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We apply deep technology expertise to help companies redefine product value and modernize software from legacy to cloud driven. Transform both internal and client facing experiences to make your business agile, data backed and eventually more effective .


Trawex is a leading Travel Portal Development Company specialized in delivering the best web design and development services along with the best XML API Integration services to our customers. Trawex provides the travel agencies with complete Travel Portal Development, GDS, XML and API Integration, Hotel and Airline Reservation System and development for all the aspects of B2B & B2C Travel Portal Development. With the latest evolving technology, we have developed our Booking System that leveraging engineering and data science excellence in the travel industry makes us stay ahead of our competitors.

Trawex has developed a robust dynamic packaging system that involves the packaging of multiple travel products in real-time (Air + Car, Air + Hotel + Car, etc.). The combination of elements can be as basic as hotel + air + car or can be much more complex allowing the inclusion of other activities such as entertainment components. Dynamic Packaging technology helps your customers build and book their perfect vacation. At Trawex, we provide end-to-end, personalized web solutions to boost your brand reputability online and meet your unique business goals while improving efficiency and significantly minimizing operating expenses.


Trawex has been offering travel software solutions to the travel industry since its inception. We provide travel website development that empowers companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking website that goes well beyond customer expectations. Our Award-winning internet booking engines offers complete solutions to power online travel agency, hotels, vacation package sites and more. With a large number of people booking and shopping on the internet, it is vital to have your own travel website development software with an extensive range of travel products.

With a single point of access via numerous interfaces B2B/B2C, our clients can be sure they're always offering the best available rates. Our Dynamic packaging system lets your customers build their own vacation by dynamically mixing-and-matching the purchase of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars into one bundled low price, inclusive of fees and taxes. Customers can be sure they are getting exactly what they want by choosing an online provider that deploys specific airline and flight information, rental car provider, and hotel chain and location on one screen before booking.


Your own Branded Travel portal is a powerful strategy to fuel your growth and to make your presence felt in the travel industry. Our wide range of travel portal solutions and software are ideal for the growing needs of travel companies, travel agencies, and tour operators. Trawex is the Best Travel Portal Development Company in India offer industry-leading solutions for travel website development for mid and large size travel businesses with cost-effective and exceed your expectations. We ensure that we take a good look at your requirements to provide you with the customized travel website solutions to you.

Our website design and development experts’ adept the latest technologies and market trends to give you web solutions. In addition, we are offering your customers a superior choice of products and experience begins with making the right connections- and we maintain more than 90 connections to travel suppliers worldwide. With our travel portal development software, you can offer your customers wide range of travel products with both GDS and external connections as well as real-time availability on more than 500,000 unique hotel properties, car coverage at every major airport worldwide, more than 10,000 activity options, travel insurance from leading providers in the world, 900+ airlines and many more.


The professional at Trawex has been working for quite a long period of time now and delivering successful results in terms of travel websites. At Trawex, we aim at addressing the critical business challenges of travel agencies by offering them a solution that enables them to reduce the time, cost and effort of creating, updating and maintaining their online travel websites and portals. If you are looking for travel website, you are in the right place. We have developed COE [ Centre of Excellence] - centralized team to support you with travel website development and online travel business solutions, delivering scalable B2C & B2B solutions to global travel operator’s companies.

Trawex clients can benefit from selling to all around the world, by combining both the rate types, payment methods, and supplier types within a single solution. This approach addresses the needs of OTAs, Corporate management companies and Tour operators alike. With a single point of access via numerous interfaces (B2B, B2C) our clients can be sure they're always offering the best available rates. Trawex team with great industry knowledge & years of expertise ensure that your business reaches unrivaled position & sets a new level of success. Contact us now and fuel your growth!


Trawex has worked with Travel and Transportation Industry contributing to its evolution by leveraging engineering and data science excellence to help online travel agencies, transportation management providers, hospitality providers and airlines to stay ahead of competition.


