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Trawex is the leading Travel Application Development partner that specializes in catering high-tech mobility solutions for diverse industry verticals. We have developed numerous travel apps for some reputed clients in the travel domain. Our business expertise and technical skills make us capable of understanding the client requirements and creating solutions that match. We build powerful travel apps improved with features such as geolocation tracking, online reservations, and more. Travel app development has never been more important. In today’s mobile world, smartphone and tablet users will spend plenteous of time researching vacation, work and similar travel destinations from the ease of their phone.However, without a suitable app, it can be an inconvenience to book a trip on a mobile website. Custom travel apps simplify the sales process and produce long-term customer reliability by improving the sales process in tangibly meaningful ways. Your travel app will give your users a platform where they can make bookings, read reviews and find information about everything related to travel. A travel app also covers the path for future marketing and promotion strategies. It can be integrated with analytics facilitating infallible marketing/promotion campaigns. Build a travel app that allows you to connect with your consumers before, during, and after their trips without getting lost in their inbox. Develop deeper relationships with engaging content, and stay top-of-mind for their next vacation. A mobile app is much better than a mobile website in almost every aspect. It is better looking for rich graphics and easier navigation and has a much useful operating system. And it can work with all your mobile’s existing apps, such as camera and GPS, to confirm a wonderful traveling experience for the user. Whether you are a small travel agency or a big international player in the tourism and hospitality sector, you can avail of our advanced travel app development solutions easily. We offer highly functional and easy to use travel app design and development services that are customized for different business models. The highly effective travel app will help your customers in a range of activities resulting in repeat visits. Make sure your clients have all of the information they need and create a travel app experience like no other.

Excite & Engage Travelers with Your Unique Travel Apps

Travel & tourism businesses need convenient solutions for the bookings of travel packages, hotel rooms, airlines, rented cars, and several other products. Mobile apps are the same. But you can implement a feature with which the users can find the best deals and set up notifications for price changes. It can be a countless feature for those budget-tight travelers who like to visit a destination when a discount or good deal is available. Travelers can pick the destination they would like to visit in their next holidays and make active notification feature to get alerted about deals and discount offers. Trawex Apps is dedicated to helping you create exceptional experiences for your clients by making your travel app development easier. Our travel app designer offers a customized, high-end experience for your visions and helps you build trust in your brand. Your requirements would be unique in its way. We offer customized solutions that will cater to those unique requirements. Being a leading web and app development services provider, we build an effective ecosystem for our customers by adding trendy features and advanced technology. While navigation & geolocation feature is the pillar of every mobile travel app, but to make your app more appropriate for travelers, you should consider both online & offline access. Trawex can help your business build mobile apps for ticket booking for flight, train, cab, bikes or even luxury cruises. If you want to sell a ticket, we can build an app for that. The users will believe reviews and testimonials from other users so, make sure your application should get positive reviews from your clients. This feature supports creating attentiveness and also helps to better the services of hotels, cafes, and other businesses. We make your business stand out of the crowd by building your mobile presence and help build a user base of travelers. Having the ability to work offline is one of the most important characteristics of any travel app. And native app development ensures this functionality to work even without an internet connection. Travelers can now benefit the accessibility of making online flight bookings and hotel reservations. Now, the travelapplication makes things even better as they can now do it all on the go, with just a tap on their smartphone screen. Therefore, travel industries of all sizes want to benefit expert travel app development services to engage their customers and offer them the most amazing travel experiences.

Make Your Destination Smart with Travel App Development Solution

Our company has a team of highly trained, experienced and professional travel app developers who can build any kind of custom-designed app that our client asks us to do. The services could consist of any number of features or a unique design solution. Whatever may be your requirement, we have the perfect travel mobile app solutions for you. We pride ourselves in offering highly competitive and time-bound corporate solutions to improve your business profitability. A custom travel app, besides making things easier, also contributes to a great reduction in operational costs. Tour apps provide a large variety of information about the notable tourist spots in the region where the traveler is headed to. These Travel apps deliver a unique look to the history, culture, and location of the region, as well as allow users to comment on those places. Trawex Travel apps can also focus on a particular fort, museum or a place of natural or historical interest. Fully exposed to world-class travel app development expertise to design any sort of travel application. Having a mobile app and mobile site help your brand reach the fingers of your target audience that is not possible with your desktop site because even if it is accessed through mobile, it will load much slower and that too with no proper resources due to lack of optimization and you might end up losing potential customers. Booking apps are mobile apps that help travelers book various objects as part of their travel itinerary. These apps can be for a single purpose, i.e. booking for flight tickets, or booking for hotel rooms and hostels; or can be multifunction, with the ability to book flight tickets, hotels, restaurants, buy museum and art gallery tickets, etc. We have proficiency in travel and tourism app development and handle even challenging apps systematically with greater outcomes. Our enhanced travel app development platform enables you to keep costs down while still getting exactly what you want, whether that is a streamlined experience, increased bookings, or all of the above. We have great experience in targeted marketing and personalized service through native apps to attract new clients and recollect the existing ones. Our team of travel app developers has the essential skill and experience to develop mobile apps for the travel industry.

