Awarded Best Travel Software Company 2019

How Trawex Can Transform the Travel Business?

We provide travel agency with a groundbreaking end-to-end solution, ensuring that your flight and hotel booking system runs around the clock and serves your customers without any difficulties or hassles.

Discover A Better Way To Manage Business Travel

Trawex is the perfect technology solution for those selling travel and having access to a huge global marketplace or wishing to sell their own product to travel agents around the world.

Reach more customers and use our Travel Booking Engine & website platform, developed specifically for travel agencies and OTAs, to spend less time in the bid process.

Travel Technology Software developed by Trawex lets you connect your travel website to hotels & airline carriers around the world, using API / XML technology, through GDSs, wholesalers, and aggregators.

Trawex's software range is all you need to make your company more profitable. This platform will help your travel agency simplify the process of sale online.

The high-quality travel solutions are cost-effective and can help draw more customers, connect with them more, and increase revenue for your travel business.

We deliver technology solutions that become quick and easy to use to boost pricing strategy, to manage sales, visibility and distribution.

Since its inception Trawex has been pioneering productive online travel booking solutions for leisure tour operators and travel providers, giving us unique insight into our customers ' specific travel requirements.

Offer your customers the best experience with a personalized online booking flow designed to make reservations fast, simple, and online.

We will give you a live demonstration of our online reservations resources.

Check out Trawex's live demo to see how our powerful travel technology platform can help travel agencies, tour operators and DMCs reach new markets and increase revenue.

We will provide you live demo of our online booking software. Choose Our Travel XML API Integration into your current system. We'll manage the XML connectivity of your portal and you can concentrate on developing your strategies and business.

Our powerful travel management system aggregates many hotel suppliers, car suppliers and GDS providers. Our unique standardization element enables to process these endless sources of information and efficiently provide it across a number of travel product sales networks which includes B2B, B2C, and API.