Beginning of the Journey………

The prominent Journey of Trawex started in the year 2013, decided to develop a platform to automate the travel business. Trawex a name that became synonymous with Trust, Quality, Assurance, and Integrity in the coming years. Since that time the Trawex travel management software has developed from a standalone mid and back-office system into a complete, integrated comprehensive travel selling and management market place. Trusted today by over several hundred travel professionals in 50+ countries worldwide.

We are now the market-leaders in travel technology, offering services with a difference, ultimately unfolded into a large organization having diversified interests in Flight Booking Engine, Hotel Booking Engine, Car Booking Engine, Tours, Transfers and Holidays Packages over a period of time. Trawex customers include Tour Operators, Travel Agents, and Travel Management Companies. Ranging from independent travel companies to multinational corporations.

Statutory Constitution

The Company is a Private Limited Company. The Company provides high-quality online travel technology solutions for all sizes and budgets. For its quality systems and processes, the Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, by the Kvalitet Veritas Quality Assurance.

Growth Is Not the Final Frontier but A Way of Life

Travel Technology Solution

In an increasingly complex market, highly competitive and an ever-changing business environment, Trawex has been introducing innovative and flexible business solutions based on the technology of the future. We offer services that are obviously ahead of their time and thus, unmatched in the technology arena. Our business is geared around the success of our customers. We develop appropriate business travel technology solutions to empower and optimize travel business processes, procedures and reporting. We aim to provide software applications capable of delivering real and outstanding business benefits. “We believe our ambition can only be achieved if our customers win.”

Trawex market leading Travel Technology Platform designed to give travel businesses an edge in today's highly competitive and rapidly evolving market. Its powerful and user-friendly software tools manage sales processes and agency networks while corporate travel management solutions allow business travelers to book arrangements from their desktop. From global network airlines to low-cost carriers, from independent hotels to multinational travel agencies Trawex technology is used by a wide array of sectors to create business environments successfully. Trawex applications streamline and enhance the value of business processes for travel providers and users both and deliver a decisive competitive advantage to them. Trawex's e-commerce solutions range from a single connection to the most sophisticated travel e-commerce platform available in the world today.

Some contributories to success

Recognition of Customer Supremacy

As a market leader in Travel Technology, Trawex is dedicated to provide exceptional service and maintaining long-term customer satisfaction - building enduring relationships is at the center of who we are. We embrace each client's vision for their business, then design and deliver the smartest, highest quality solutions to make that vision real. We keep it simple, our customers and their ability to offer relevant and valuable products and services that help save costs and generate more revenue is our priority. We work closely with our customers to identify their requirements and to understand how their business works. We then develop appropriate travel technology solutions to empower and optimize their business processes, procedures and reporting. Our years of expertise as a leading technology provider have led us to establish a strong foothold and are recognized as one of the most trusted brands in the travel industry. We aim to provide software applications capable of delivering real and significant business benefits.

Quality Assurance

Trawex delivers a unique value proposition for our clients - a single technology platform to power multiple products. Our high-quality technology Improves the success of your business for greater profitability with single point of access to a world of multisource products. Trawex Booking Engines designed to reduce cost and increase revenues, enable you to deliver the highest level of customer service. Trawex has been committed to creating world-class service facilities with stout systems & processes, building the faith and trust of the customer, setting up an extensive network and gaining insights into the mind of the customer. Trawex has been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management Systems by Kvalitet Veritas Quality Assurance. We integrate the concept and process into an application to make it user-friendly for the clients and enhance the usability of the service. We are committed to delivering an optimized online travel portal development solution with best inventory and easy user experience.


Trawex is a leader in Travel Technology, managed by an exceptional group of highly accomplished and seasoned professionals who possesses years of rich experience in their respective fields. The companies march ahead under the illustrious leadership, the ideology conspicuously reflects in the work culture of the company, places a high premium on customer satisfaction, regulatory compliances, human resources, new conceptions, thoughts, and innovations. Our Chief Executive Officer has been in the travel industry building hassle-free technology for the past several years. He knows the business at every level and drives the continuous improvement processes that are the backbone of every successful company. He demands not just high standards of quality at work but also of honesty and integrity. Our highly talented and energetic software developers, architects and testers, all recruited through a rigorous process, analytical minds that can understand the nuances of our clients' businesses, the methodical project managers and designers, driven management with a focus for quality and delivery, and the innovators that transform the way we look at things.

Compliance Culture

Trawex prides itself in having a work culture that is transparent, employee-driven and solutions oriented. So, we are determined to build a company culture based on superior performance, success through teamwork, respect and recognition for the individual, diverse and challenging work, and flexible and rewarding career opportunities for our employees. Trawex culture places a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge and the value of constructive criticism. Trawex culture has always been an integral part of who we are as a company, connecting the curious nature that gave us our start, and the spirit of innovation that moves us forward. The way we act and interact is based on trust, respect and a bold motivation to drive change.


Our vision is to develop in a constant manner and grow as a major IT service provider to become a leading performer, in providing quality Web and Software Development Solutions in the competitive global marketplace. We aim is to be the world’s most trusted and innovative travel technology company better known for its corporate culture where “TOTAL QUALITY’ and “TOTAL COMPLIANCE” are two religions to deliver world-class travel technology solution and solve the various key problem faced in the online travel world. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and maintaining long-term client satisfaction - building strong relationships are at the center of who we are. We embrace each client's vision for their business, then develop and deliver the smartest, highest quality solutions to make that vision real, with the mission is to improve the company growth of our clients with creative design and development and to provide market-defining top-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive edge to clients worldwide.

Building the Future Today

Sometimes we are just too close to our businesses to truly see that differentiating quality that makes us stand out. We are a leading technology company, so keeping an eye on the latest technology trends and finding innovative ways to apply them in the travel industry is paramount to our success. This means that we are continuously commissioning research to stay ahead of emerging technologies. We follow a customer-centric strategy to build long-term strength and success for the organization. Our client's requirements and experience of working with us are always foremost in our priorities. We understand that anticipating your clients’ needs drives your business strategy and we aim to help you create productive and rewarding relationships as your business strategy evolves. At Trawex, we believe in innovation both internally and externally, because of that we make sure the travel technology solutions we are advanced and provide the highest competitive edge and value to our clients.