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Through our API solution, we have developed a platform that offers an opportunity to travel agents to establish great relations with the cruise suppliers.

Trawex offers access to global cruise API, allowing our customers greater control of the booking process.



Bring more to your clients by showcasing your special rates, deck plans and rich images. Our special customizable graphical user interface – plus the ability to compare multiple cruises at a time – provide each stakeholder with visibility and consistency, ensuring that agents find the perfect cruise for each traveler.



Our advanced booking platform lets you package cruise, alongside flights, hotels and ancillary products. It also integrates with all other products in our portfolio - including our advanced cruise and tour packaging modules - to provide a tight and seamless integration that no other platform on the market can provide.



Our technology at your fingertips, you can flex your knowledge to create bespoke packages that will really enhance your product offering. It also puts you in the driving seat in terms of deciding what is presented to your staff, your trade partners and your customers – giving you complete control of your product and the commercials involved.



Trawex allows you to provide detailed variations within one search - from the cheapest cruises available on certain days to a range of accommodation, transfer and attraction options. This means, unlike with the manual dynamic packaging process, upselling is easy. With all the options available on screen from the very first click, your conversion rate will soar.


Stay ahead of the competitors with a team of Travel Technology experts who will work closely with you to create, design and develop your own Travel Portal Website and Apps with Latest Technologies .


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Make your travel business globalize with Trawex cruise booking engine with customized features and functionalities.

Global Reach

As we rapidly expand our reach, we power and grow leading travel businesses across the region with the same unrivaled efficiency and dedication - ensuring business impact in today's competitive world. At Trawex, we work closely and carefully selected partners and industry bodies, cooperating in both tactical and strategic relationships to fully meet the needs of our customers.

Futureproof Reliability

Technology investments are critical for travel businesses. Our solutions are engineered to not only provide an innovation platform compatible with the future of travel-but also deliver business impact today by optimizing performance. Our systems are the smart investment, whether through higher yield management, automating costly processes, or enabling the next level of user experience.

Custom-made Solutions

We at Trawex are well aware of the fact that each company has its own uniqueness. We value that and deliver many exclusive and customized travel solutions features for different travel businesses. Our travel booking software is designed with much flexibility and can adapt to the needs of each user. We offer all the latest features that can be customized according to your requirement.

Ease of Access

We provide access to all the important features for your travel businesses within a single console. The entire power of your system is available in very simplified and intuitive user interface on the mobile and computer so that you can always remain connected to the world no matter what.

Cutting-Edge Cruise Technology

Optimize operations and deliver superior guest experiences with scalable, high-performing technology solutions, built for the cruise industry.

Seller Benefits

Cruise API - Harness The Power Of Our Award-Winning Booking Platform

Integrated with more leisure travel suppliers than any other market platform, our API gives you enormous power to leverage the strength of our award-winning booking platform and integrate it with your own system.

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Grow your business with us, where our goal is to have a strong and sustained growth altogether.

Cruise API Integration

Trawex takes your productivity to the next level, it allows you to increase cruise sales and save valuable time and energy while honing your online competitive edge.

Trawex is a premier travel technology company provides cruise booking system and enables cruise providers with a single platform where they can access the Cruise API to search and plan cruise vacations. API services for getting the Cruise Inventory in a portal are widely used. There are many API service providers who provide their API in either JSON or XML format all of them serving the same purpose, mining real data cruise inventory from the database and showing at the front end. Trawex has the most suitable resource to do any sort of API Integration services. Our XML API is the best solution for you. It is direct and easy access to all our suppliers. Our Cruise API offers you a cost-effective way to build and update your own customized travel booking applications. Cruise API Integration Services ensure that you have a dynamic inventory of cruise services connected with your travel portal. Our platform can connect you to new cruise suppliers than any other system on the market.

Trawex provides Cruise API to travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies worldwide. Our cruise booking engine uses innovative technology to improve user experience by optimizing user interface and screen size design and layout. Our Cruise Booking Engine reduces the time and energy needed to complete a cruise reservation. This online booking engine includes a large range of cruise lines, cruise ship and cabin information connected to media files and rich content such as cabin images, boat pictures, and deck plans to assist in the shopping process. The service provides a cruise booking software platform with modules such as an integrated shipboard management module, a catering management software module, a design module for central and remote locations, a back-office and data storage module, a host point-of-sale module and a connectivity module. We can easily customize our product to the specifications of your requirements. The web-based automated reporting helps both customers and cruise providers monitor guest accounts, special orders, and preferences for updating. With the aid of our service, you can get the best cruise offer for all available exciting cruise destinations compared to other providers. Low price, best deal and exclusive advance booking discount offer make our service very different for other cruise software services. Cruise package dealing with all customer needs as well as cruise agents, starting with passenger profile tracking, shore excursions sales, and back-office accounting management, stock availability and purchase system.

Trawex is an International Travel Technology and Travel Software Development Company and we partner with our clients to provide strong online distributions capabilities. It is a fully flexible, easy-to-use API for cruises, aircraft, locations, and events. Cruise API Integration Services ensures that you have a flexible range of Cruise Services linked to your Travel Portal. Our Cruise API integration services are like any other normal API services where we need to integrate the API in either XML or JSON format. Trawex Compared to Flights, Hotels, and Cars the API for cruises are difficult to obtain, owing to its low availability of suppliers. Our Cruise Booking Engine is a Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) application. This cruise API adds strategic cruise partners to its base, and the cruise roadmap expands the base to include most cruise lines. This cruise API eliminates manual search and book procedures and automates the end-to-end process. The cruises also have access to exclusive or remote ports and creative routes. Cruise is only available for direct reservations by travel agents. Travelport, along with Sabre, does not include insurance or transfers to their APIs. Trawex has partnered with Cruise API Integrations, with large and reputable DMC clients worldwide.

