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A Complete Solution for Real Estate/Property Websites

The real estate industry today has become very competitive and it is essential to implement new strategies to attract more clients to your business.

It is now important for companies to build their web portals to gain significant prominence with the advent of the real estate industry. It's time to reach out to your customers through well-designed, responsive, and interactive websites and apps.

Nowadays, real estate portals play a significant role in drawing the interest of prospective clients to their respective real estate companies. They provide details on your business and the assets in a comprehensive and usual manner.

A successful real estate portal development company should be a reliable one, must have qualified and skilled professionals in the real estate vertical with extensive experience in the development of real estate portals and real estate mobile applications.

However, in addition to utilizing more users to your website, a secure portal must be enabled. We, at Trawex, can create a real estate portal as per your specific requirements.

If you are part of the real estate industry and plan to develop a web portal, Trawex will assist you in planning, designing, finalizing, and developing an outstanding real estate portal to suit your business needs. In developing real estate websites, our technical team has a decade of a seamless experience.

Trawex, recognized as one of the professional designers of real estate portals, designs your website that successfully assists your promotional strategies. Our experienced web developers use the latest technologies and software to provide you with complete solutions to your real estate needs.

We design and develop responsive real estate websites to enhance your web personality. Our experienced and dedicated team of website development and designer give full hand while creating real estate portal, application, and functional software. 

We work with clients closely to provide those key strategies to plan and create user-friendly web solutions.

Our business and technical team well recognize and analyze technical challenges that prevailed in the real estate industry as well as put efforts into devising solutions to overcome these challenges with a great automated system.


Whatever are your business specifications and requirements, we promise to empower you with a range of outstanding real estate suites and solutions like:


  • Real Estate Portal Design and Development

  • B2B Real Estate Portal Development

  • B2C Real Estate Website and Portal Development

  • Customized Real Estate Portal Designs

  • Responsive Real Estate Portal Design and Development

  • Real Estate Website and Portal Maintenance and Support


Benefits of Real Estate Portal Development:


  • Customized Real-Estate Site Development & Designing

  • Easy To Manage & Organize Properties

  • Search Quickly for Recent Property Deals

  • Integration of Property Map Locator

  • Admin Control to Display Recent Properties

  • Easy to Display Property Details

  • Creation of Quick Broacher

  • Register & Login Features for Agents

  • Details Agent Report & Secure Interface

  • Features of Property Buying & Selling Online

  • Complete Billing & Payment Module

  • Ticket Management & Customer Care

  • Social Media Integration

  • Complete CRM Solution

  • Integrate Content Management System (CMS)

1. How a Real Estate/Property Portal can change the way you manage your property business?

Real Estate Website Development


Real Estate Portal Development has been in great demand that allows prospective clients to search and find their property as per amenities and features.

The dynamism and collaborative design of the web platform have affected all potential business sectors, including real estate. The highly competitive real estate market has seen both individual buyers and companies’ line up to buy, sell, and rental properties.

An online platform for the real estate sector has become a crucial prospect for many estate agents, companies that connect buyers and sellers on a single platform to market and advertise listings of properties.

And a stable, responsive, informative, and feature-rich website can go a long way towards addressing the needs of both the market segments.

Trawex is the world's leading provider of real estate web portals. Our solutions are tailored to both small and large-scale companies.

Integrating all required elements and custom features, we help sellers, buyers, and agents to build professional and efficient property portals with rich functionality.

Our talented team understands your business needs, analyses your competitor's business strategy, and then creates a custom property website design that brings your real estate agency to one of the leading positions in the market.

We deliver the best web solution to fulfill your business needs and improve your online presence with the latest applications and technologies.


Special features of the Online Real Estate Portal Development includes:


  • A cost-effective way to promote and display your properties

  • User can find a property by type, size, price, and location from the home or office

  • Just one-stop solution for all your purchase and sale requirements

  • Users can list, buy and sell properties within a few clicks


The best websites for Real Estate:


  • We develop real estate agency websites according to the latest trends

  • We're helping you to get a quality image for your brand

  • All our web designs are updated to the latest trends, with the best user experience in web design

  • The best web templates for the latest real estate are assured

  • Extra features: quotation request, online booking, online sales, languages, and more

2. Real Estate Website Development Services

Real Estate Website Development


We offer a Wide Array of Real Estate Website Development Services listed below:

  • Responsive Real Estate Agent Web Development

Trawex's real estate web development services can promote websites for realtors and brokers as a marketplace that generates revenue and focuses on growth.

  • Real Estate Integration Solutions

We also provide IDX and MLS integrations, along with real estate web portal development. These integrations will bring more potential clients to your website.

