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Accelerate Business Growth with a Smart eCommerce Marketplace Platform

Our experienced e-commerce development team delivered a scalable and robust cloud-based e-commerce management software solution to manage a saas-based marketplace.




An eCommerce platform is a sort of software that works web-based, permitting entrepreneurs to deal with their sites, items, deals, and other fundamental tasks with next to zero information on software. It was significantly less expensive. 

In all honesty, propelling and keeping up an eCommerce site will generally cost you 10% percent of your complete spending plan. You’ll be stunned to see the value contrast when contrasting it with the expense of building a physical store down the corner.


What is a SaaS-based eCommerce Marketplace Platform?


SaaS-based eCommerce Marketplace Platform software is like a bundle that includes the software, hosting, backups, and usually tech support. The online store owner doesn't need to download or install any software, nor do they have to supply web hosting — SaaS platforms are already hosted on the provider's own servers. Store owners only need an internet-connected computer with a modern browser, and they manage their online store by logging in through a portal.

SAAS ecommerce platforms offer the fastest way of launching your online store while saving the budget on your website design and development. SAAS Content Management Systems (SAAS CMS) offers the ideal solution for launching your online business. 

These applications have long proven to be useful website builders. Small and medium-sized businesses continue to utilize them and enjoy their large variability and customizability. Nowadays, SAAS solutions are the way to go, so it is always useful to expand your knowledge about SAAS e-commerce.

A SaaS-based software that helps businesses grow sales across marketplaces, Channel Connect enables you to streamline operations, maximize sales, and ensure greater customer satisfaction.


Powerful and Seamless eCommerce Marketplace platform for effective eCommerce Marketplace Management!


Trawex is the best SaaS-based e-commerce marketplace platform that offers complete software solutions for building and running an online store. SaaS(Software as a Service) is a software licensing model in which the software is delivered over the internet using cloud-based systems. The greatest benefit of this e-commerce framework is that it offers a hosted solution that can be accessed on any device using a web browser. 

SaaS best e-commerce software solution can be used to build an online store for B2B, B2C, or enterprise businesses. This model frees the users/ businesses from having to install, maintain, upgrade or take security measures regarding the software. It offers an easy and fast way to create an online store which saves the cost of website development and design.

Usually, the best SaaS e-commerce platform offers added services like marketing tools, payment gateways, shipping, etc. to simplify and streamline the business processes. The services are offered on a subscription-based model charged monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. 

Trawex offers the best SaaS e-commerce platform in India for a variety of business verticals and models. Built on the MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node. js) stack, it offers a mobile-ready solution that builds online stores that are PWA. 

These stores function as a hybrid app. This means that your e-commerce store looks, feels, and functions like a native app on all devices without the need to invest extra time in developing a mobile version of the site.

Along with this Trawex's e-commerce solutions are flexible and scalable which accommodates the growth of your business. We offer a stay-on solution eliminating the need for frequent software upgrades or migration. The 360-degree solution offers every tool and integration needed to start, run, market, and grow online businesses of every size. 

With advanced features like multi-vendor, multi-store, multilingual, enterprise-grade B2B features it offers a well-rounded solution for enterprise businesses as well. Trawex's best SaaS ecommerce platform comes with integrated payment gateways and logistics solutions.

We have powered many successful B2B, B2C, and Enterprise business portals across diverse industry verticals and geographies.

Our SaaS-based e-commerce marketplace platform solution helps the client to sell their core offerings and maximize their business growth.

  • Launch a white-label marketplace software

  • Intuitive and simple interfaces for all users

  • Flexible to sell any product type & reach new markets


Benefits of SaaS eCommerce Marketplace Platform


1. Flexibility in features


  • SaaS eCommerce platforms are flexible in developing both the front end and complex back end features like integration and these can be crafted easily with your own development and deployment cycle.

  • Quick customization in features can be made with an intention to make your ecommerce store better, but there might be chances of security holes when you will do more modification quickly in your source code without proper testing. So be sure you or your developer tests it well before pushing it to live.


2. Predictable and Constant Cost


  • SaaS eCommerce software is fit for all types of business and it’s cost-effective. For customization and support of your back end SaaS eCommerce solutions like Orangescrum is tiered with fixed and constant monthly charges which can make your finance and budget planning easier.

  • Some SaaS eCommerce software vendors offer complete customization and maintenance and you can do the necessary changes according to your preferences.


3. Costing less in switching to SaaS


  • Switching to the SaaS platform is a cost-saving measure and companies are switching to SaaS because of its convenience and simplicity.

  • With no hardware required for installation and minimal activity with your existing one, you can reduce the complexity of managing it.

  • It not only saves cost but also saves you time, does quick deployment and maintenance, automatic up-gradation, and is compatible with multiple devices.


4. Quickly launch your online store


  • Launching your online business website takes very less time if you have information available with you like your company’s logo, product details, page content, banner image, payment gateway integration, shipping management tool, and inbuilt or third-party app integration.

