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Trawex technologies will provide the complete Bus Ticketing System, which will have different functionalities like creation of route, allocation of routes to different vendors and different buses, seat selection and booking etc. One of the largest modules here will be company Management System, using which the administrator can create several vendors who can create, add, update, and delete their desired Buses on different available routes. The routes can be prepared both by the Portal admin as well as vendor, depending upon the choice of the portal owner.

Online Bus Ticketing System package is used for making online bus ticket booking. It provides great facility for selecting the most suitable bus just one click of the mouse button. Within the fraction of sections, the detailed list of available buses is shown to the user. The user can select the most suitable bus and make the ticket booking online within a fraction of seconds without wasting their valuable. Trawex provides you the best software ever developed in the field of Bus booking System; which manage bus reservation, agents accountancy as well as provide online booking facility for passengers.

In the bus booking system, there is information about bus, who has been taking customers at their destination, it also contains the detailed information about the customer, who has been taken from which bus and at what is the number of members he or she is taking his/her journey. This section also contains the details of booking time of the seat(s) or collecting time of the tickets, this section also contains the booking date and the name of an agent which is optional, by which the customer can reserve the seats for his journey.

We provide Bus Ticketing System for travel companies either domestic or international companies. We keep designing and working on this system very simple and easy because we want to make people comfortable and not to make them suffer even more. This unique feature in software solution provides an easier way to make a bus booking. These days people prefer to book online tickets as they do not have much time to waste by standing in long queues.  People make easy bookings through an online payment gateway system that is integrated into the system.

Online Bus booking Software has some of the benefits of the solution:

  • Easy reservation charts are available.

  • Easy printing of ticket option.

  • Options for view history of reservations.

  • Report on daily bookings.

  • Report on ticket cancellation report.

  • Bus Enquiry: The system allows the user or member to perform bus enquiry including bus scheduling, seats availability status, fare details, etc.

  • User Registration: It allows the user to register in order to be a member of the system. User is then granted privileges to book or cancel tickets.

  • Bus Ticket Reservation: The system allows the member to book the tickets as per his/her requirements. The member is prompt to enter the passenger details.

  • Bus Ticket Cancellation: The functionality is used by the member to cancel an existing reservation made by the member earlier.

  • Bus Supplier Management

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  • Multiple Sales Channels - B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, Call Center, Front Desk .

  • Low cost of ownership .
  • Online Booking Engine - Flight,Hotel,Holiday Package,Car,Sightseeing and Transfers .
  • GDS, XML & Travel API Integration.
  • Complete booking management system.
  • Comprehensive reporting module.
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