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Travel Insurance Integration Services- For Travel Agencies, Tour Operator, and DMCs

Solutions are designed around connecting airlines, retail travel agencies, online travel agencies and travel management firms with a comprehensive portfolio of travel insurance options.

Travel Insurance That Actually Cares For Your Customers

Travel Insurance is not to be considered as an optional extra as it is very important for both the customers and the travel businesses to insist on travel insurance. Besides offering basic coverage, most renowned travel insurance also offers other emergency coverage as well.

Trawex offers travel insurance integration as a fully integrated part of our Internet Booking Engine. We offer the integration of multiple renowned insurance providers so that you can offer your clients a wide range of coverage options for their vacations of all kinds.

In addition to offering insurance as a 'in-flight' feature, where you offer your customers the choice of availing insurance as part of their ticketing process, we also offer it as a 'standalone feature' so that you can make additional choices to your customers.

Be it single trip, multi-trip or a family vacation, your website would be able to provide insurance coverage to your customers. In addition to this, Trawex travel insurance integration will also help you retain your customers, add to your revenue, improve customer satisfaction and bring in new customer base.

With some of the most popular global names in the travel insurance field such as Bajaj Allianz, Mondial Assistance and Alfa Strakhovanie integrated in your website; Trawex helps you provide the best and proactive service to your customers.

To make customers avail travel insurance easily and conveniently, we make sure that the travel insurance integration services we provide is enabled to meet the various geographical requirements such as multi-languages and multi-currencies.

We work to help your company grow and offer travelers the peace of mind they deserve. Our mission is to provide the most reliable and efficient touch points and solutions for travel insurance purchase and sale.

We provide clients with the ability to drive ancillary revenue performance and deliver value-added service to their customers. Our clients benefit from our unique blend of extensive industry knowledge and diverse suite of proprietary and web-based technologies.

We provide our partners and their customers with personalized service and tailored support ensuring that the customer is always at the forefront. Our value proposition is very simple. We offer systems designed by the world's most industry-savvy software developers and engineers.

We deliver high-quality; scalable applications designed to meet industry expectations and backed by a secure, integrated infrastructure. Our flexible technology platforms support all major travel supplier channels; provide seamless integration and high reliability.

We provide our partners and their customers with personalized service and tailored support ensuring that the customer is always at the forefront.

Whether you're expanding existing product lines or exploring new channels, Trawex's systems deliver best results.

Our team formulates a connection with you and provides you with the product that is tailor-made to your requirements. We’re always looking for ways to improve and serve you in the best way possible.

Enhancing the Synergy between Travel Agents and Travel Insurance Companies

At Trawex, we take a bigger picture approach, with our ranges of solutions that are built to last in the travel insurance market.

Because we are deeply aware of the insurance industry characteristics and all the quirks of the work of travel sellers and airlines, our platforms work as a bridge between the two.

Trawex Insurance is easy to implement and can be integrated into diverse selling channels. Insurance is presented in a clear workflow and can be booked quickly and easily.