We offer B2B and B2C Travel App Development services to manage the entire system on your mobile. This provides you the flexibility to access the system anytime, anywhere, whether you are at home, at the office or on a vacation. All you need is a working internet connection and a smartphone (Android or iOS), and you will be able to manage your bookings with just a tap. Apart from the establishment to access your system anywhere, the spontaneous and interactive user interface of our booking app makes searching for hotels. You can search for hotels according to price, deals, and reviews and get complete information on the travel plan available. Payment can be processed in multiple currencies and your transaction data is secure with SSL connection to ensure protected transactions. No compromised to the quality for the reason that of cost or time. A mobile app act as a channel for online travel booking companies to brand their services effectively by offering attractive prices and the benefits of using their services. Modifying the solutions and services as per the specific requirement of your business. By offering personalized deals and suggestions based on the user’s search history and preferences, you increase your user maintenance and build reliability. Travel apps frequently have lots of information to utilize. If a user showed interest in a specific location or city, offer similar destination options at lower prices or save the latest searches and prompt the user to pick up where he/she left off. Tapping on a hotel gives you all the information, its description, photos, amenities, and a screen to select several rooms and adults, and finally, a book now button to book. We also use format to collect data and compress using Trawex to enable faster transfer of data. Combine these features with our fast, secure, and reliable Trawex engine, and you can get a feature-rich system that works flawlessly across all platforms. Publish tour packages and travel plans for convenient browsing on-the-go, designed for readability, simplicity and polished experience. Trawex travel app development platform allows you to create a fully native experience for your customers, quickly and cost-efficiently. By compiling and customizing pre-built app components, we simplify the steps to create a booking app by removing the heavy lifting, then hand over the reins so that you can modernize and manage your app using our no-code platform.

Trawex provides a competitive advantage to intelligently utilize the big data generated online. We implement the most impressive and easy-to-go referral functionality to increase traffic and sales. Our creators are capable of making a user-friendly design along with easy to use functionalities. We improve customer-centric applications with all-in-one user components and easy checkout feature to make your services fairly impressive. Online travel booking is a highly competitive and quickly growing market. We have worked hard to ensure clients using our B2B2C mobile app appreciate flexibility without worrying about safety. Security is always our top priority. We assure about safety and speed. Our Travel app is developed using native programming languages to ensure all-in-one operation, whether you want to check bookings, book hotels, cancel bookings, or simply view reports. You are just a tap away from all the data you need. Mobility solutions for travel become the most recent trend, today. For that reason, maximum leading travel agencies including small tour operators prefer to offer customer-centric services that include utilizing travel apps for their organization. It helps them to streamline their complex work processes, improve customer satisfaction and revenue of their business essential to stay competitive. To make facilities better, our skilled developers work with the advanced tools to give a unique touch to your applications. The trendy and best in class designs are tailored to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Self-service and mobile travel apps are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the convenience and time savings they offer: No one likes waiting in line. Thus, many travel providers are adopting self-check-in options, convenient seat updates, or are offering digital boarding passes. Moreover, you can send alerts about delays or gate changes to your mobile app to ensure the best customer experience.

Our custom solutions for website and web application development will enable your web occurrence with mobile-ready platforms. So, in the field of Travel App Development, we have experience in delivering successful results in the form of a travel booking app, including the requirements of Online Travel Agencies. Travel App Development is also good for Airlines, and Car rentals. One of the biggest challenges about travel app development (and app development in general) is the amount of time it takes to bring your product to market. With Trawex, we use our no-code platform to bring your app to market in weeks, not months. Having strong skills in designing and development, our professionals understand the latest market trends and business strategies to develop a better solution. Our white-labeled admin panel supports you to track or manage the sales of your clients. Travel mobile apps are an easy and effective way to reach your targeted audience. Travel apps engage customers by delivering push notifications of sales, discounts, special offers, etc. depending on the customers’ in-app behavior. To deal with customer demands and expectations, we craft value proposition solutions that provide an outstanding, individualized experience. The business study, project management, design, and development team’s work headed for improving the search and booking options through personalized offers and spontaneous user experience not only on native but also through hybrid mobile apps. We build solutions that distinguish the whole journey, not just a segment of it. We incorporate location-based services, schedule disturbances, options of in-journey marketing and more. Mobile apps offer benefits of booking tickets, destinations, hotels, etc. from anywhere around the world and anytime. Get a cheaper price and special offers to make the booking experience more enjoyable. Your product is never done. Past features can be improved and new features can be added. Our mission is to leave you in a place where you can confidently maintain the product and have the tools and knowledge to test, assess, and make the best decisions after our engagement together has concluded.

