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Dynamic Packaging - Exclusive Benefits.Create, visualise and track your journey on a single, simple package view .

Unlock the secret to excellent customer service | Higher profit margins | Optimize to meet travelers demands and needs with Trawex Dynamic Packaging Software

Travelers are hoping for more and more benefits from travel reservation software: smart interface, fast search, flexible times, and, naturally, better collection of products. Dynamic packaging gives access to the widest range of travel offers that can be reserved together as one tour or vacation package, including flight, transfer, accommodation, and other travel services. Combining flight and hotel booking in one transaction offers travelers great flexibility and it allows travel providers to meet the specific expectations of the market they activate it. Trawex online booking platform is giving consumers and agents the flexibility to store challenging travel inventory and dynamically circulate it together as one tour or vacation package, including hotel, flight, tour, transfer, and other travel solutions. Trawex dynamic packaging system empowers tour operators and online travel agents to offer flexibility to their customers and has all the necessary tools to define detailed business rules so that mark-ups and combinations between products are always convenient and competitive. We are able to either use the external dynamic inventories of many XML suppliers or to combine it with your own inventory and circulate the resulting dynamic packages of several services, such as hotels, tours, transfers.

Trawex supports travel companies to package several travel products in real time and distribute it in a single transaction throughout multiple circulation channels. Our Dynamic Packaging Software allows travelers to create and book all of their holiday components at once has grabbed the online travel market. Although online vacation packages have been accessible for years, dynamic packaging is cutting-edge solution by Trawex for offering extreme travel flexibility and options. Leading travel websites let travelers build their own holidays via dynamic packaging - balancing hotel rooms, flights, sight-seeing, rental cars and more into one low priced travel package. There is now an ever-increasing quantity of private and reputable online vacation companies, who concentrate on offering user-friendly ‘dynamic packaging’ search tools, including tools providing ‘multi-website’ and ‘multi-provider’ accessibility and price comparison. Dynamic packaging is based on “live” components. Dynamic packaging system offered by Trawex ensures your client receive exactly what he has booked.

Trawex Dynamic Packaging Engine allows you to identify business rules that apply to the customers during booking. “Dynamic package” service will give you and your customer the ability to book simultaneously flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals, based on one simple solution. You can even set the costs according to such rules: charge simply the sum of all single components prices or define unique markup rules for such dynamically created packages. Feed different prices to your sales programs according to your product and individual market requirements. We are able to offer dynamic packages with hotel and flight and apply a different mark-up to each product (hotel or flight) depending on how you sell it (individual or as a package). Our Dynamic packaging software will help using of additional dynamic inventories of many suppliers, distributing and offering the resulting pre-packaged tours. Such tour software is helpful for travel companies because it broadens their product offerings with “custom” tour packages. Now, travel agents can manage both internal and externally acquired products (flight, train, hotel, activities, and transfers, miscellaneous) for packaging.

Our booking process is arranged by a smart interfaced reservation engine where travelers take advantage of a fast search, flexible times, controlled selection of products and in the end being presented with one single price for all the bookings. Giving consumers and agents the flexibility to customize the way they build their holiday and travel packages has become important in today’s travel industry. If your reservation platform is unable to browse and create custom packages from your product offerings, you may be at risk of losing customers to competitors. With intuitive leading Trawex reservation platform, our customers able to utilize our powerful dynamic packaging software, providing customers with most advanced tool for building the perfect travel package. From offering live, dynamic search results based on a vast selection of products, to pre-packaged complex itineraries for customers, Trawex provides operators with all the tools to dynamically or manually create holiday and travel packages.


Dynamic Packaging Solutions for Online Booking Engines: Building One-stop Shop for Travel Marketplace | Fully Customizable. Simple to Use and Create.

Powerful Dynamic Packaging Solution, Trawex offers all the tools to dynamically or manually build holiday and travel packages in real time, accurately and with speed. Access the best holiday offers from the complete global marketplace leisure travel network to create the perfect travel package. Our powerful solution provides one single platform for agents to search and book flights, hotels, tours, and ancillary products in one transaction.

Reach Endless Process Improvement, our processes and systems are based on the best quality practices in the travel industry, which help our customers to adapt faster to the rapidly changing business requirements globally. We lead the way in innovative, responsive and intelligent online booking software worldwide. The continuous process improvement initiative helps our customers plan better resource utilization resulting in lower operational costs.

Customizable Platform that offers a customized branded end-customer experience and high-touch customer service while completely automating all membership management and travel fulfillment functionality. With Trawex, travel companies can easily offer their customers access to huge benefits, creating value and brand loyalty that promote recurring engagement and revenue growth.

Create Unlimited Packages, whether you want to offer a discounted package or up-sell a booking, our packaging feature allows you to create an unlimited number of packages to appeal to a local, national or international markets. The packaging module allows you to manually include unlimited product and service details, rates and photos. Encourage your guests to buy more in the future by creating packages of one or multiple services in one bundle.


  • Incorporate with GDS and external supplier and wholesale systems in real time
  • Manage markups and profits
  • Package and sell a mix of travel products such as flight booking, hotel booking, car booking, train booking, activities, tours, transfers and miscellaneous items
  • Manage supplier flexible contracts - information, inventory, pricing and pricing rules
  • Sell packages on multiple channels - B2C, B2B, call center, travel stores, XML Web Service, Mobile and Social Networks
  • Automate functions and increase efficiency through an integrated back-office and accounting system
  • Produce Accounting, Management, Operational or Custom Reports on the fly
  • Preparing vouchers, itineraries, invoices, bills, passenger reports and more


  • Create itineraries with one simple click
  • Discounts for complex bookings
  • Growth of revenue and purchase volume
  • Offering your customers with full-service packages
  • Enhance overall profitability of your travel company
  • Wide range of services for your customers
  • provide quicker access to your services

Value of Dynamic Packaging

Design your travel itinerary once, share it everywhere! One Platform – Endless Flexibility

  • We are empowering our customers with more control and flexibility. They can now instantly customize vacations for their valued guests by interchanging various travel components within a dynamic package.
  • Our pricing is consistently based on current availability and only provides a single dynamic package price hiding the price of the individual travel components.
  • Many choices with increased flexibility, at market price making our dynamic packaging module highly popular among our agents.
  • Our agents can easily compete on the worldwide stage, under-cutting the traditional dynamic package prices whilst still earning a decent margin.
  • Our belief is that total component flexibility is key to the success of dynamic packaging. This module has been developed putting the customer at the center, making packages that the customer actually wants.
  • We believe that Dynamic packaging is here to stay and will take an increasing share of the travel market.

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