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How Does Online Bus Ticket Booking System Work ?


The travel industry can be characterized as the activities of individuals making a trip starting with one spot then onto the next for business, relaxation, or some different purposes.

Over the past few years, the tourism industry has witnessed rapid and continuous growth. It is becoming one of the fastest-growing economic sectors in the world.

It has become the fourth biggest industry in the worldwide economy. In developing nations like India, the travel industry has become one of the significant areas of the economy.

It has contributed to a large proportion of the National Income. It has also created vast employment opportunities. It has great potential for further expansion and diversification.

Tourism in the world developed mainly through indirect sources in the early period.

Trade was the major purpose of traveling. Majorly the abundance of agricultural produce, conversion of iron-ore into steel for weaponry, tools, and textiles created an important link for transportation.

Other important purposes for travel were a pilgrimage and spreading education. The statistics are given by the Government tells that the number of domestic travelers has increased from 168 in the year 1998 to 1281 in the year 2014.

Seeing the technological advancement it very well may be said that the quantity of travelers will continue expanding later on as well. The bus travel industry is unorganized and highly fragmented.

It is a billions annual turnover industry with a growth rate of 25% per year. This industry is growing phenomenally in the World, being one of the most preferred modes of transport for millions of travelers.

In the world bus travel industry, most of the private players were regional players and did not have a presence and therefore there was a lack of a centralized platform for the organized scale of operations.

The market for online car rentals and bus reservations business was anticipated to arrive at $150 million in the year 2011 as per applied travel intelligence.

The two-carriage categories when it comes to the world bus travel industry operations are contract carriages and stage carriages.

The contract carriages are usually the long distance from the city to city with less number of stop points whereas stage carriers are comparatively short distances with several stop points.

The contract carriage industry is fragmented, with more than 65% of the bus operators possessing over less than 20 buses each.

Despite the growth of online ticket reservations through renowned players, there was a reasonably slow growth when it came to online bus reservations.

The job of IT in revenue management is noticeably examined by numerous analysts.

Trawex online ticket booking system is a softwarte which has all types of ticket booking in one website. Unless like in the previous stage people as to walk into travel agency company to buy the tickets and also to check the timings. This problem is overcome introducing our online ticket booking system

The reasons for this slow growth could be attributed to several reasons like the unwillingness of the majority of the population to book their bus tickets online, low internet penetration and more than that, the inaccessibility of an appropriate online platform to book their bus tickets.

The bus travel industry could be also segmented based on regular and luxury bus travel catering to the entire population. Volvo transports have assumed a more prominent job in expanding the suitable level of the bus travelers.


What Are The Benefits Of An Online Bus Ticket Booking System ?


The development of this industry is licensed to the way that airline tickets are generally costly and train tickets are reserved well ahead of time, which makes transport travel a suitable choice. This travel industry is predominantly driven by cash and scattered on a regional basis.

The majority of the organizations in this industry are territorial players who work from a more minor perspective and depend intensely on manual systems for ticket appointments and reservations.

The business was profoundly decentralized with travel agents assuming a significant job in dealing with the transport ticket appointments.

The significant challenge with the Indian transport ticketing industry is that in spite of being utilized by a great many individuals it took an extensive stretch to observe a few advancements in this area.

Moreover, within the travel industry, it is noticed that the train and flight ticketing had a centralized booking and reservation process implemented much earlier than the bus travel industry.

The bus operators are scattered across the country largely supported by conventional travel agents.

There was an absolute requirement for transparency inside the business so customers can benefit the services of a brought together system where they could be familiar with the data regarding the total number of bus routes in operation, prices, availability, seat preferences, cancellations, refunds and feedback options.


Trawex bus ticket booking system


The travel organization is a connection between the clients, i.e., traveler or tourist and the principle providers, i.e., essential specialist co-ops, for example, tour wholesalers, hotels, aircraft, and so forth.

It is the primary stop for anybody thinking about travel, particularly to a removed spot, i.e., tourist destination, to make travel courses of action. The primary job of a travel agency is to provide easy and trouble-free travel to the traveler.

It is likewise significant for a travel organization to give enough data to the visitor with the destination that the traveler isn't deceived during their travel and has a problem-free outing.

