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Holiday Reservation System

Trawex Holiday Reservation System is a cloud-based booking solution that helps vacation property managers to track leads and manage booking routines of their properties. Clients can drive bookings through a custom-built website that supports integration with several payment providers such as PayPal and more.

Our Holiday Booking Software provides customers features such as a live availability calendar, a search function, or outstanding balances in the solution and accessibility via multiple mobile devices. The solution also includes property lead management, booking management, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing management, social media integration, and more.

Trawex Holiday Booking Engine is a web-based package booking engine. A comprehensive software that helps OTAs to build your leisure business which has never been easier or better or available in quick sessions.

1. What is the Holiday Reservation System?

Holiday Reservation System


Holiday Reservation System is a platform that helps you build an amazing itinerary for your trips and holiday packages. You can share the itinerary with your customers and receive bookings directly on your website. 

Advanced XML and API integration build our Online Domestic & International Holiday booking System unique and search for the lowest tariffs available with hotels. After selecting the particular search result, it will be redirected to the payment gateway for payment processing.

Customers can book holiday packages or weekend getaways with a wide range of local attractions, tickets, & various options for hotel categories and different combinations on packages like adventure, luxury, honeymoon, or family packages in the package booking engine.

Using this holiday booking engine software, OTAs can provide multiple options to their clients who can choose from a wide range of available holidays as per requirements.

2. Why do you need Holiday Reservation System Software?

Holiday Reservation System Software is an indispensable solution whether you have one or more rental properties. The best holiday package software can help you save a lot of time and energy. Another improvement is that you can increase your business efficiency without expanding your team. 

As soon as property owners start managing various holiday rentals, they find themselves performing more and more routine tasks. Regular operations start taking up more time. As a result, hosts pay less attention to marketing their properties and increasing the guest experience. 

However, if you have no time to make improvements, you run the risk of falling behind. Competition is fierce and other property managers will be more than happy to pick up potential guests. Best Holiday booking software can come to your rescue and help optimize your daily operations. 

Even if you only manage one property, holiday booking management software can still change your daily routine for the better

3. What do you get from Holiday Reservation Software?

Trawex established itself to become as market share in travel industry, when it comes to provide solutions for creating & managing online booking businesses. Today, Trawex is one of the fastest growing online ticket booking solutions in the SaaS and enterprises space. Software support travel companies to define their own holiday packages and sell online through B2C and B2B web portals.

  • Domestic & International Package systems

  • Easy and simple Integration

  • Mobile-Friendly Design

  • Online payment option

  • Cancellation of bookings

  • Discount and offers features

  • Auto email & SMS alerts for booking confirmation

  • Multicurrency and Multilanguage

  • Catalogue definition – This feature provides you option to input all your products like packages, entrance tickets, rent-a-car, vessels and cruises.

  • Create complex tours and packages

  • Completely automated supplier ordering

  • B2B (Partner booking)

  • Online booking B2C

  • Reservation management

  • Feature to manage Finances and Accounting

  • Generating of Reports

4. 5 Benefits of Using Holiday Reservation System Software

Benefits of Holiday Reservation System


If you have taken the initiative to convert your home into a vacation rental, there is no reason why you should not go a step further and get your own website. There are a number of different platforms and programs out there that can help you with this. But how do you take direct bookings on that website? This is why you need the latest online booking software. You won’t believe how easy life is going to be once your website is up and running and you have software shouldering most of your responsibilities. 


Here are 5 key benefits of using holiday reservation system software.


#1.  A Professional Holiday Booking Engine


  • When you have online holiday booking software, you can take direct bookings on your holiday site easily. Most of the time there is a small piece of code or a link that will paste right into your reservation page even if you have little technical knowledge.

  • Once your website is ready, you will easily be able to take bookings and accept payments. You won’t need to customize the search tool with your photos and property information because it pulls all the information directly from your vacation rental software. There is no reason to feel intimidated as there are a lot of software developers who cater to the novice. 


#2.  Save Time 


  • Quality holiday booking software will enable you to automate activities that are repetitive in nature. You can have a system that meets inquiries with auto-responses. 

