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Trawex offers an all-in-one Attractions API solution that scales with your business. You'll get more bookings and your clients will have amazing experiences.


What is Attractions API?


Attractions APIs are application programming interfaces that provide users access to information about various activities and experiences in tourist destinations. It enables travel companies and online travel agencies (OTAs) to provide their consumers with a diverse choice of activities, such as sightseeing tours, cultural experiences, adventure activities, and more.

By incorporating Activity APIs into booking systems, travel businesses, and OTAs can offer their consumers real-time access to activity information, allowing them to make informed decisions and schedule activities that fit their interests. Activity APIs also allow travel businesses to provide clients with additional services such as airport transfers and hotel reservations during the booking process.

Using Activity APIs can assist travel organizations boost revenue streams by providing clients with personalized activity options, add-on services, and better pricing. This can enhance the overall customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately boost the bottom line of travel companies.

In addition to providing customers with a wider range of activity options, Activity APIs also enable travel companies to streamline their booking process by automating the activity reservation process. This can help travel businesses cut operational costs and increase efficiency. 


How Attractions API Integration is Transforming the Tourism Industry?


The purpose of the Attractions API in the travel industry is to provide travel companies with access to a diverse choice of sightseeing and activity options. By incorporating the Attractions API into websites, travel companies can provide their clients with an array of attractions and activities to enrich their trip experiences and itineraries.

The Attractions API enables travel operators to easily upload and display data about sightseeing activities on their websites or applications. This seamless procedure enables them to promote and sell a wide range of attractions and activities to travelers looking for unique experiences during their trips.

By utilizing the Attractions API, travel businesses can expand their offerings, cater to the diverse interests of their customers, and customize travel itineraries based on individual preferences. It enhances the whole travel experience by allowing travelers to explore and engage in unique and memorable activities. 

Furthermore, the Attractions API streamlines the booking process for both travel businesses and consumers. It delivers reliable and up-to-date information on available attractions and real-time availability, assuring accurate booking and seamless transactions. 

In essence, the Attractions API is a useful tool for travel companies to expand their offerings by providing consumers with an array of sightseeing options and activities to enhance their travel itineraries and overall trip experiences. 

This API enables travel companies to offer a diverse range of sightseeing excursions and transfers to their consumers, resulting in unique consumer experiences and better travel services.


Unleash the Power of Attractions API with Trawex


Staying competitive is essential in the travel industry. Trawex is a renowned activities API provider that provides the best activities API integration to travel sectors and empowers travel businesses.

Our attractions API integration services enable you to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of the market. Whether you operate an independent agency or a large-scale online travel portal, our APIs are designed to meet your requirements, allowing your clients to quickly book flights and accommodations for their next vacation.

Trawex is dedicated to reducing the difficulties of the travel sector. Allow our APIs to boost your travel business, expand your offerings, and provide travelers with a hassle-free way to book their next adventure.


Why Choose Our Attractions Reservation System?


  • Streamlined Operations: Our technology streamlines and automates activity management, allowing you to focus on providing excellent client experiences. 

  • Enhanced client Experience: Offer a streamlined booking process, personalized service, and easy communication channels to boost client satisfaction and loyalty. 

  • Business Growth: By optimizing your activity management procedures, our system allows you to handle greater numbers of bookings, expand your offerings, and capitalize on new growth prospects. 

  • Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging our innovative software solutions, ensuring your business stands out in the market. 

  • Dedicated Support: We offer comprehensive customer support, providing assistance and guidance to help you make the most of our activity booking and reservation system.


Benefits of Attractions API for Travel Business


The key benefit of Attractions API for travel businesses is the ability to offer a wide selection of sightseeing and activity options to their customers. Travel organizations that integrate the Attractions API into their platforms can provide their consumers with an array of attractions, excursions, shows, theme parks, and other services to enhance their travel experiences.

This benefit allows travel businesses to cater to the varied interests and preferences of their customers, offering them a customized and tailored travel itinerary. By providing a comprehensive array of attractions and activities, travel businesses can attract and retain customers by providing them with unique and engaging experiences during their trips.

The Attractions API also streamlines the booking process for both travel companies and clients. It delivers real-time availability and precise information on available attractions, allowing users to explore, compare, and book the activities they select with ease.

Travel organizations can utilize the Attractions API to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and improve their entire service offerings. It enables companies to offer a holistic travel experience that includes not just flights and accommodation, but also an array of attractions and activities that can enhance consumers' travel journeys.


