With access to vast worldwide destination content and services, you can deliver worldwide offering with a one-time integration, saving on additional development costs.

Access to excellent negotiated rates

Access the excellent negotiated rates of Trawex. You pass on the competitive rates to your customers - and earn valuable commission in the process. Hotel pricing is available up to one year in advance. Find quickly the deluxe hotels , resorts, upscale properties and more across the globe with most innovative Hotel API.

Trawex Provides Hotel Booking Engines At Affordable Cost

Let your customers indulge in hotels of their choice, with our power packed Hotel Booking Engine.

Get Everything You Need For Your HOTEL API

Get cheapest and best hotel fares with the Trawex Hotel APIs.

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Hotel API | Hotel Booking System

Trawex Global B2B Distribution Network Helps You Easily Expand into the Global Market

Embedding the XML API integration into your travel business website can generate a flexible and modernized form, without investing more in costly and sophisticated design plans.

Trawex, a leader in Travel Portal Development Company, specializes in implementing third party API XML integration and XML integration for global travel companies, provides end-to-end API integration solutions and builds B2B / B2C travel booking engines through many hotel XML suppliers such as GTA, Hotelbeds, RoomsXML, etc. (Paragraph 2: Trawex hotel API allows you to easily navigate through a wide variety of accommodation options at each location, each offering different rates, and availability. As an online travel supplier, while integrating our Hotel API with your Travel Portal, you can offer the best hotel offers to your prospective customers. We will tailor our template to fit your brand and provide you with all the support you need to integrate your website into our APIs.

Are You A Hotel Aggregator Looking For A Hotel API Provider To Set Up A Hotel Booking Engine?

We aim to provide a new dimension to target consumers and always strive to remain at the forefront of technology at any time by offering the best solutions for the market place. Whether you're a start-up or a well-established travel agency, we 're going to guide you towards achieving your objectives. Trawex is a smart choice for travel companies seeking high-quality travel solutions with top-notch services at commendable prices.

We provide an end-to-end web-based software platform for travel agents, tour operators, corporate and end-users, and help them improve their online business, and automate work processes to make their business more efficient. Trawex brings together the hotel booking platform with API products by developing application software that is now on the rise as a system for the hotel portal.

Advantage of Integrating Multiple Hotel Suppliers

Trawex Hotel API is one of the top search solutions that enable travel agents to deliver the best and most desirable search results to travelers so that they can seal the deal with the portal and book their itinerary with the deal. The Hotel API gives you access to a large inventory of hotels and guarantees that it can be booked in just a few clicks.

Trawex Hotel API allows the travel management providers and OTAs to interact with our web application. What this means is that the Hotel agents can use our web application to fulfill the Large Hotel Inventory demands of their business and clients. With a wide range of accommodation choices in every location, each providing various pricing and availability, the task of navigating through multiple suppliers can be made simple with our Hotel API.

By integrating our Hotel API with your Travel portal, you as an Online Travel Agency, can offer hard to beat Hotel deals to your potential clients. With the Hotel API you can browse large number of Hotel offers, book Room, cancel Room, generate reports for booking and cancellation, etc. very easily. A good API is a precious resource to the company. We realize this and so through our Hotel API all the Hotel needs can be customized according to the customer's needs.

Trawex API aggregates hotel content into a single system from leading hotel suppliers, consolidators, hotel chains and online travel agencies (OTAs). We offer unrivalled hotel search and booking technology designed to meet all of your requirements.

Trawex Hotel API offers rich hotel content that is generally not available in other Travel Aggregators. Our online booking system allows our clients to access our vast hotel inventory from anywhere in the world swiftly .

Trawex Hotel API provides comprehensive descriptions including room types, images, and facilities, of over 500,000 properties worldwide.

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