  • Automation technology today is doing many things that have been previously done by people. This includes price adjustments, submitting and requesting reviews, etc. Similarly, a channel manager spares property managers the trouble of logging into multiple different platforms to adjust their listings.

  • Third-party integration is another possible benefit of hotel booking software. If you would like to reap the benefits of some other management technology, you can connect your dashboard to it.

  • The end result of it all will be higher conversions and a streamlined business.


#3.  Direct Bookings  


  • This is one of the main benefits of using a holiday package management software. Online users need not go anywhere else, they simply visit your site and make a reservation. You can even give them the option of 'Book Now, Pay Later’ to encourage more bookings. This allows you to not have to pay anything to list sites and make more money for you.


#4.  Minimize Errors


  • The truth is humans just can't avoid making errors, which is where the booking software comes in handy. While it may make errors occasionally, the mistakes are going to be significantly fewer in comparison.

  • However, you will give yourself a pat on your back for letting technology take over. For instance, you may be worried about double bookings, but a channel manager will prevent this from happening as it syncs and updates calendars across your different booking channels. No stress for you!


#5.  Achieve Business Growth


  • With regular use of vacation package booking software, your company is on the right track towards major success. The decisions you make will be data-based and the confidence you gain could inspire you to expand your venture.

  • With that being said, using online rental software yields benefits that are hard to overlook and if you do not go with the tide, you will stand to lose. 

5. How does the Trawex Holiday Reservation System help travel & tour Operators?

Trawex Holiday Reservation System offers a customized Holiday Booking System with a complete quotation and easy reservation experience which is completely Online Holiday Booking IT Solution with responsive design allows travel agents to combine with different properties like Flights, Hotels, Cars, Transfers, and Excursions.

Trawex provides the advanced holiday packaging booking software for tour operators that help you to create a package, manage inventory, group travel, manage customers & travel agents, fully automates your sales process, improve your services ordering, manage accounts and gain full insights into your travel business.

We develop Vacation Package System, Travel Management Software, Online Travel Agency Software, Travel Agent Software, Online Travel Booking, Online Ticket Reservation, Online Reservation System, Ticket Booking Online, Travel Portal Development for global travel companies. We develop a fully customized holiday package system that allows travelers to make easier reservations, modifications, and cancellations directly from the website. We offer reasonable and cost-effective booking engines for tour operators.

Convert your website traffic into confirmed, commission-free bookings with our holiday reservation system! We use advanced technology and tools to grow the booking engines, which helps travel agents and tour operators to maximize their revenues.

If you have a tour & travel website and looking for the best holiday packaging system or holiday booking website developing, connect with us, we are one of the travel portal development company, we provide complete travel & tour reservation system for the tourism industry, with high-end features of holiday package modules. Outsource your travel portal development and holiday packaging system development, vacation package system, tour package portal development to us receive quality travel software solutions at affordable pricing!

  • Save time and update your rates, availability, and image from one place.

  • Reach more guests in more places.

  • Automated guest communications with ready-to-go email templates.

  • Book guests directly through your own website.

6. Important Features of Trawex Holiday Reservation System

We offer Holiday Reservation Portals that are easy to navigate, enhance with interactive designs and technology. The Package portals is the best flight booking, best holiday packages of all famous destinations around the world, instant bookings of tickets and many more features can be added to portals. 


Itinerary Builder:


Build an amazing itinerary of your holiday packages with a step-by-step itinerary builder. 


Day by Day Itinerary:


Provide day by day information of the trips to your clients. 




Create destination pages, and allot related activities and holiday packages. 




Create activities pages and allot related destinations and holiday packages. 


Smart Holiday Search:


Let your customers find holidays offered by your company through a built-in smart search engine. 


Fixed Departures:


Lets you define fixed departure dates along with minimum group sizes. 


Individual & Group Bookings:


Your clients can book your holiday packages individually or for their group of family or friends.


Group Discounts:


You can offer special group discounts or group pricing to your clients.