How Trawex Attractions API help travel companies grow?


More and more travelers opt to book excursions online, making Trawex's Activity Reservation System an essential solution for activity providers and agencies looking to grow their excursion revenue and offer clients a wide range of local activities and experiences under one roof.

Trawex paves the way to success for individuals involved in sightseeing tours, guided tours, experience tours, and other activities. 

Trawex is renowned for its activity booking system software. We mainly assist travel operators and activity businesses with our exceptional services.

The Activities API can be easily integrated into your existing website. It will undoubtedly benefit your travel business by providing your consumers with access to a diverse choice of travel packages.

Trawex has integrated all major activity API providers, such as Viator, Hotelbeds, GTA, and Tourico Holidays. We provide an end-to-end activity booking engine that can integrate with any activity supplier of your choice to provide your B2C/B2B clients with bookable deals on your website with live pricing and availability.

Trawex's Activities API provides users access to trip packages for over 50 countries worldwide. With this system, your clients can explore the tour package and book sightseeing tours, entrance tickets as well as exciting travel experiences, and other activities. Give your customers the best experience with a flexible online booking flow designed to be fast, simple, and mobile-friendly.

If you are a travel startup or online travel agency looking forward to integrating travel API into your existing technology stack, Trawex is happy to help. 

Being the best travel technology company, we maintain dignity and offer complete travel technology solutions to clients. Our solutions include a B2B/B2C travel portal (Flight, Train, Car, Tour, Transfer, Sightseeing, and Activity), travel agency software, hotel booking technology, and travel business management, all of which increase your business's ROI.
So, depending on the type of your business, we will provide you with a solution that meets your needs. 

Travel companies rely on us as our diverse range of travel technology products gives them a competitive advantage. Our cost-effective, world-class solutions can help you take your organization to the next level.

Partner with Trawex now to maximize the potential of your tourism business with our unique experience and innovative technological solutions. 


How Attractions API benefit Travelers?


Effortless Activity Exploration: Explore a diverse array of experiences effortlessly. Our user-friendly interface allows you to search, select, and secure activities with ease.

Dynamic Activity Catalog: Empower yourself with our dynamic activity search engine. Compare options, prices, and schedules to find the perfect experiences tailored to your preferences.

Flexible Payment Solutions: We understand the importance of payment convenience. With multiple secure payment gateways integrated, you have a range of options to choose from.

Real-time availability: Get real-time availability and inventory. Stay up to date with accurate information so you can schedule activities on time and with confidence.

Personalized Booking Management: Manage your activity bookings with our complete system. View, modify, or cancel bookings easily, giving you full control.

Proactive Alerts and Updates: Stay informed at every turn: Receive proactive alerts and notifications about booking confirmations, activity adjustments, and schedule changes. Your adventure plans are our top priority.

Multi-Destination Adventures: We recognize that adventure knows no bounds. Plan multi-destination itineraries and book activities across various locations, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and adaptability.

Embark on a seamless activity exploration: Discover a diverse range of experiences easily. Our intuitive interface allows you to search, select, and secure activities with ease.

Empowering Choices with a Dynamic Activity Catalog: Compare options, pricing, and schedules to find the ideal experiences based on your preferences.


Key features of Attractions API:


Our activity booking and reservation system has an array of options designed to fit your individual needs. These include:

  • Online Booking: Allow clients to book activities easily through your website or mobile app, providing a consistent booking experience and increasing your reach.

  • Real-Time Availability: Track activity availability in real-time to ensure accurate bookings and avoid overbooking or conflicts.

  • Resource Allocation: Effectively allocate resources such as equipment, guides, and instructors to guarantee smooth operations and excellent client experiences.

  • Calendar and scheduling: Manage activity schedules and assign time slots, allowing for easy coordination and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

  • Customer Management: Maintain a centralized customer database, track preferences and booking history, and provide personalized service to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Online Payments: Accept secure online payments, offer multiple payment options, and automate invoicing, ensuring a hassle-free payment process for both you and your customers.

  • Seamless Integration: Our activity booking and reservation system seamlessly integrates with other essential tools and services, such as payment gateways, CRM systems, and marketing platforms. This integration guarantees smooth data flow and a connected ecosystem for your business operations. 

  • Geolocation and Maps Integration: The Attractions API must provide geolocation capabilities to help travelers search and locate attractions based on their current location or desired destination. Integration with mapping services can enhance the user experience by providing visual representations of attractions' locations. 