  • Real Estate Digital Marketing Solutions

Through our highly skilled digital marketing solutions, you can engage with customers worldwide. Our team will do the latest update based on user behavior, customer feedback, or competitor moves.

  • Real Estate Website Maintenance Services

Not only does our team build outstanding real estate websites, but we also provide website maintenance services that play a vital role in maximizing your online performance.

  • Real Estate Branding Services 

Our creative brand designers have produced numerous marketing components to help our clients achieve the desired success in this competitive digital world.

  • Real Estate CMS Development Services 

Our professional developers can build user-friendly websites according to your needs. Whether you want to get a custom CMS website or website integration services, we are always willing to help.

  • Multilingual Real Estate Web Design & Development Services 

Our talented web designers and experienced developers will create multilingual real estate websites to connect both domestic and international potential customers.

3. Real Estate API Development and Integration Services

Real Estate Website Development


Trawex provides you with Real Estate Portal Development Service, which is a core product for property sellers, brokers, operators and businesses.

If you want to have the features you need in your portal development, then you should come to us, we are a development company that offers customized solutions.

As a leading real estate API development company, we are proud to support real estate entrepreneurs with our high-performance API solutions that will reduce your workload and help you step closer to achieving your business goals.

We will help you make it easy to sell real estate. We will allow you to make your decade of brand equity relevant to today and a platform for the future. Now is the time to transform the traditional real-estate business online.

Our approach to growth varies according to the requirements of our client. We are here to serve our clients with the best solution creation at competitive rates that balance your budget.

We are open to all kinds of deals, such as if you have your own modules and want the platform to be compatible with it, then we are responsive to that as well. We provide a B2B solution which is for business to business approach and another one is a B2C solution that is business to customer that kind approach.

4. Trawex - A leading Real Estate Website Development Company

To give your real estate portal business an edge in the online marketplace, we offer professional real estate portal development to clients worldwide to ease the process of selling and buying real estate properties, worldwide. 

Trawex has extensive experience in the development of real estate websites and skills in building skilled and engaging online visibility for property development companies, real estate agents, real estate marketing companies, and the entire real estate industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of real estate website development services to our clients to simplify the online functioning of real estate companies.

As a leading real estate portal development company, we provide consulting, design, development, and implementation of all aspects of B2B & B2C real estate portal development globally. Our team is specialized in architecture design, GUI design, DB planning, programming, integration, and testing.

With the aid of modern advanced technologies, we offer you full business solutions for your real estate business. Our service provides you with secure, reliable, and more user-friendly solutions for your real estate business.

We transform your ideas into reality by providing you with the best and most innovative online exposure at an affordable price.

We provide highly specialized services to upgrade your buying and selling property business. The company creates portals to display your assets in a creative and scalable manner. We put great emphasis on versatility and customized content to attract potential buyers and sellers both.

Find below some of the prominent features of our website development that make it stand out from the crowd.


What do we include in the portal development for real estate?


  • The responsive interface of mobile devices on all real estate websites

  • List of properties that are filtered by location

  • Sale and rent of properties

  • SEO positioning optimization for real estate agencies

  • Additional features: chat, language, app development, and graphic design

  • Maintenance services for the website of your real estate agency

  • Constant updates with our ongoing maintenance in the design of your website


We provide end-to-end solutions to estate agents that provide for the buying and selling of properties. Trawex designs and develops websites from which:


  • Buyers can view and contact estate agents to buy properties

  • Sellers can upload properties that have to be sold

  • Estate agents can manage properties and track buyers and sellers activities


Real Estate Website Development


Are you running a property business? Looking for an experienced provider of real estate portal solutions?

If you want to be a major player in the real estate industry, Trawex is the ideal tech partner to make you stand out from your competitors and boost your brand identity.

We build state-of-the-art technologies such as web portals, software solutions, and mobile applications for the real estate and travel industry. Our technical team designs, schedules, builds, and introduces your responsive real estate website to boost your website presence.

We build solutions such as Property Portals, CRM / ERP Solutions, Web Apps & Portal Development, Real Estate Mobile Applications, Property Buy / Sell Portals, Rental Property Management Solutions, Online Real Estate Bookings, etc.

Hire our team of professional developers, web developers, and programmers and build powerful portals and mobile applications for you. With our wide variety of services, we have supported numerous clients from all across the world.

We have years of experience in creating personalized portals and applications to help increased your profitability and reduce your expenses. We support you with quick distribution, customization, and implementation.

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction and timely delivery of projects. Coordinate for the most relevant experience. Rest assured you have the best real estate portal and smart solutions at affordable rates and get your real estate business up!

Connect with us today and discover more about our development solutions for real estate portals. We offer you a full guarantee for top notch solutions that you are looking for.


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