  • Normally SaaS eCommerce platforms take very little time to launch your eCommerce store compared to others.


5. More Reliable than Self Hosted


  • SaaS is more reliable than self-hosted.

  • In SaaS, you will get high-quality data centers, data backups and you do need to bother about the hardware infrastructure and maintenance costs.

  • You will get instant support and quick access to your data anywhere at any time.


6. Easy to use and access with less technical knowledge


  • For your online store setup, you don’t need any technical skills because from designing templates to store features everything is per-defined for you in the SaaS eCommerce platform.

  • Drag and drop off items that you want to place and voila it’s done.

  • The SaaS platform has the capacity to manage the increased traffic to your store – which means your store will never crash at the time of huge user access or incoming traffic.


7. Security


  • Maintaining your e-commerce store's security is the most important thing for any eCommerce platform.

  • SaaS e-commerce platform provides high security to vendors to keep your data safe and let you focus on your core business.

  • Vendors are maintaining high-quality data centers with regular backups to keep your information safe.

  • So that you, your data, and your customer's data are all safe.


8. Easily processes the payment


  • The SaaS eCommerce solution supports a large number of payment options for a large number of customers.

  • Automated systems make life less complicated and remove the stress of human errors.

  • Automatic email notification and back-end tracking system helps more than 70% of failed payments in their second attempts.

  • Multiple payment system integrations with SaaS work seamlessly.


How to Choose Your SaaS eCommerce Marketplace Provider?




Before choosing a Software-as-a-Service supplier to build your eCommerce platform on, you need to consider a few aspects in order to have a smooth building process and a long-term relationship with them.


Customer Support


  • By choosing a SaaS platform, you probably don’t have an IT department of your own. This means that you need and expect the utmost level of support from your provider to build and maintain your eCommerce store.

  • Your provider has to be reliable for uptime, execution speed, software bug fixes, software updates, checking the presentation of your store, and whatever else of the sort.

  • The level of customer support you get is a significant differentiation of SaaS platforms.


Innovative Solutions and Services


  • For your online store to be unique and successful, your SaaS provider needs to accommodate the platform with essential and useful solutions for users to build their store rapidly and manage it easily.

  • Features like shipping, online payment gateways, marketing, and customization shouldn’t take a while to finish, in a beginner-friendly interface.


Reasonable Cost


  • The cost, whether monthly or yearly plans, shouldn’t be insane, since you’re not building your foundation without any preparation.

  • With so much usefulness previously incorporated with the platform, you don’t need to spend as much on additional items.

  • In addition to the all-free plan, we also offer 3 paid plans that suit businesses of all sizes.


Security and PCI Compliance


  • When it comes to online payment and giving away their personal and credit card information, online customers are very sensitive and hesitant.

  • But when your store is PCI agreeable, your customers’ data are well secured and protected.

  • Make sure that your SaaS supplier guarantees that your store satisfies PCI consistency guidelines, is up to date with any patches or bug fixes that influence your store’s security, and is ready to prevent any information hacks.

  • It should be a high priority for you to win your customers’ confidence and trust.


Clearer Cost of Ownership


  • On the contrary of what’s being said about on premise software cost, being upfront for one time and that’s it, it’s not entirely correct.

  • Calculating the cost of a self-hosted e-commerce platform or on premise e-commerce software can be very tricky and difficult, taking into consideration future maintenance, security patches, and functional enhancements.

  • On the other hand, monthly or yearly costs paid to a SaaS e-commerce platform are clear, precise, and fixed.


Reduced Maintenance and Simpler Deployments


  • Although big businesses go for on premise e-commerce solutions for the sake of unlimited customization, personalization, and modifications, this could negatively impact their experience with that platform.

  • Unnecessary customization can put retailers into a lot of suffering that can be spared by using a SaaS platform, like Trawex which often achieves the same functionality, but via native functionality.

  • Unnecessary customization can really impact other third parties, while a SaaS-based platform satisfactorily achieves the exact same functionality without customization.


Solutions We Provide


  • We created an intuitive solution that helped automate the major chunk of the process of setting up accounts on various marketplaces to get the products delivered to the customer. The instinctive dashboard helps sellers to host their products and listing on multi-channel marketplace platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, and more.


Inventory management


  • Real-time information availability for shipping & returns and inventory over a centralized module allows easy view, edit, and management of customer orders from multiple sales channels. Also, there is automatic sync, demand forecasting, and end-to-end purchase management for regular stock replenishment.


Vendor management


  • Swift maintenance of product data, including inventory, purchase orders, product catalogs, and more for buyers & sellers leading to strong vendor relationships.


Order processing


  • The tight integration with all leading marketplace platforms supports smooth processing of orders from multiple channels and also automates many administrative tasks, including invoice printing, bulk processing, managing live orders, and more.


Robust CRM


  • The CRM module enables the creation of business-specific workflows, launch & supervision of efficient marketing campaigns ensuring apt brand strategy & consulting approach to increase sales.