  • Comprehensive Attractions Database: The API should have a vast and up-to-date database of attractions, including popular tourist spots, landmarks, museums, parks, and other points of interest. A rich and extensive attractions database allows travel businesses to offer a wide selection of options to travelers. 

  • Search and Filtering Options: The API must provide robust search and filtering capabilities to help users find attractions based on various criteria such as location, category, keywords, ratings, and reviews. This allows travelers to refine their search and discover attractions that align with their preferences. 

  • Attraction Details: The API must provide complete information on each attraction, such as descriptions, photos, operating hours, contact information, and user reviews. Having comprehensive and accurate information helps travelers make informed decisions and plan their visits. 

  • Real-time Availability and Booking: Integration with booking systems can enable real-time availability status for attractions and allow travelers to book tickets or make bookings directly through the travel business platform. This feature simplifies the booking process and increases the overall user experience. 

  • User Reviews and Ratings: The API must provide access to user-generated reviews and ratings for attractions. Including this feature allows travelers to gain insights into the quality and popularity of attractions from other users, and assist them make informed choices. 

  • Multilingual Support: To reach a global audience, the Attractions API must offer multilingual support for attraction descriptions, user interfaces, and search functionality. This feature increases accessibility and improves the user experience for guests from different countries and language backgrounds. 


Key advantages of Attractions API:


  • Easy Planning: Attraction ticketing software simplifies the planning process. With a few clicks, you can access a diverse range of activities, trips, and experiences based on your preferences and location. There is no need to sift through brochures or spend hours online researching; everything you need is right at your fingertips. 

  • Time Savings: Time is precious, and an attraction ticketing software help you save a significant amount of it. Instead of making multiple phone calls or sending emails to inquire about availability and pricing, you can see what’s available, compare options, and make reservations in real-time. 

  • Transparency: These platforms make pricing, accessibility, and services included in your booking clear and transparent. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, allowing you to stay on budget and avoid surprises. 

  • Reviews and Ratings: The majority of attraction ticketing software includes user reviews and ratings, which provide valuable information about other people’s experiences. This enables you to make more informed decisions and choose activities based on your preferences and expectations. 

  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts: Many booking engines provide exclusive deals and discounts that cannot be found anywhere else. When you book through these platforms, you can often get lower prices and special offers, allowing you to get the most bangs for your buck. 

  • Instant Confirmation: You should receive an instant confirmation after making a reservation, removing any doubt about whether your reservation was successful. This is especially helpful when planning a trip for months. 

  • Flexibility: Attraction booking engine frequently have flexible cancellation policies that allow you to change or cancel your plans without incurring large fees if your needs change. 

  • Variety of Options: Whether you enjoy adventure sports, cultural excursions, or relaxing spa treatments, attraction ticketing software have something for everyone. You can personalize your itinerary to create a unique and memorable experience. 

  • Local Expertise: These platforms usually collaborate with local tour operators and guides who are knowledgeable about the location. This means you can benefit from their expertise and insights, which will improve your overall experience. 

  • 24/7 Availability: Attraction ticketing software operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can browse, book, and inquire at any time, so your travel plans are never limited by time zones or operating hours.


What We Offer

Trawex platform currently empowers 1000+ customers across 4 continents, 10000+ bookings a day, 1000000+ travel searches a day, across 200+ Suppliers, 600,000+ Hotels, 1000+ Airlines, 200,000+ Activities, 30,000+ Cruise Itineraries and much more for your brand.

Inventory Consolidation

Instant integrations with more than 100 suppliers that are integrated on demand.

Travel APIs

A complete set of travel APIs that empower our clients to develop custom travel solutions.

Custom Modules

A production-ready library of Modules that can be used as is or customized as per your requirement.

Faster Time to Market

Integrate suppliers in matter of few days. Over 100 suppliers maintained.

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We Help Your Own Developers

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system
We help your own developers
Customized Hosted Solution

Customized Hosted Solution

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system

Off The Shelf

  • Pre-integrated suppliers to provide the best inventory and prices
  • Comes with Trawex APIs to build websites and apps in a fraction of time
  • World Renowned Reliability
  • Faster Time To Market
  • Best user experience with 99.9% uptime
Off the Shelf

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  • Online travel booking engine
  • Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • Complete Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API
  • Configure credit limit and deposits
  • Multilingual travel websites
  • Add offline travel bookings
  • Distribute white labels
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Commissions and markup control
  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • Optional cross selling platform
  • SMS gateway
  • Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • Business intelligence reports

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