Travel offices assume a significant job in the travel industry showcase. Contributions of travel agencies are as a result of the role that they have in tourist traffic and travel facilitation.

They show up as mediators between visitors that require a range of services and business elements that give those services.

Their main task is, therefore, to connect a large number of subjects on the tourism demand-side and several entities (public and private sector) on the supply side.

One of the key factors in accomplishing and keeping up the upper hand of travel organizations in the market is a high caliber of services which gave tourist satisfaction.

Travel agencies can achieve a competitive advantage by providing a complete and continuous quality of service.

Just those travel organizations that fulfill the desires and needs of tourists regarding the nature of services will have the option to hold the current and pull in new tourists. In modern times, therefore, quality is a key factor for the survival of travel agencies in the market.

The Online travel industry doesn't have a careful beginning date. But we can say that over the past five years, the views and trends of the customers have changed towards their travel bookings.

The customary 'brick and mortar' was changing into online travel booking. Instead of the travel agents working on their trips, the travelers wanted to book and view their trip plans themselves. The travelers wanted to view the rates themselves.

Trawex technology is an exceptionally coordinated booking engine interfacing travel and neighborliness industry providers with the purchaser's incorporated structure into a single screen.

The online booking system integrates with GDS/CRS (Global Distribution System) and Non-GDS suppliers like direct integration with Airline, Hotel, Bus Railways Insurance companies, and other travel service suppliers. The Trawex gives web-based booking offices to clients or end-clients visiting their site.

Trawex Technologies offers XML web services based Bus Ticket Booking System. Presently with Trawex Technologies, you can likewise make transport bookings in simple advances. Simply select the 'From' to 'Destination' and there you go.

We are contracted with all major Bus Transporters which allow our guests to book bus tickets from mostly every part of India to any part of the World.

Every one of our destinations are referenced in the booking engine. Clients can look through courses, think about rates and affirm the booking continuously.

Bus Ticket Booking System can be easily built-in with the website as a white-label booking engine. System can likewise get to inventory from different bus services alongside it's stock and show accumulated outcomes.

Clients can book bus inventory over the globe according to his/her inclination.

Trawex Technologies carries all-round solutions for our customers extending from web compositions and improvement, software for Travel, E-trade and Solutions; advertising arrangements and marketing for social media.

We at Trawex Technologies offer you spearheading and custom-fitted mastery alongside creative answers for all difficulties.

It very well may be fused with numerous inventory systems through our XML web service door and furthermore associated with CRS (Central Reservation System) for inventory.

It can also access the inventory of other vendors along with your inventory and show aggregated results. In the shortest time conceivable, we seek to achieve the undertakings and please our customers as well as can be expected.

Trawex Technologies offers total XML web services based Booking Engine for Hotel, Car-Rental, Bus, Restaurant, Airline, and Excursions.

 It is effortless to use, extremely scalable and very flexible. It tends to be effectively incorporated with the Web Portal/CMS as a white-name or private-name booking engine.

It allows multiple currencies and enables users to select and pay in their currency. It permits doing accessibility search, conglomeration, and booking of travel items offered by the suppliers.

Trawex technologies provide a bus ticket booking system with best offers. This system can be easily integrated with your existing or a new website to allow your visitors to enjoy the convenience.

Trawex Technologies is a leading travel technology company, develops an online travel booking engine for domestic and global clients. This product is designed to deal with all kinds of appointments.

The content is extremely simple to utilize and entirely adaptable. If you already have your webpage, you can add our online booking system to your webpage.

Trawex Technologies is the main travel software technology and counseling organization.

We give total start to finish technological services and web advancement answers for travel organizations, visit administrators, travel agents, driving hotels, Flight services, Bus Operators, and so forth.

Book simple arrangements or reserve complex reservations that require the accessibility of numerous assets — individuals, spots, or things.

Transport booking software types enable you to set the standards for your online arrangements and reservations.

Trawex provides multiple payment options like net banking, credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and PayPal facilities to put more securities on the payments.

With payments through mobile wallets, travelers can avail extra discounts and cashback. An instant digital payment system helps the client to save time in payments and ensure the booking of the seat that he/she already checked for.