Features Of A SaaS Ecommerce Marketplace Platform – Keep Your Buyers And Sellers Happy


Now that we have seen the immense potential of a SaaS marketplace platform, let’s understand its key players.

The business model of a SaaS marketplace platform includes buyers, sellers, and owners. 

A platform that provides greater control of individual sellers, diverse options to buy, and is rich with features, is what keeps buyers and sellers happy. 


Attractive Buyer Features


Featured products


  • Your marketplace platform should consist of a wide list of featured products integrated into a single e-commerce page.


Social E-commerce


  • By adding social media feel to your app, buyers and sellers can view products, profiles, and activity. This will also help in establishing followers. 


Chatting Option to Negotiate


  • A chat module feature integrated into your solution can work wonders, as it helps buyers to negotiate offers with sellers and make satisfying decisions. 


Exchange Products


  • The SaaS marketplace platform should also help buyers post ads to exchange products. Sellers can make a counter-offer to these products. 


Simplified Seller Features


Easy Setup Of Listings



Complete Access To Inventory Management


  • Sellers should set up details for products, add categories & subcategories, and set up SKUs.


In-depth Analytics


  • Sellers constantly require performance rates for each sale. Your solution should provide real-time data and analysis on the online marketplace website. 


Advanced Financial Dashboard


  • Ecommerce financial accounting software integrated into the online marketplace script provides necessary financial details on the go. 


Purchasing Marketing Plans


  • Professional sellers should have a choice to opt for plans setup by admin or website owners to include promo campaigns, push notifications, SMS, etc.


Advanced Admin/Owner Features


Detailed Inventory and SKU Management


  • The admin panel should be embedded with detailed information on the inventory and associated SKUs. 


Manage Brands


  • The software script should include the seamless management of various brands listed. 


Detailed Analytics


  • Analytics is important for admins to evaluate app-level performance and that of individual buyers and sellers too. 


Marketing Campaigns


  • This feature helps monetize between admin and sellers on tailor-made offers and promos for users. 


Professional Seller Management


  • Casual sellers can be upgraded to professional sellers on the admin panel.


Choose Trawex's Best Service Provider for Your SaaS Ecommerce Marketplace Platform




In today’s marketplace and technology app development companies tend to offer sophisticated tools to handle complex billing, analyzing, and payment options. 

Building all these features from scratch can be costly and time-consuming. 

Businesses can either build a simple marketplace software or find a pre-built solution and add their unique features. 

Before choosing your service provider make sure they provide all the services below: 

  • The marketplace solution should be 100% customizable. 

  • Service providers should assure PCI compliance for no legal issues. 

  • The script should be robust and scalable to thousands of users 

  • The script should include an e-commerce script, CMS, and social shopping script. 

  • Includes seller and buyer chats for a higher conversion rate. 

  • The script must be extremely secure with SSL-powered APIs, Keychain, JWT, reverse proxy setup, etc. 

  • Integrated with promo, referrals & marketing plan features. 

After evaluating all the above-mentioned necessities for building a SaaS marketplace platform, choose a service provider who fits your requirements, and kick start your marketplace venture. 

We enable any company client positioned on a B2B or B2C product and/or service market to build and operate their own Marketplace Platform. With us, you get cost-effective SaaS marketplace solutions. Get in touch with us to build your online marketplace platform.


What We Offer

Trawex platform currently empowers 1000+ customers across 4 continents, 10000+ bookings a day, 1000000+ travel searches a day, across 200+ Suppliers, 600,000+ Hotels, 1000+ Airlines, 200,000+ Activities, 30,000+ Cruise Itineraries and much more for your brand.

Inventory Consolidation

Instant integrations with more than 100 suppliers that are integrated on demand.

Travel APIs

A complete set of travel APIs that empower our clients to develop custom travel solutions.

Custom Modules

A production-ready library of Modules that can be used as is or customized as per your requirement.

Faster Time to Market

Integrate suppliers in matter of few days. Over 100 suppliers maintained.

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How We Engage


We Help Your Own Developers

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system
We help your own developers
Customized Hosted Solution

Customized Hosted Solution

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system

Off The Shelf

  • Pre-integrated suppliers to provide the best inventory and prices
  • Comes with Trawex APIs to build websites and apps in a fraction of time
  • World Renowned Reliability
  • Faster Time To Market
  • Best user experience with 99.9% uptime
Off the Shelf

Grow Your Business with a Powerful Online Engagement Platform and Experienced Travel Partner

You won't be going on the engagement journey alone. We're there as a partner to help, support and advise to ensure your ultimate success.

  • Online travel booking engine
  • Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • Complete Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API
  • Configure credit limit and deposits
  • Multilingual travel websites
  • Add offline travel bookings
  • Distribute white labels
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Commissions and markup control
  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • Optional cross selling platform
  • SMS gateway
  • Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • Business intelligence reports

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