B2C B2B Travel Website Development expertise we have will make sure you are one step ahead of your competitors. Minimize your admin cost and increase your productivity. The travel portal development team here at Trawex is reshaping the travel industry globally and possesses the combined skills and talents of an experienced panel, who can help you to reach your goals. We offer complete all in one software for travel industry which is designed keeping in mind your B2B and B2C customers.


Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Modules help you reach international clients by having language option and currency options to suit them. We not only have these features, but we also make sure these language pages are search engine friendly and make sure they are index-able. Trawex offers the right set of tools to help you realize your dream of becoming an international brand. Trawex can be used all over the world; you can customize your Home Page and much more

Dynamic Package

Online Portals with Dynamic Packaging System allows you to build vacation packages as per your customer requirements. Dynamic packaging system gives to access the highest range of travel offers that can be booked together as one tour or vacation package, including flight, transfer, accommodation, and other travel services. So, consumers can select and combine specific hotels, transfer, tours, and other add-ons to their holiday package and build package as per their choice. Our dynamic packaging system offers your customers flexibility, choice, and speed to customize their holiday.


Responsive & SEO Friendly travel websites, compatible with any devices such as Tablets, iPads, Mobile Phones. All our designs and developments generated with search engine crawlable link structures and with all onsite SEO friendly features. At Trawex, we will make sure your travel site is futuristic and one step ahead of your competitor. Utilize responsive website design, so that travelers can easily navigate your content on whatever device they’re using.


Trawex’s knowledge of travel technology solutions, combined with an embedded culture of engineering innovation, gives us the technological strength to assist you in exceeding your clients’ expectations.

  • Content Management System
  • Invoice Creator
  • Advanced B2B
  • Dynamic Offers
  • Contact Enquiry Forms
  • Enquiry Controller
  • View My Booking
  • Advanced Filter Options
  • Front End Editing Tools
  • Mobile Responsive Platform
  • Multi Payments Gateway
  • Booking Queue
  • Map Search
  • Video Banner
  • Multi-Currency
  • Currency Converter
  • Advanced Reporting Module
  • Multi Level Reporting
  • B2B Agent interface
  • B2B Admin Panel
  • User Management
  • Queue Management
  • Flight Booking Queues
  • Offline Requests
  • Flight booking queues
  • Flight Cancellation Queues
  • Flight Reschedule Queues
  • Hotel Cancellation Queues
  • Package Booking Queues
  • Transaction Management
  • Staff Management
  • Discount/Commission Settings
  • Group booking request
  • Passenger calendar
  • Submit Deposit request ( Main Agent )
  • Excel Sale Reports
  • Supplier Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Hotel City Mapping
  • Web Checkin URL
  • Branch Management
  • Under Capabilities

Why Trawex

With Trawex, you can increase your market opportunities with improved branded product and service offerings, and discover additional revenue streams via advanced distribution channels, enhanced management and cross-sale opportunity maximization.

  • Specialist in travel portal development
  • Supplier integration expertise
  • 350+ successful projects.
  • Decade of experience in the industry
  • 99.99% customer satisfaction
  • Global Customer Presence
  • Connectivity to multiple suppliers and GDS
  • Multiple Sales Channels - B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, Call Center, Front Desk
  • Complete end to end online travel technology solution
  • Enables online booking of multiple travel products
  • Travel domain is our specialisation
  • Global Presence
  • Customer Centric
  • You are bound to get the best value for money with us
  • Fast time to market
  • Flexibility and Individual approach.
  • No hidden charges
  • One stop travel shop - Multiple Products.

Key Features

With Trawex, you can decrease time-to-market for your new products and increase revenue streams via personalized customer engagement, increased global reach and the delivery of ancillary travel services.