An extra feature of automated card details storage must be available in the system with the goal that a customer won't feel the agony of putting card subtleties each time he is making bookings.

Also, we are providing the cancellation facilities under terms and conditions with the full refund of the amount without charging anything from the clients.

As the bus ticket booking system makes the presence global of every travel company. So it should have an alternative to choosing the language.

Every traveler is more comfortable in his native language. So this is an unquestionable requirement add an element to increase abroad customer base.

Is it true that you are searching for simple access to the broad and extensive product range and providers to build client decisions and offer your clients progressively customized services?

Do you have to locate the best deals and relaxation substance to go up against the web and direct circulation? We give you access to a broad scope of worldwide and local bookable items that your clients need.


Advantages of booking on the online ticket booking system


The main important thing is a convenience if you are going to book hotel rooms, air or car rental, you can book any time at home or office with the help of your smartphone or tablet.

It's extremely simple for travelers to refresh or drop the web-based booking, numerous destinations giving appointments no cancellation fees, free online changes, and client surveys before you settle the booking.

Another advantage of booking online is to check out past clients' reviews of hotels, restaurants, and flights. With the help of travel sites, you can check prices, some unbeatable offers.

Use your network important to go through reviews or get in touch with friends over there, before reservation or making your travel plans.

You need to focus on certain factors while choosing your dream vacation and ensure that you select flights and dates well in advance to get some good deals.

All you need to do is reserve an airline ticket, one night stay in a hotel; a rental car so online booking is the best and easy way to do it. You will get speed and flexibility if you are an individual traveler, family or small group.

Online websites many times offer last-minute deals, special offers and website link to get a passport, insurance, weather status with the extra feature of social networking.

A faster Booking Process if you’re a regular customer, you may get better rooms, making changes to your booking are easier and you can get advantage of points if you are a member of the hotel traveler program.

You can book favorite hotel before you reach your destination, it will make you relaxed. Secondly, you can have safe and secure online transactions.

There are many travel portals available to provide you the best offers and deals, so this has increased the competition and we are getting the advantage of it.

You will get the best prices in flights as compared to the travel agency who charge their commission on the booking as well.

You can easily check the status of flights and seats that are available; you can contact to support team if you have any query related to bookings.

Another benefit in favor of online booking is that a secure payment process with your credit card, the credit card payment option is safe and secure to pay online.

Online travel companies are coming with great services to stay in business by providing Amazing travel deals to Customers, websites will pass discounts to clients and as an output, the customer gets cheaper hotel deals, flights, transportation, etc. if you compare with the agency.

There is a great opportunity to comparing the prices of travel portals and various travel booking websites, you may also check different packages, special deals which are offered by them.


Global Scenario of Bus Ticket Booking System


The worldwide online transport ticketing service showcase is relied upon to post a CAGR of about 25% during the period 2018-2022, as indicated by the most recent statistical surveying report.

A key factor driving the development of the market is advancing on the web travel booking conduct of shoppers.

With the developing prominence of Internet-empowered products and services, travelers are moving towards online travel appointments for local also and universal flights, transport tickets, train tickets, taxis, and hotels.

Online booking makes it easy for travelers to plan their trips and is thus becoming a very competitive market.

This statistical surveying report on the worldwide transport ticket booking system advertises 2018-2022 also gives an investigation of the most significant patterns expected to affect the market outlook during the forecast period.

Researchers classify an emerging trend as a major factor that has the potential to significantly impact the market and contribute to its growth or decline.

It features the expanding center around showcasing and limited time exercises for client securing as one of the key rising patterns in the worldwide online transport ticketing service market.

The presence of a few nearby and hardly any worldwide online transport ticketing suppliers makes the market essentially focused.

Innovative marketing strategies will play a significant role in differentiating players from their competitors. A portion of the techniques received by the key players remember limits for first requests or during celebrations and occasions.

Several vendors also provide personalized services and offer for frequent travelers.


Development of e-commerce in bus ticket booking system


E-commerce is the business transaction of goods and services done over the internet. With the advent of the internet, e-commerce has been growing rapidly in the past few years.

