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Industries are continually disrupted by new trends and innovations, and the tourism industry is no exception to this. Keeping pace with these emerging tourism trends can help businesses to stay competitive and cater to the needs of customers.

Each year as technology evolves, so does the way that travelers interact with the internet. Because of this, travel companies and tour operators must pay attention to the latest travel industry, mobile and online travel trends.

The biggest tourism trend in recent years has been the transformation from offline travel agencies to online travel agencies. When consumers search online for travel products or services, they often search for travel agency websites for details instead of visiting individual company websites. It is therefore wise to connect to travel agencies so that you are present and can be identified across their platforms.

Technology will play a fundamental role in the path to recovery of travel. It can be a driving factor in helping you to manage your travel agency tours more effectively. It not only impacts the products and services companies provide but how they’re offered as well. Today, tour operators and tourists, both are equipped with technology. 

Keeping an eye on the latest trends affecting the industry lets the travel brand stay on top of what's on the market. Not only will you know how travelers are booking and what they are searching for, but you will also be able to use that knowledge to shape your offering to meet the needs of your target market.

Discover new trends in the industry to help travel companies thrive around the world.

1. Digital Trends Shaping the Tourism Industry

Digital travel trends are bringing new ways to engage with consumers. Tourism service providers can expand their business opportunities by applying digital technologies.

Companies within the travel industry need to keep up with the digital technology associated with travel and tourism. Hence, the best possible experience can be provided for the customers while the overall business performance increases and costs are being reduced.

Digitalization has opened up new opportunities for tourism businesses to compete in global markets. It has empowered the tourism business managers and tourists to explore, discover, and reach new places by facilitating online travel and accommodation bookings, and more. 

The travel industry has been at the forefront of digital innovation and continues to be transformed at an exponential rate across the globe. Travelers will benefit from better customer service along their journey. Businesses are rising efficiency levels. This is the best of both worlds.

Trawex helps tour operator businesses with the ambition to reach the next level succeed in new and existing markets by building customized digital sales funnels based on a proven, reliable method.

Because once you have a solid digital sales strategy in place, you can start to unlock the potential of both horizontal and vertical scaling to expand into exciting new markets, and secure your company’s long-term future.


By following the mobile-first approach and related trends, hospitality, and tourism brands can:


  • Increase conversion rates

  • Boost revenues

  • Target each customer individually

  • Acquire and retain customers

  • Promote services at the right time and place

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty

  • Take away the stress of travel

2. Emerging Technology Trends in Travel & Tourism Industry

Today’s leisure travelers want new experiences. They want more personalized choices. And they want technology to improve every step of searching, buying, enjoying, and sharing their trips.

To gain an advantage over your rivals as a travel business expert, you need to develop your strategy, keep in line with travel technology trends, and give your customers full and different travel experience.

Technology will also help travel companies expand their client base by helping them attract customers who are searching for products such as hotels, airlines, buses, tour packages, etc. or planning holidays.

Everything is available online on the internet nowadays. Travel technology innovations have helped the tourism industry in the following way: Online booking system, real-time booking system, smart device applications, and a safe & secure system

That's what Trawex helps tour operators deliver, with solutions to enhance every part of the leisure packaging value chain.

In an increasingly competitive market, our technology can help you adapt to customer demands. We offer you the technology and content you need to build differentiated packages, accelerate your operations, and sell through more profitable channels.  

Technology that offers a tailored service such as personalized excursions, upgrades, and destinations that ensure the experience becomes richer and easier for the tour operator to create a lifelong customer base.

3. What Is the Main Role of a Travel Technology Company in Establishing a Travel Startup?

A travel technology company plays a major role in the growing travel business. Nowadays travel companies are improving customer experience by getting advanced solutions from their travel technology partners.

In the tourism sector, travel technology helps to maximize bookings and adds value to large profits, but now it will be used more for the tourism industry as well as the hospitality industry and travel agents because travel technology comes with many features that are very useful for customers and travel agents to keep up their business growth.

Modernization with the help of specialized travel technology boosts the operational performance of travel companies. Although many travel technology companies exist in the travel industry, a company with a proven track record could help you improve your business in more than one way.

You can get a variety of travel products and other quality deliverables from travel technology companies. These technology platforms help you generate more business by allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Trawex is a specialist in travel technology, with over a decade of experience and committed to providing travel reservations systems and e-commerce solutions for tour operators and leisure travel companies worldwide.

We build a dedicated online booking technology platform to provide travel companies, start-ups in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors with the opportunity to enhance their vision and online strategy to a wider audience.