  • Complete Booking Management System
  • Connectivity to Multiple Suppliers and GDS
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Agent Management System
  • Multiple Sales channels
  • Centralised Back Office System
  • B2B / B2C Management
  • Own Contracted Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Supplier Extranet Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Real Time Booking Fulfilment
  • Extranet - Manage your own contracted rate
  • offline manual booking and amendments

B2B Features

We apply deep technology expertise to help companies redefine product vale and modernise software from legacy to cloud driven . Transform both internal and client facing experiences to make your business agile , data backed and eventually more effective

  • Can do LIVE booking
  • No limit on creating agents
  • Accept an online request for making an agent Issue tickets and vouchers
  • Maximise staff’s productivity Amend bookings
  • Facilitate the agents to create their own staff
  • Facilitate the agents to further create sub agents
  • Flexible commission and mark-up settings against suppliers
  • Trustworthy Security
  • multi-location environment Support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Dashboard for Admin user and Sub Agent Admin
  • Admin Control Panel and Agent Profile Creation
  • Reservation history
  • Real time online bookings for hotels, flights, transfer, sightseeing, insurance, car rental
  • Easy and flexible options for activating or deactivating users, agents and suppliers
  • Negotiated fare booking Engines and Dynamic Packaging implementation
  • Flexible commission and mark-up settings against suppliers
  • Extranet for Suppliers and Integrated CRM (Customer relationship management)
  • Easy and flexible options for activating or deactivating users, agents and suppliers
  • Technology Support, Server Support, Account Support and Dedicated Account Manager
  • Provided automated Account history
  • Automated invoicing system
  • Differentiating markup/commissions depending on subagents
  • Facilitate payment and performance history
  • Maintain sub agent profiles and logins
  • Credit management
  • Fixed or percentage based charges
  • All documents are automatically generated including accounting and product documents

Product Modules

We help travel agents and service providers transform their business , uncover new opportunities and create new value chains

Travel Portal Development | Travel Technology Solutions for Sustainable Business Growth

The Travel Industry has changed dramatically . Is your Agency Ready ?
You won't be going on the engagement journey alone. We're there as a partner to help, support and advise to ensure your ultimate success.


Trawex offers cutting edge travel technology | Travel Portal Development solutions and dedicated team of API experts helping our customers to get everything in one click. We help suppliers, Travel Agents and OTAs achieve their goals. Whether its driving sales and bookings for our customers, getting their digital presence in front of a targeted audience of travellers right when they are thinking about traveling, or showing them how to best utilize our travel booking solutions. Let us know how we can work together to help your business succeed.


Trawex offers you customized and fully functional Travel Portal Development services to our customers. We deliver consulting, development for all aspects of B2C & B2B travel portal development and travel API integration for full service OTAs. We also offer turnkey travel portal development services to our customers based on their business requirements. With Trawex, you can decrease time-to-market for your new products and increase revenue streams via personalized customer engagement and increased global reach .

Dynamic Package

Trawex API is the multi-content booking solution for OTAs around the world. The Trawex Rule Engine offers the option of defining rules to select the best prices globally. We offers the optimal and efficient flight search and other booking system for travel companies . Trawex provides innovative and cost effective technology services and software solutions to our customers which helps our customers to streamline their business processes and achieve business goals.


Trawex helps travel agents and service providers address complex business challenges by combining industry expertise, software engineering best practices and an agile delivery model for travel portal development . We reduce the time-to-market for new products and features, and improve quality with a cost-efficient approach . With recent transformations in the travel industry, the highly personalized client service been replaced by customer self-service .

Travel Portal Development Features

An All-In-One Suite to Automate the Travel Business process content acquisition all the way to the distribution process. Add more touch points , more bookings and more loyal users . Ready to start your digital transformation ?

  • Powerful reporting
  • Google maps integration
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Payment Gateways
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Multi-Level Distribution
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Social integrations
  • Commissions and markup control
  • Billing and Settlement
  • Multi Product and Suppliers
  • Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Minimized order processing costs.
  • Audit and security
  • Multi Device Compatible
  • Instant reservations and confirmations
  • Bill wise settlement of invoices
  • manage multiple branches and multiple users
  • Set credit limit and deposits
  • cross selling platform