Car Rental APIs: Integrations with GDSs, OTAs, and Tech Providers

Our cutting-edge Car API Solution provides everything you need. From exploring and booking, benefit from excellent functionalities available at your fingertips.

Our Fast, Easy and Flexible CAR APIs directly connect you to all the inventory need to build a state-of-the-art travel website or app. Your customers get great deals on our CAR API from wherever they are in the world .

Universal API - Great advantages for your business! A world of travel content for


Online Travel Agencies


Tour Operators




Travel Management Companies

CAR API Advantages

Transparent and easy booking process.

Instant confirmation updates regarding bookings .

Advanced search options available

Simplicity in the XML web services.

World Class Support - Dedicated Account Manager and Engineering support team

Complete solution with Inventory, content and other requirements all taken care

Global content and coverage supporting your expansion to 70 + Countries

Easy set up and flexible integration

Provide Better Customer service

Build the solution that best meets your business needs.

Provides Instant Booking Confirmation

Provides fast and error free online reservation facility

Car API Features

Flexible, scalable and easy to integrate and implement

Build and update customised travel booking applications

built on scalable Open System architecture

Decreased development costs and time to market

Custom-designed solutions which maximise efficiency

Completely scalable and Web 2.0 compliant

Reliable and robust,

Independent of language and application framework

real time streaming of prices for your users

Continually optimised product solutions

RESTful API format, with JSON or XML responses available

Browse and Live prices feeds

Why Trawex Universal Car API

At Trawex, we have best travel API solutions can customize the car API as per your business location and customer type. We will adapt our technologies to fit your brand and will provide all the support to integrate your website with APIs. Our aim is to provide a new dimension of service concept in travel industry and always strive to stay at the technological forefront by offering the best solutions.

Trawex offers Global Distribution Systems (GDS) Integration and API integration services. By integrating with prominent GDS providers, we offer end-to-end online Car Rental and Transfer platform to travel agents. We understand travel agent's needs and work with GDS provider's technical team to provide end-to-end solutions. Heading: Car APIs — On-Demand Car Rental Solution in Your Applications

Whether you’re an OTA, a DMC or a Car aggregator, integrating Car rental APIs offers huge revenue generating opportunities for you. Trawex Car Rental API Integration can help you provide online car booking engine to your clients, along with flight and hotel booking on the same portal under your own branding.

Car Rental Integrated Software with API not only makes the Car Booking travel platform more noticeable but also allows the clients to provide inventories with various car rental companies and XML / API suppliers. Our Car Rental Booking Engines helps grow the revenues of travel agencies that make car rental and booking services. Our integrated Car Booking Engine API helps users to access car data from across the globe.

Trawex Car Rental API is simple and easy to use, needs only the support of industry-standard interaction protocols and off-the-shelf applications. Car API is a specialized solution which offers car rental advance bookings to those travelers who plan their trip to visit many destinations. Each rental car in API has a great rate and provides a variety of pick-up and drop-off options . Our Car API provide a powerful booking platform, enabling travelers to book for rental cars and to complete Online Car Rental Reservations from anywhere.

Trawex is one of the highly reputed travel technology company providing car rental software solutions to various travel consolidators, travel agencies and travel companies all around the world. With people in a hurry, while making trip bookings, the Car API from Trawex would save time that goes into selecting all available car rental options. Whether it is about airport transfer or sightseeing, the Car API gives you ample of options to choose from. Our Car API allows your clients to book vehicles through your website. A user can specify a search by car company name, type of vehicle or vehicle equipment options. We will give you complete control over the admin area so that you can decide on the commission rate, distribution channels and users that you wish to target. Using our car rental APIs will enable travel agencies to track availability of cars and rental options at locations near to them.

  • Best Car Rental API
  • Features
  • Online Car Booking Services Includes

Trawex is one of the leading Technology Company developing best-in-class booking engines for car rentals to travel portals across different travel agents all over the globe. We can integrate your website with car rental booking engines that reflect the full range of services presented by numerous car rental suppliers, without affecting the speed of multiple connectivity's.

Our team will offer a detailed list of parameters, which can be customized in accordance with your needs and preferences. We also help you to integrate third-party XML/API of Car Rental booking system on your portal.

Integration of car rental booking software with API not just adds more clarity to the Car Booking Engine of your travel portal but it also supports your customers have services of multiple car rental booking companies and providers. The service provides a search, reservation, and booking platform for car rentals. Our car API makes clients take better judgments by helping them pick cost-effective car booking services.


  • Quick and Easy quotes.
  • Rent car for a day, month or a year
  • Real time availability.
  • Customize all fees for different locations.
  • Affiliate support. (Rent cars from anywhere in the world).
  • Print vouchers and reports instantly.
  • Customizable design and layout.
  • Completely integrate to your website
  • Agent Login/Register
  • Guest Login/Register
  • Customizable in different languages.
  • Car Rental Booking Engine.
  • Car Rental Reservation System.
  • Connectivity with various suppliers
  • Channel Management

Trawex helps develop integration solutions for a variety of clients – from small online website to large-scale tour operators. Car rental solutions can be implemented as a standalone solution or in combination with flight API or hotel booking APIs thus providing your clients comprehensive dynamic packaging options.

We help our clients to emerge as a brand and stamp their success in their areas of practice. To find out more about how Trawex can help you implement a car rental API please call or email us today for a free demonstration

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