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Cruise Booking System

Trawex is a leading travel portal development company, which provides cruise booking software and reservation software to the travel agents & travel companies worldwide. Trawex provides a comprehensive set of solutions that enables end-to-end processes (from planning to operational accounting) of cruise companies. Our Cruise Booking System is the next-generation booking system designed to address the current and emerging needs of the Cruise industry. In an era of travel convergence, where different constituents of the travel ecosystem are throwing up solutions that appear to be highly similar in nature, cruise companies require several market-leading capabilities for differentiation. This requires smarter technology with Trawex at its core. The complete suite of cruise booking engine is designed to increase business revenue while automating the entire cruise booking process. With reduced time and effort, the software helps you provide a seamless experience to your customers. Our Cruise Reservation System gives access to the cruise solution content and third-party integration under one roof.
Our cruise booking system enables the cruise providers at a single platform, where they can access through cruise API. The API works as an interface between travel agents and suppliers. We provide custom travel software development to provide a seamless online experience. Our web-based B2B, B2C and B2B2C Cruise Booking Engine designed to automate processes, grow revenues and reduce the time and effort required to complete a cruise booking. Our Cruise Booking Engine uses innovative technology that enhances the user experience by optimizing the display and layout for the user device and screen size. Our Cruise Booking Engine is hosted by Trawex; however, you can customize the headers, footers as well as the look and feel to provide a seamless online experience for customers visiting your website. We've partnered with a leading provider of cruise reservation software so that you can automate essentially everything related to inventory, booking and yield management.
We are the travel technology company developing an advanced cruise booking engine for customer and trade websites. We are a market-leading provider of cruise technology. Our web-based Cruise Booking Engine connected with global GDS systems including Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre, which consolidates the data from all the cruises. Our booking engine connected with GDS Systems provides better inventory and rates to end customers and travel agencies. Global travel companies are going for online cruise booking software because of 24/7 availability and real-time bookings. Technically, Cruise reservation systems consist of the exchange of data through the global distribution systems such as Amadeus, Galileo / Travelport or Sabre, which consolidates the worldwide cruise availability and pricing information and share through web services APIs / XMLs. Using this web-based services on the cruise reservation system interface, the information for the cruise availability & pricing can be published on a user friend GUI interface. End-user can select the cruise and proceed for the booking.
Trawex is an Award-winning cruise reservation system development company, working with global cruises, GDS systems, and cruise consolidators. We also offer hotel reservation systems, transfers, sightseeing, and dynamic packaging modules. We integrate several GDS, hotel consolidators, flight consolidators and car consolidators for travel clients. Over the last few years, travel agencies have shown greater reliance on the cruise reservation systems, travel technology and mobility solutions to grow. With round o clock availability, huge user engagement, multiple display choice, and dynamic packing are important points for these cruise reservation systems to succeed. Our Cruise Booking Engine allows agents to search for a set of cruises and destinations based on a rich set of search criteria and then book a cruise online. We provide the most dynamic and robust cruise booking engine available in the travel industry. We offer access to a global cruise API, allowing our customers greater control of the booking process.
Trawex is a leading online cruise travel technology company that offers an end to end reservation process allowing the process to be powered in a web-based channel, Trawex continues to be at the forefront of these efforts. We take pride in recognizing industry trends and developing solutions to enable clients to embrace these changes. We provide cruise providers at a single platform where the travel agents access through Cruise API to do easy online bookings of cruises. Our API provides a connection between the cruise supplier and online travel agencies where these OTA can view their live, real-time inventory and availability when accessing cruise booking software. We offer a cost-effective way to build and maintain a customized cruise booking application, which is both easy to implement and easy to integrate with any existing systems. Our cruise booking system empowering you to easily search, sell, book, and manage cruise vacations - all in one system.
As one of the industry pioneers of cruise reservation technology, we offer several products to the cruise industry including a next-generation reservation system, designed to address the current & emerging needs of the cruise industry in every regard. Our Cruise Reservation Software helps cruise companies and travel agencies manage multiple bookings, inventory levels, fare codes, taxes, and channel partners through one dashboard custom made for the cruise industry. At Trawex, we strive for innovation that can enable cruise companies to provide a tailored experience capable of adapting to their customers' expectations. Our solution is a flexible and versatile platform that meets the end-to-end requirements of a travel company, especially those of travel intermediaries. As the travel industry pivots towards convergence, cruise companies continually face the need to be more differentiated, customer-focused, flexible, and intelligent in order to be total vacation providers. Whether you are a global, regional, ocean, river or a niche, we can help transform your business and make it future-ready.
Trawex provides a travel technology solutions provider that works with (B2B, B2C, and B2B2C) travel companies across the globe and helps them enhance their online business. We provide travel solutions to travel companies with a state-of-the-art proven platform, combining years of travel industry expertise with cutting-edge best practices in the travel industry. Our platform is efficient and scalable. We are dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction and therefore our team of product experts is available to provide answers to product related queries. We provide our customers with an ongoing commitment to quality and service, attending their needs in an ever-changing tourism market. Our mission is to reduce your operational costs and increase efficiency, leaving you to focus on the important task of growing your business. Our experienced team ensures our database of available cruises is up-to-date and accurate. We provide the best in class customer service, efficient business analysts, extensible feature-rich solution and cutting-edge latest technology make us the best choice.
