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Comprehensive web-based travel agency software to manage your day-to-day operations

Trawex Travel agency software is an essential software that every travel and tour operators need to manage their travel portal. We provide web-based easy to use, user-friendly & feature rich travel agency software. It helps tour operators in promoting their travel products, increase sales, organize day to day operations and reduce admin cost. Our online travel agent software provides assistance and control over every step of the travel sales right from the itinerary planning to post trip traveler feedback. Our Travel Agency software and mobility solutions have helped global travel agencies grow very fast. The adoption of the OTA model has been improved to 100%. Travel agency software technically, is an online travel booking system, which let travel agents or end users search, book and manage travel related things efficiently and accurately. We create comprehensive travel software including flights, hotels, transfers, cars, sightseeing, and insurance and holiday packages. Our travel software is customized to meet the day to day needs of travel agents / travel agencies and end customers. Starting from the initial search everything like availability, PNR status, and Selection summary can be organized online and arrangements can be done through backend.

Our clientele in travel and hospitality domain includes top travel agencies, tour operators, and airlines, aggregators, booking portals, destination management companies, inbound agents and hoteliers. Our travel agency software ensures about security, reliability and quality of travel business. Year in year out we continue our work striving to improve and update our software for the benefit of our customers. Trawex have full expertise on travel portal development; that includes b2b travel portal development, b2c travel portal development, travel agency software, tour management software, or even developing travel agency accounting software for that matter. Trawex is the best travel portal development company in India. Trawex as a best travel product fills the thrust of travel clients with the best designed architecture. We are specialized in the field of technology serving large number of clients with our travel agency software. We serve all groups of clients as they can choose the API of choice for the integrations majorly with the top GDS integrations, etc. Trawex with its advancements and enrichments paved the way into the global market with multiple currencies, Multiple Languages etc. Our travel agent software is amalgamated with the best providers of global inventory in Flight, Car rentals with ease and experience.

Trawex offer most advanced travel agent software solutions for travel agencies of all sizes and budgets. While using our products and services in your company, you can considerably boost your sales and extend your customers database and sub agent network within short span of time. Integration of our technological solutions in your organization is conducted within a few weeks and more importantly doesn't demand increase in staff members or physical expansion of your organization. Introduction to e-commerce market has never been so simple and fast. Trawex offers online booking system for travel agents which allows to book flights, hotels, Car rentals, Holiday Packages and other products worldwide. Our online travel booking solutions aren't meant only for online sales of travel products, but also for work inside your organization. We provide both web-based solutions for internet sales and client-based solutions for use by your staff and call center. No matter if you have an Internet portal or a need a new one, Trawex have a solution for you! For all budgets and sizes!

If your company have no active internet website, we could design and develop an online travel portal from scratch, based on your unique requirements. If you have got an active internet website, we could easily integrate various booking modules, including flight booking, hotel booking, car booking, train booking and different kinds of electronic payment gateway. Travel Agent has become an integral part of travel business. It is no surprise that there is big demand of travel agency software, which is fast and convenient to operate. Our travel agency software is basically a travel and expense organization software for travel agents. Hence, it must have all those qualities that serves the purpose of travel and expense management. Travel agent software is something new in travel business, but it has contributed immensely to generate more and more revenue from travel business. But developing a scrappy travel agent software wouldn’t help your cause. Look for a good and well experienced method at your disposal. Our renowned travel agent software is encrypted with latest technology which is evergreen and stagnant to the changing trends and we have a hard-core testing implementation for the product like testing at all levels of the software development life cycle using more traditional software.

Trawex, a Global Travel Platform, offers comprehensive web-based travel agency software that enables travel agents, franchises, and corporate agents manage their day-to-day travel business operations. Its easy-to-use portal provides travel agencies to book, integrate, manage inventory, compare fares and find the best deals all from a single interface. We connect with multiple GDS and travel content suppliers to use real-time data for services such as Flight bookings, Hotel reservations, Car rentals, Packages and more. Travel agents can manage reservations, sub agencies, suppliers, custom markups, commission rules easily with the help of travel agent software. Your travel business may be small or huge, but it won’t survive in the current world without an Online Booking Software. You may be hosting a very good travel website design on your domain. But it may also be attracting a-lot of visitors as well. But without online booking software, you may not be able to realize its full potential. With online booking software in place, you can not only connect to potential clients but also achieve the sales online.

Integrating a travel agency software will change your website to an online booking software platform. Our Online portal helps travel agents to sell more products and services to customer from anywhere at any time. Features such as booking confirmation, SMS and email notification, booking cancellation delights customer. Travel agents can show photos, reviews and rating of products, highlight best-selling tour package, special deals and offers to attract more customers. Travel agents can develop customized tour packages as per client needs. Multiple sales channel feature allows travel agents to sell more products via B2C, B2B or mobile responsive web portal. With the help of consume portal customer can book travel products and services online. Travel agency software to automate the business process and reduce manpower and faster turnaround time. With the help of software travel agent can centralize reservations, track inventory and easily generate reports and track sales. Dashboard and reporting tools help users to take insight into sales and profit. Inventory management tool provides track available product quantity and sold booking information. Our travel agent software is a Customized travel portal designed for the travel agencies to connect with multiple inventory vendors as all the topmost GDS integrations, millions of hotels and tour packages including car rentals, API integrations which in turn serves almost all travel related services.

