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What is Computer Based Reservation System

Trawex offers Central Reservation System for travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies to manage their complete inventories such as flight, hotel, car, transfers, holidays and cruise. Trawex is the #1 travel technology company globally  offering complete suite of Central Reservation Systems to its customers around the world. 

Global travel agencies are going online and We offer a fully customizable experience in delivering the complete travel booking solutions to our clients globally. 
Our Web CRS Solutions enable access to rich content and travel deals in 190+ countries. It is easy to integrate and complement your existing travel offerings with an even more wider range like Trawex APIs and CRS solutions .  


What is CRS Computer Reservation System?

The computer reservation system (CRS) is probably the most widely used reservation system in the travel and tourism industry. CRS system allows travel agents to promote sales and provide fast and accurate information and details about availability, price, reservation, and bookings of products and services. 

Computer reservation system is used to configure, store and distribute travel inventory and other services to the public for reservations and bookings.  The main objective of booking reservation system software / CRS  was to make a one-stop service shop and eliminate physical and geographical distances between  travel suppliers and customers. 

These reservations are managed across a multitude of distribution channels such as the third-party API integration booking websites, direct internet booking engines, the travel global distribution system (GDS) wholesalers, and more . A Central Reservation System will move the reservation data to the Global distribution systems in real-time so that flights and  hotels are able to reach clients across geogrpahy as part of their distribution strategy. 

In case of Hotels, CRS allows managing room allotment for single to multi-property groups and chains . Customers can acknowledge to market demand and adjust pricing and rates quickly, and can create reservations and allocate rooms real time 

1. What Are Some of the Modules of Computer Reservation System ?


Major Modules of  Computer Reservation Systems


Major Modules of  Computer Reservation Systems by Trawex are :


2. Who Provides Best CRS systems ?


Best CRS Systems


Below distribution systems provide inventories for airlines, hotels, car rental companies to travel agencies, travel management companies and more


3. What are the major benefits of Trawex Central Reservation System ?


Major Benefits of Trawex CRS


  • Instant Voucher And Discount Coupon Management
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Agent Management [B2B] 
  • Content Management system 
  • Pre integrated with multiple Global Distribution Systems 
  • Comprehensive Mid Office Management 
  • Book accommodation, flights, cars 
  • My Account for B2C
  • Complete online booking 
  • Multiple Markup options
  • Holiday Package CMS 
  • Detailed Reporting Module

4. How does the central reservation system work?


How does CRS Works?


A computer reservation system, CRS as its known, is web-based travel agency system software. It enables travel agencies/travel management companies a 24/7 interface to its clients to search and book flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, holiday packages and more.

Central  reservation system supports Travel Portal B2C , B2B,B2E, B2B2B  and while-label. For flights we ahve integrated with multipleGlobal Distribution System like Travelopro GDS, Flightslogic GDS etc in addition to our own contracted inventory.   

The computer reservation system can also connect to all your suppliers via web services API XML Integration . Your customers can search for flights, hotels, cars, and packages in real time, select & make the payment and get confirmation vouchers at the same time.


What are the basic functions of the computer reservation system in the travel domain?


  • Real Time Inventory management.
  • Custom Email notifications.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Booking cancellation Modules.
  • Refund management .
  • Reservation management.
  • Customer data management

5. How Trawex can help you in launching your CRS System ?


We can help you in launching your CRS System


Trawex offers travel booking software and Travel Portal API for agents and agencies, travel portals, consolidators, destination management companies, and hotel resellers. Trawex offers bouquet of customizable features that are personalized to meet your  requirements. 

Decade of experience in the travel industry has given us a deep insight into the requirements of our customers and revolutionized the way our clients work. Our team of highly dedicated professionals and a portfolio of clients around the world shows our ability to build robust and feature-rich travel agent software that plays a crucial role in your growth.  

We are constantly working on integrating the latest technologies and updates and devising new ways to ensure we are always ahead of the market.  

Looking for the right travel technology  company ? We have global delivery capabilities for most complex tasks with travel technology experts ready to engage with you .  
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