Trawex is a well-known brand to offering best in class cruise API for travel agents by which they can book cruises online in an easy manner. Our API provides an interface that connects cruise suppliers and online travel agencies where online travel agents can view their real-time inventory and availability through cruise booking software. Our Cruise API is available in the latest technology and gives you access to multiple UPS services. Our cruise API is best for networking shipping activities at different retail locations, dealers, or branch offices. It is also a good solution for mailrooms in large corporations or campus environments. Trawex provides a cruise booking system and reservation software to travel agents & travel companies worldwide. We offer travel software with integrated services. Our Cruise reservation system is used to enable the cruise providers at a single platform, where they can access through cruise API. The API works as an interface between travel agents and suppliers. With huge increasing popularity ventures on the sea and regular demand on Cruise is increasing the number of cruise liners at regular intervals. In the context of such a competitive marketplace, reaching targeted customers would require a reliable source, the online cruise booking engine would play a useful role for cruise operators to reach out to the large market segment and to offer multiple available deals to attract the market. With the cruise reservation system, all information on availability, different deck rates, arrangements under one roof and adventure can reach travelers. We offer simple and stress-free integration with leading suppliers of your choice to expand your product offering.

Trawex is a leading Cruise Booking Engine / Cruise XML Integration Company, launches a cruise booking engine system as one of the web services in travel portal development itinerary apart from airline booking engine and hotel booking engine. The new Cruise Booking Engine / Cruise API provides a user-friendly interface and a broad inventory of cruise suppliers for travel agents and tour operators in the form of cruise XML. The online booking engine enables users to test the availability of online cruises, review deck plans, cabin inventory. Trawex integrates the Cruise Booking Engine, Cruise XML, Cruise API, Cruise Booking System, Cruise Reservation System, Cruise Reservation Software<, and Cruise XML Integration. Our Online ticketing system offers to search and booking facilities for flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cars, cruises and holiday packages. Ticketing systems powers real-time booking of travel deals. The ticketing system also relates to travel technology (software for travel agencies) which is commonly used by global travel management companies. Trawex integrate a wide range of GDS systems and APIs from a major flight, hotels, transfers, car rental, and cruise providers/suppliers & consolidators. We work with all the major travel consolidators. Trawex Cruise is the next-generation reservation system designed to address the current and emerging needs of the Cruise industry. Our Cruise provides a comprehensive set of solutions that enables end-to-end processes (from planning to operational accounting) of Cruise Companies.

Trawex is a world travel portal development company, which provides travel technology solutions/IT solutions to the travel agencies. We provide cruise booking system and reservation software to travel agents & travel companies worldwide. We offer travel software with integrated services. Our Cruise reservation system is used to enable the cruise providers at a single platform, where they can access through cruise API. The API works as an interface between travel agents and suppliers. Our cruise reservation system enables cruise lines to realize maximum efficiency through sales, marketing, and revenue-yield management capabilities. This cruise reservation software was instrumental in helping the cruise line to become more efficient and improve yield and revenue. The primary concern for cruise ship operators is to attract new passengers. Our cruise product can be customized to customize the specifications of the product as required by the customer. The software Cruise Back Office System allows agents to keep track of their cruise customers and offers a multitude of the customer and agent-related reports. This includes the Agent Booking Engine (ABE) and its Cruise Search (CS) module which enables agents to search for a set of cruises across cruise lines and locations based on a rich set of search criteria and then book a cruise on-line. An agent may also cancel or make minor changes to an existing cruise booking using ABE. Customers can use sophisticated filtering tools to narrow their choice of size, ship name, cruise line, departure port, star rating and length, making it easy for them to find their perfect cruise.

We’ve partnered with a leading provider of cruise reservation software so that you can automate essentially everything related to inventory, booking and yield management. This configurable system can be made available via multiple channels. It allows tour operators and travel agencies to extend their product range and provide their clients with a new and efficient way to book cruise packages services by using streaming database information through our XML Gate that will provide the best deals and availability to your B2B & B2C solutions giving your end client as well as sub-agents the possibility to grow together with you. Our innovating technology will give tour-operators an opportunity to increase the volume of sales by increasing your range of products provided to clients and affiliates. our team of specialists is experts in system integrations with core competencies and experience in XML, API, etc. Our skills and experience in XML Integration are benefiting tour operators, travel agencies and many other travel-related businesses. Cruise Booking System helps travel agencies and companies to maintain bookings, fare codes, dashboards, and taxes, etc. With this system, the travel portal gets automatic assign rate cards, codes and you can set the travel payment schedules with tax arranges. Cruise Booking Engine is a B2B, B2C and B2B2C web-based platform designed to simplify procedures, maximize sales, and minimize the time and effort required to complete a cruise booking. Cruises have emerged as a hot favorite for new-age travelers who want to get off the beaten track–quite literally–and view a destination from a whole new perspective.

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