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How to Start a Travel Aggregator Website

Trawex provides the best travel aggregator websites for travel companies, tour operators, and travel agents. We provide travel aggregator solutions for flights, hotels, car rentals, bus, holiday packages, sightseeing,  transfers and cruise. 

We constantly update solutions to ensure that our customers have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our new intelligent meta travel search engine solution offers additional, improved search filtering parameters across points of sale


What is Travel aggregator Website ?


                                                            Build Travel Aggregator Websites


Travel aggregator is a platform that searches for deals through several suppliers and displays the results in one location. Travel fare aggregator websites rely on multiple GDS and Consolidators to  collect the data to be shown on your website. Travel aggregator website solution of Trawex help users to get an overall picture of the rates and availability across multiple suppliers with a single search. 


Building a Travel Aggregator Websites from Scratch


Our pre built world class inventory and cloud infrastructure will empower your robust and scalable travel web applications.


Trawex is one of the world's leading travel software development company . We provide travel aggregator solutions for flights, hotels, car rentals, holiday packages, sightseeing, and transfers. Trawex Travel APIs provide a rich flight, hotel, and car rental content that is usually not accessible from any other Travel Aggregators.

We provide product development and online booking softwares , built on a proprietary cloud-based aggregation framework. It enables travel agencies to search across more than 150+ integrated suppliers and service providers to provide unrivaled experience and the best deals for your customers. You have valuable insights, increased profits, and control over your margins and distribution channels.

Our travel industry software is specially tailored to travel aggregators, DMCs, travel management companies, B2B & B2C travel agencies, tour operators, and travel agents. Our ability to offer Travel IT solutions makes Trawex a unique hybrid business and enables us to provide fully aggregator integrated travel website designs and business model to the travel industry.

Trawex has substantial experience in the travel technology industry. We have established travel application products and API solutions that have been proven to enhance  travel companies. We also provide unique travel custom development services to suit all business needs.


What are the various Travel Aggregator Website Solutions Provided by Trawex ? 

1. Flight Aggregator Website


                             Flight Aggregator Websites


Flight Aggregator websites allows travel agencies to operate their business efficiently and effectively. It is used by a wide variety of travel companies globally to build productive online travel business and to gain a competitive edge.

Trawex offers the best flight booking engine and travel booking engines for tour operators, travel agents, and travel companies around the globe. It is one of the best systems available for global flight ticketing today. 

Most travel agencies prefer to have access to online travel airline inventory and other value-added services. This performs the largest number of transactions on a daily bases. Trawex provides a global airfare aggregation, consolidation, and fulfillment travel technology platform that offers bookable and ticketable airfare content from 900 + airlines worldwide.

These applications streamline and enhance the value of travel business processes for both travel providers and users and provide them with decisive value creation. 

Trawex Flight Aggregator APIs connect online travel agency (OTA) with the best airfares available. This allows you to offer all products & services in one place. Let Trawex become your partner as you build your online travel business. 


Benefits :


  • We bring the best deal on a single platform
  • The developer portal offers multiple products  
  • Accessing the information is fast and easier
  • Easily manage the loyalty memberships , vouchers etc

2. Hotel Aggregator Website


              Hotel Aggregator Websites


Trawex aggregates hotel content into a single system of leading hotel suppliers, consolidators, hotel chains, and online travel agencies (OTAs). It is used by a wide range of Online Travel Agencies to create successful travel business   and to make them more sustainable.

We offer unrivaled hotel search and booking technology designed to meet the client’s requirements. These applications streamline and enhance the value of travel business processes for travel providers and users both and deliver a decisive competitive advantage to them.

We provide aggregated hotels website which creates enormous efficiencies in the online travel industry from a wide range of hotel providers worldwide 

Trawex support you with its strong team of developers and travel technology experts  who love working with new technologies. Our team will surely include new features to design and develop your website and fulfill your needs seamlessly.

B2B Flight and Hotel Aggregators websites could sell their aggregated inventory on the B2B travel portal , B2C website, White Label website, and may even sell their XML to another company with its own markup.




  • Complete Reservation process for 500,000+  hotels
  • Instant confirmation Voucher for all hotels 
  • Room Inventory Management
  • Passenger Profiling


3. Car & Transfer Aggregator Websites


Car Transfer Aggregator Website


We are one of the Leading car aggregators to make business travel easy!! We provide the best car API, transfer aggregator websites, travel booking engines for tour operators, travel agencies, and travel companies around the globe.

Our new intelligent search engine solution provides additional, enhanced search filtering criteria across points of sale. Our aim is to provide a new dimension of service concept in the travel industry and always strive to remain at the forefront of technology by offering the best technology solutions.

We provide a global car aggregation, consolidation, and fulfillment travel technology platform that offers bookable and ticketable car content from around the world. Trawex is a provider of XML API technology solutions for Car API integration and travel booking services. You can start your own car rental or online car booking portal using our integration and development services.

We offer unrivaled car search and booking technology designed to meet the needs of the customer. Your car aggregator website lead to an online travel agents (OTA) booking the best-priced cars. This allows you to compare prices and features of all products or services in one place.

We believe in making the best efforts to provide budget-friendly flight, car, and hotel booking services. We provide complete inventory solutions  as needed by the OTAs for their travel website development.

4. Sightseeing Aggregator Webite

        Sightseeing Aggregator Websites


Trawex develops the Sightseeing Aggregator Website which allows leading online travel agencies to offer sightseeing bookings globally  fast and smoothly. Most of our customers add Sightseeing Module to generate successful online businesses .

Such technologies simplify and maximize the value of travel business processes for both tour operators and customers and provide a strategic market edge for them. It handles most of the transactions on a daily basis.

No matter whether you have a small, medium, or large travel company; over the years our seasoned team is the guide to great travel brands. We have inspired multiple regional DMCs and guided them into a technology-driven and insightful online platform where they can cater to global customers.

Trawex sightseeing Aggregator's website solutions  allows travel agents software to deliver the best deals to their customers and to make the best travel plans according to the budget.



  • Sightseeing Product Management
  • Reservation process for  tour operators
  • Instant confirmation
  • Global Inventory 

Why to Choose Trawex for your travel technology Project

We are committed to delivering “Software for Growth of Travel Brands ”.


Cost-Effective Solutions


Our long term industry experiences combined with excellent technological skills empower us to provide you smart and cost-effective digital technology solutions focused on your business objectives and your target market.


Building Strong Relationship


Building a strong relationship with our clients is what we strive for. To achieve that we give them great service at a reasonable price range and exceed their expectation.


Deep Industry Knowledge


The main reason for our success and popularity is because we have deep knowledge of the industry. We keep updating ourselves and know the latest tools and technologies which we can use to provide the best aggregator website services worldwide to our clients. 


On-Time Delivery


Our main focus is on project planning so that we can deliver the project on time. Completing the projects, even the most complicated one, and delivering it on time is what has helped us in achieving a great name and reputation. 


Quality Service


We only work to deliver high-quality services and exceed the expectation of our clients. Working flexibly, assisting, and supporting each other and coming out with the best solution for our clients is the main reason for our success.


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