It is getting difficult to imagine a world without internet business today. Many major business companies around the world now offer their customers the choice of selecting and buying the goods and services at the comfort of their homes.

Different arrangements of correspondence and cooperation rules are utilized in internet business as document transfer, email and shopping baskets.

E-commerce makes it possible to buy goods and services round the clock which is possible from any part of the world through a computer connected to the internet.

Web-based shopping isn't just more helpful than the conventional style of physically setting off to the stores, yet it also offers a more extensive choice of items and good accessibility.

E-commerce is using the electronic payment system for the transactions.

The monetary paperless system has completely changed the face of global trade because of its easy and convenient facilities, minimal paperwork on invoices and minimal labor and administration costs.

The most common methods used to pay online are credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and other companies.

Due to the increase in the e-commerce and it is easy, hassle-free e-payment system, many businesses, including the aviation industry, have consistently grown over the years.

The online bus ticket booking system is one of the many features of e-commerce.

More people are traveling than ever, and an easy online ticket purchase system is one of the major contributors to the increase of the passengers using bus travel.

Today to book a bus ticket, one just has to log onto the web address of the Bus Company, search and purchase. The check-in can also be done online in many major buses and the pass can be directly printed before going into the bus terminal.


Review of Bus Ticketing System


A great majority of bus have an online web-based system as most persons such as business travelers and persons technically inclined to facilitate their traveling process by booking a bus online.

It is because of the large increase in the number of persons that travel gave rise to the Online Ticketing System.

The modern bus ticket booking system is a far-reaching suite of items to furnish a system that helps with an assortment of aircraft management tasks and service client needs from the hour of beginning reservation through the fulfillment of the flight.

Presently with the approach of an enormous development in portable technology, we see numerous individuals looking and booking flights utilizing their versatile handset.

There is also talk about receiving tickets and pass on mobile to make bus ticket booking paperless. There has been some application developed in terms of bus booking on the latest Android handsets.

In any case, a significant number of these applications are mobile forms to sites just that give services like bus booking, location information, weather information and information of the destinations like hotels, cafés, corner stores, films, etc. like any online electronic airline search system.

The booking of a bus utilizing a mobile phone has become incredibly famous over the last half-decade. As smartphones became popular, reserving bus via mobile phone was introduced.

In any case, there were a few difficulties in booking a bus using cell phones, which has demonstrated a calculated test for technology suppliers in the managed travel space.

Though search is good in terms of returning results, the search is more brute force as opposed to intelligence. The indexed lists are returned by questioning the database based on the client criteria.

The search most often is not defined by the software and it is left to the user to refine the search to retrieve the most appropriate results by sitting in front of the computer connected to the internet or from the mobile.

After results returned, the user left with the task to mine through all this information after which the choice is then made or if the search is not sufficient to perform other searches until the result is satisfactory.

This puts lots of work on the user through the search operation is carried out by the search algorithm.




  • Easy Reservations
  • Easy searches
  • schedules
  • fares
  • availability
  • Ticket cancellation
  • View
  • print
  • download tickets
  • Instant Email & SMS notification
  • Advanced Reports



What We Offer

Trawex platform currently empowers 1000+ customers across 4 continents, 10000+ bookings a day, 1000000+ travel searches a day, across 200+ Suppliers, 600,000+ Hotels, 1000+ Airlines, 200,000+ Activities, 30,000+ Cruise Itineraries and much more for your brand.

Inventory Consolidation

Instant integrations with more than 100 suppliers that are integrated on demand.

Travel APIs

A complete set of travel APIs that empower our clients to develop custom travel solutions.

Custom Modules

A production-ready library of Modules that can be used as is or customized as per your requirement.

Faster Time to Market

Integrate suppliers in matter of few days. Over 100 suppliers maintained.

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  • Third Party API Integrations
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  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system
We help your own developers
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Customized Hosted Solution

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system

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  • Pre-integrated suppliers to provide the best inventory and prices
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  • Complete Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API
  • Configure credit limit and deposits
  • Multilingual travel websites
  • Add offline travel bookings
  • Distribute white labels
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Commissions and markup control
  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • Optional cross selling platform
  • SMS gateway
  • Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • Business intelligence reports

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