Our travel agency software is designed to reach larger markets, reduce operational cost, reduce errors in costing and reservation processes, simplify reservation and contracting processes, improve customer relationship, etc. through systems. Our travel agent software is very user-friendly booking system that helps your direct clients, agent and corporate to make bookings along with accommodation providers across the globe through your website, phone or email after verifying availability of room for any particular period of time in concurrence with their desired schedule. Hotels enter their own room descriptions, room facilities, room rates and allocations into the system through XML feed or Extranet 24 x 7 days a week. You will be able to confirm accommodations in real time at your website closing the sale immediately. By automating your sales process, you will be able to handle the same amount of transactions, or more, at a much lower cost. Other than that, you will also gain significant control over your margins and pricing strategy.

Join hundreds of travel & tour operators worldwide that have partnered with Trawex to amplify their business and their brand. Let your customers acknowledge your brand and services by giving them an exposure to the most simple and smooth booking experience. Get customizable booking form, automated sales reports and hundreds of other features packed into one impressive travel agency software. Offer your customers a stunning experience by integrating our travel booking agency software with your website. With our professional & secure booking system, you can start accepting online reservations on your website in minutes. Zero integration effort and no technical knowledge required. Give your clients an up-to-date fares & availability information and save them the hassle of inquiring for availability. Completely automate your fares through different pricing options. And you will get a brand spanking new online store to showcase and sell your tours & activities. Online store is nothing but a beautiful website that elegantly showcases your activities and comes integrated with the travel agent software. The easiest & fastest way is to get started with Trawex. We have a bundle of packages to suit the travel booking agencies based on their interests and budget. We have a dedicated team of professionals having many years of combined experience who can help you build the best travel agency portal.


We provide travel agents with full range of our products, provide technical support and constant upgrades, all of which provide most profitable prices and highest commissions. We also provide assistance in setup of online business. The most important thing for us is your success.


Automatic communicationsAutomatic emails have become the norm throughout the travel industry, to the point that your guests expect to receive a confirmation email once they have booked a room. Reminder emails, tips for traveling in the area and feedback requests are just a few ways you can use automatic emails to improve communications with your guests. Through your booking system, you should be able to format and schedule these messages.


Advanced reporting You will want to select a reservation system that allows you to create customized reports containing valuable information about your property. Through these reports, you can see your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly performance at a glance. You also can view payment details and outstanding payments. You need a system with reports that are simple to create, generate and process, and allow you to make the best decisions for your hotel.

Dynamic Package

Provides a detailed booking Many systems provide a basic and often unsatisfactory confirmation to guests thus obliging them to have to contact you to clarify some aspects of their booking. Online Booking Manager products offers a comprehensive booking confirmation. Which leave the customer in no doubt as to the details of their booking. Many systems provide a basic and often unsatisfactory notification to administrators thus obliging them to have to contact the guests to clarify some aspects of the booking.


Mobile friendly design Responsive websites are crucial for any online business. Many customers use mobiles devices to make their reservation so having website optimized for mobile devices enables your customers to directly book on your websites, from anywhere, at any time. Our website accepts mobile bookings from any device so you don't miss out any leads.

Benefits of Travel Agency Software

  • Improves customer service
  • Attract customer and Sell more products
  • Increase visibility and Revenue
  • Automate Business Process
  • Easy editing and Reporting

How Trawex can transform you travel business?

  • Complete sales automation - Improve efficiency and decreases costs with a completely automated sales workflow
  • Quote and invoice quickly - Win more sales with quicker responses as well as beautiful itineraries as well as beautiful itineraries. Our powerful engine helps in instant quoting and invoice of your customers.
  • Maximize revenue - Use automatic follow-up emails including other sales and marketing automation tools. Increase your win rates by more than 30%.
  • Expand selling channels - Boost sales by easily increasing and managing different sales channels.
  • Automate upselling and reselling - Increase sales by sending automated and customized emails to clients providing them the ability to buy and enjoy additional travel products during their travels.
  • Automate operations – Decrease costs with an automatic supplier enquiry & confirmation process. Handle 10x more reservations with the same number of employees.
  • Business intelligence - Use correct numbers to improve productivity and drive your company in the right direction with smarter planning and decisions.

Why Trawex for travel agency software?

  • Revolutionary booking engine platform that allows you to engage B2C users and B2B sub agencies to make more sales. Top inventory, best in class features bring the edge.
  • Use your own domain name, or purchase new one through Trawex. Showcase and sell all the flights, hotels and other travels deals under your company.
  • Our cloud-based IBE (internet booking system) is 1/8 the cost of a custom travel booking engine with equal features.
  • Trawex is 100% mobile ready. Your travel website will look and perform exactly the same as it works in desktop, tablets etc. without any extra cost.
  • Trawex offers payment gateway integration of your choice. You can sell your deals on your travel website and get the money directly in your bank
  • Combine your travel booking engine with leading enterprise resource planning suites.
  • Analyze and gain insight into your online booking systems growth. See which sectors are selling more and arrange marketing campaign according to that.
  • Trawex engine is developed with high end technology to deliver the highest quality operations.