Trip Route Map:


Display a detailed route map to your customers about their next holidays. You can add information, hotels, or activities on the map so they have a visual idea of their next trip. 


Holiday Brochure:


Create Download, Share & Email Holiday Brochure, our systems automatically generated PDF brochure of your holiday packages with your company logo and contact information. 


Photo/Video Gallery:


You can create a photo/video gallery within your itinerary and provide your clients with better information for quicker purchase decisions. 


Tour Guide:


Assign tour guides to each of the holiday packages, allow your customer to choose their favorite tour guide, and also provide a detailed tour guide profile page within your website. 


Customized & Tailor-made Holidays:


If your clients are not satisfied with the activities and services offered in your fixed holiday packages, then they can customize any of the holiday packages to meet their requirements and budget. 


Trip Ratings & Reviews:


Your customers can rate and write reviews on the holiday packages they have purchased. New customers can make better buying decisions based on previous customer reviews.  

7. How can you find the best Holiday Reservation Software?

With such a variety of software solutions on the market, it can be difficult to select the best to suit your needs. This is a tool you will use on a daily basis, so you should take your time when deciding.

Our Holiday booking engine provides a quick and smooth reservation experience and requires minimum efforts to book the desired package online. Our solution is compatible to run on PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. The holiday booking engine enables the facility to combine numerous holiday properties like Flights/ Hotels/ Cars/ Transfers/ Excursions. You can make packages for GIT or FIT in the same system and users can reserve as per their requirements.


Here are a few ideas that could help you in your quest to find the best free short-term booking software. 


#1.  Register your needs


  • Identify the areas you struggle with the most. If tracking your bookings on different platforms bothers you, chances are you could do with a channel manager. If the issue lies with guest management and communication, you should look for a solution that enables you to automate messages and ensure timely replies. If you struggle with cleaning schedules, look for a tool with a cleaning automation feature.


#2.  Search for alternatives


  • You can search the Internet for available software providers, but a quick search of what they have to offer won’t really cut it. You have to carefully compare various software solutions and the features they provide. It is a good idea to find out what other users think about the tools you’ve selected. 

  • Use comparison websites such as to check reviews


#3.  Check out your selected options 


  • The next step in finding the best holiday package management software is to try in action the options you’ve selected. For this purpose, sign up for a trial and explore the tools and their abilities in more detail. 

  • If anything is unclear or you have additional questions about certain functionalities, contact customer support teams. It’s a huge plus if a software solution provides live support to its customers. You can learn more about the tool and access support if any issues arise.

8. Why choose Trawex Holiday Reservation System?

Holiday Reservation System


Trawex, a leading online travel company has a profound understanding of Indian consumer's travel needs and preferences. It offers a wide range of holiday packages across the world, catering to various segments of travelers. While the dynamic or custom-made tour and travel packages give consumers an option to create and design their own holiday, the fixed departure holiday packages have a pre-designed itinerary; thus verifying there is something to meet the holiday needs of every kind of traveler.

Trawex provides the industry-leading, private-label Holiday Reservation System powering online bookings and ticketing transactions for the travel and tourism industry.  We deliver our services in assured time to maintain a great and healthy relationship with our clients.

We offer hotel bookings, flight bookings, package & vacation rentals attractions of all sizes, and destination websites with highly flexible e-commerce booking engine capabilities. Trawex design Tour Booking Portal for Travel Agents and Agencies which is reasonable and cost-effective.

Here are a few reasons why you need to sign up with Trawex to manage your travel, tours, and hotel business:

  • Sell your tourism products right from your own website.

  • A highly scalable platform can grow with your business needs.

  • Effortless integration with other Trawex cloud platforms. 

  • Manage every aspect of your business & website from one single back office. 

  • Generate reports, access your data analytics to analyze your problems, and get smart suggestions.

  • Bring your employees on-board, give role-based permissions to strengthen your business process. 

  • Gain access to world-class marketing tools, advertising platforms to expand your business. 

  • Manage your contacts, leads, and sales activities to increase your sales performance. 

  • Gain insight into employee performance and help them improve with clients' data through our internal communication platform. 


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