Our Travel App Development provides you with a dynamic and engaging user experience to build your reputation while also adding value. This is one of the important travel industry trends, which requires collecting large volumes of consumer data and the use of innovative technologies to learn about travelers’ behavior and individual needs. Integrate booking system in your travel application so users can perform multiple things like price comparison, set reminders, categorization & sorting, and getting notification related to new offers. It would be great to add smart filtering and search engine feature to maximize the revenues. As integrating this feature fits perfectly within a user’s busy lifestyle and delivers ease of use, it delivers a user experience memorable. Ensure to develop organized and easy-to-understand navigation to enhance user experience. Having cool navigation helps users to browse easily and thus, it increases the chances of mobile app success. We have a team of travel app developers who are assigned to each project. There is no multi-tasking involved which ensures that your app is given complete focus and attention that it deserves. Communication is an important key to the success of any business. Interacting with the users and solving their problems can boost the app downloads and encourages them to stay connected with the travel application? Correct travel mobile app development solutions are serving organizations to get an accurate and result-oriented technique to reach out to travelers in a better way. The app will be provided with an admin panel where you will be able to see a wide range of business reports including bookings, sales, performance and more. You can also be delivered with a provision of creating personalized holiday packages in the panel. Other maintenance tools will also be integrated into the panel. There is a larger section of potential customers that majorly trust only on mobile devices to access any information on the internet and having a mobile-optimized website or an app can assist you to reach and help them with ease.

Our platform makes it easy to automate creative push notifications, keeping your travel app’s user base active and engaged, while maintaining efficiency for your business. Make it easier for clients to browse your unique travel contributions and book their next memorable experience. We have been providing too many travel startups and tourism initiatives with custom solutions that helped them earn customer loyalty, high Return on Investment and profits in their business. Analyze the enhanced booking and fare related solutions, with different options. Book the tickets for any reservation category as per the budget effect. Travel destinations differ according to seasons & situations. Thus a good travel app development will have this feature of a wish list, where you can always save places you wish to travel in the future. Trawex hospitality website development services are designed to provide a great consumer experience and deliver a product that can increase your brand value. Our travel websites are easy to navigate and thus provide the best user interface. These features assist visitors of all age groups to browse your website. We customize the design with a view to make it attractive enough for each user base and so we consider all the parameters such as target audience, type of business, features, and platform. You can also let your users create personal accounts by registering in the app either through email or social network accounts.We provide high-quality travel app development services at a reasonable cost. With ever-changing technology, businesses never miss an opportunity to leverage the latest trend for the success and the Travel industry is not an exception! There has been an astronomical rise in the use of smartphones in the past decade. It can be attributed to the affordable prices of the mobile and the launch of cheap data plans. Earlier, booking travel for a vacation without the help of a travel agency was merely impossible. Travel Booking App Development has completely changed the scenario of today’s travel industry. Whenever a new user visits the travel app, the option allows searching for the desired location, specific area, and other relevant information. A secured payment gateway is a must for users to make payments for hotel and flight bookings. When you are adding this feature in your travel mobile application, it helps your users to check the availability of tickets/hotel rooms, find the best deals, and make payment of the booking.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy User Experience
  • Enhance customer support
  • Create a database of high-quality vendors
  • Easy to attract customers
  • Easy & fast booking process
  • Track customer actions
  • Large variety of business involved


  • Better looking and more sophisticated.
  • Proficiency with most recent development technology.
  • Commitment for utmost quality and standards.
  • Intellectual and Work Enthusiastic Professionals.
  • Assurance for security and confidentially of customer’s data.
  • Know-how to deliver award-winning mobility solutions.
  • Travel Ticket Booking System.
  • Air Ticket Booking – Domestic and International
  • Holiday Packages.
  • Tour Packages
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Hotel Booking.
  • Car Rental Booking System.
  • Content Management Systems
  • Admin Control Panel.
  • Agent Management System
  • Website Maintenance and Support
  • API Integration.
  • Native programming for seamless operation.
  • Payment in multiple currencies.
  • SSL encryption to protect transaction data
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We work with OEMs like LG, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. From Beta SDKs to amazing mobile solutions that solves real business issues, we consult, design, develop and offer professional services covering the full application development lifecycle. Our unique, comprehensive offering makes us the partner of choice for an enterprise to reinvent their business in the “Mobile First” era and implement the much needed mobility strategy towards this milestone.

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