You can automate booking processes, sell products, and create better business cooperation with your partners to improve your tour business with our innovative and travel-specific services.


Benefits of selecting an expert Travel Web Development Company:


  • Increases productivity

  • Improves point of sale

  • Increases efficiency

  • Reduces operating cost

  • Provides great solutions for real-time access to inventory

4. Trawex - Leading Travel Technology Platform for Travel Business Needs

Trawex is a leading travel Software development company and considered as the perfect business IT solution destination has helped many businesses to reach the height of success. Our enterprise's services perfectly understand business needs, so you get the best services like travel app development services. 

Many organizations have been hugely successful by our flawless CRM Software Development Services & ERP Software Development Services, Mobile Application Development Services, Travel Portal Development Services, and Digital Marketing Services.

Our main objective is to offer a top-notch business solution. Today, therefore, our companies are responsible as one of the top sites for developing and implementing a solution that allows companies to gain maximum benefits. With our smart IT solution, our services are always focused to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

We are continually deploying an experiment to remain at the forefront of emerging technologies. We help several travel agencies and companies to develop and enhance their travel management system and to discover constant business growth. We follow a customer-driven strategy to build long-term strength and success for the business organization.

In the travel industry, many changes impact tour operator so it is beneficial to find the best tour operator software which can help travel agents and tour operator to grow their business. Smart tour operators use innovative tour operator software to match travel industry trends with responsive travel technology. 

We offer Tour Operator Software that allows you to manage online tour inventory, package customization, online booking, online payment gateway, group booking also with excellent features services like ordering, Accounting, Reports, CRM, and many more.

By constantly innovating, Trawex is continuing to shape the future of travel technology by giving more choice and simplicity to travelers. We are a specialist in helping travel companies across the globe offer deep personalization, empowering travelers to have improved experience and increasing brand loyalty to travel organizations.

Our experienced team of API developers believes in providing the best services to all customers– regardless of the size, nature or level of their business. Our in deep knowledge of object classes, cloud architecture solutions, data structures and other important API routines help us integrate scalable, robust and future solutions for your API business requirements.


How our services are different?


  • Completely focused to create and deliver high-quality web applications and other solution services based on the latest technologies.
  • Aim to turn our clients’ dreams of business advancement into reality while helping them to build a sustainable feature ahead.
  • Keep customer’s interest as our top priority, so transparently provide ideal and cost-effective services.
  • Deliver the project on time and believe in teamwork and mutual growth.

5. Discover New Business Opportunities with Elegant Tourism Websites Design

Are you ready to grab new opportunities & engage with your potential audience? As a trusted business partner, we offer you the most profitable travel web development services that help you discover and fulfill the needs of your customers.

You need a website to showcase your tour packages and their itineraries. Your travel or tourism company’s online success depends on a friendly, attractive website that effectively converts interested visitors.

With an online portfolio, you will be able to grab customers from diverse locations. And with an interactive website, showcasing you as a brand identity will boost your startup growth rate.

As dedicated tourism specialists, our focus has allowed us to develop the best possible website features for tour and activity businesses, creating websites that look great and work for our clients and their customers. 

Trawex is a unified travel website development and online travel business solution provider company, delivering scalable B2C & B2B solutions to global travel operators & hospitality companies.

We've been providing tour and travel website development solutions that enable businesses and consumers to deliver fully functioning loaded online travel booking services that go beyond consumer expectations.

Our award-winning business projects and successful result delivers complete power to the customers and help people book, shop on the Internet, vacation packages, hotels, and more.
With a strong emphasis on technology ‚ agile methodology and innovation, we ensure high-quality deliverables and speedy turnaround to build and deliver flexible travel portals and booking engines.



Building a future in the tourism and travel industry? If yes, you are making the right decision, as the future of the travel and tourism industry is very sharp! No matter whether Inbound or Outbound Tourism, the travel and tourism sector is developing on daily basis.

With the right technologies in place, even tour operators can sell their services, destinations, and target people who are planning to travel to these destinations. Inbound/Outbound Tour Operators can deliver an easy to look, navigate, find and book platform that adds convenience to their holiday planning and implementation.

From wide global verticals to smaller independent tour operators, Trawex provides a comprehensive, fully integrated software solution that increases business operating efficiency and meets market demand.

Trawex delivers a range of software solutions to cover aspects such as revenue, logistics, finance & accounting, marketing, reporting, and more. Enable tour operators to manage reservations, make invoices, accept online payments, track sales, publish brochures online, and more.

We've lined up the most important upcoming tourism technology trends that will position you for success now and in the future. So, start impressing your guest and outpacing your competitors.


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