Trawex Cruise API offers you a cost-effective wat to build and update your own customized travel booking applications. Our Cruise API offers a user-friendly format and a comprehensive inventory of cruise suppliers to travel agents and tour operators in the form of cruise XML. We are the leading aggregators for a cruise to make business travel made easy. With more leisure travel suppliers combined than any other platform on the travel market, our API provides you with a huge amount of power, allowing you to tackle the strength of our award-winning online booking platform and integrate it with your own system. Our API is a gateway to supplying third-party technology companies with access to your stock. And since the API is systematized for all our customers, any third party that has integrated the API for a different company will now be able to support your stock easily too. Our travel API will enable your trade partners to search for availability, retrieve your content and descriptions and make bookings with credit cards or on the account. The API allows you to access this data, syncing it with an external system, pulling out information so you can run your own reports or add new booking data from sales you've made elsewhere. Our travel API permits you to add live pricing and booking functionality, eliminating the need to deal with multiple supplier integrations. Our platform can connect you to more suppliers than any other system on the market. With all major ocean and river cruise solution integrated, our cruise API gives access to over 30,000 itineraries.
Trawex is a leading travel technology company, delivering cruise Booking Engines to global travel management companies. We integrate the web services of the leading cruise suppliers to connect and port live feeds. Our cruise booking engine helps travel agents and end-users to check and book cruise deals online. It can be connected to a complete inventory of cruise providers (such as MSC, Princess, and Carnival) to travel agents and tour operators in the form of cruise XML. The online cruise booking engine allows browsers to check online cruise availability, reviewing deck plans, cabin inventories and finally easy to use online booking. Cruise booking software helps travel agents and end-users search and book the cruise deals online.
A portal development company like we have a team of professionals who specialize in cruise booking portal development, making cruise trips easier for travelers. Our team of developers provides an opportunity for travel agencies and travel agents to book cruise tickets. The portal is reservation software where online booking of cruise trips is made possible. This is done through API, which connects the travel agencies and the cruise supplier. The availability and inventory can be viewed by both parties, so booking for a customer at a particular trip is made easier. With the cruise portal we develop for you, you can have access to real-time inventory, instant cruise booking, payment gateway integration, luxurious cruise trips, and best deals for the accommodation and fares, the layout of the cruise and many more amazing things. With our integrated Cruise Booking Engine, you can give your clients more booking options. The Cruise Booking Engine was developed to automate every aspect of the cruise booking process. It includes the industry’s leading cruise suppliers, featuring their cruise ship and cabin descriptions along with cabin photos, ship images, and deck plans, making the booking process as smooth as possible for your clients.
The online cruise booking engine can prove to be a boon for the cruise operators to reach the large market segment of tourists and offer them a better service. With an online cruise reservation system, the travelers can get all information about the availability, rates to deck arrangements, etc. under one single roof. With our vast experience in the web development industry, has successfully customized many internet booking engine tools to serve the market segment dealing with cruise solution. We develop our technologies in accordance with the market trends and deliver our work with the utmost care and proficiency. A cruise allows you to capitalize on the potential of this fast-growing area of the travel industry. It delivers real productivity and booking quality benefits through eliminating time-consuming phone reservations and providing a complete desk-based cruise reservation and information system.
Whether you are a cruise expert or wish to add a cruise to travel offerings, our technology offers the best way to maximize selling opportunities and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the expanding cruise market. While other cruise platforms direct customers away to third-party suppliers during the booking process, our technology gives customers a seamless experience, keeping them within your site for the entire journey. Our cruise platform provides the most effective way to turn cruise browsers into bookers with engaging imagery, detailed deck plans, maps and itineraries, all presented in an easy-to-use flow. With our cruise platform, you can offer your customers the best selection of trip journey.
Benefits of the Cruise Booking System:
  • Seamless Integration:
Powered by our technology resulting in a seamless booking experience.
  • Multi-Lingual & Currency:
Sell cruise globally with multi-lingual and multi-currency options.
  • Fast Booking Engine:
Giving your customers a fast and intuitive booking experience.
  • 24/7 Live Availability:
Your customers can see accurate and up-to-date prices and cabin availability.
  • Shore Experiences:
Offer an exciting range of shore excursions to cruise bookings.
Features of the Cruise Booking System:
  • Customer Centricity
Enables a cruise company to personalize its engagement across the trip lifecycle.
  • Multiple Business Model Support
We support multiple business models, from selling with or without value addition a range of products from FIT products to different shades of packages such as Tailor-Made packages, Escorted Tours, Dynamic Vacation experiences etc.
  • Business & Customer Context Driven
Enables policy execution based on business and customer context.
  • Flexible Selling Platform
We come with a sophisticated selling platform that can sell from both internal and external pools of inventory.
  • Unconstrained Access to Digital Content
Enable your enterprise to efficiently connect product sources through the Aggregation Engine.
  • Advanced Search Techniques
New strategies like Scoping & Prioritization Rules improve search relevance and yield while reducing search response times.
  • Dynamic Inventory and Pricing Management
Ensure synchronization between demand and supply through advanced, interactive digital dashboards that provide real-time response and instant updates.
  • High Productivity Set-up Apps
We come with several productivity tools ranging from mainly Intelli-boards (which provide the ability to see decision drivers and make changes to operations from one screen) to excel uploads for products, contracts etc., which significantly reduce set-up time.
  • Context Management
Dynamically define contexts and actions on occurrence of the context.
  • Smart Workflow Engine
User definable workflows provide operational efficiency in managing the business operations of a cruise company.

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