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Travel Distribution System Travel & Tourism industry consists of informal global network of independent businesses, which form the ‘travel distribution chain’.




We develop best travel distribution platform with responsive user interface for global travel agencies, hospitality companies and tour operators.


The world of the consumer is on the cusp of momentous change. The combination of mobile devices, big data, and artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize the consumer experience.

Retail will permeate people’s lives as mobile virtual assistants point out nearby restaurants and shops, and guide people’s purchasing choices based on their personal preferences, buying history and moods at different times of the day.

Bots will communicate with social media discussions among companions and partners, recommending areas to visit and products to purchase while gathering information for fitting individual retail experiences throughout the weeks ahead.

Virtual and augmented reality will inspire people to visit new places, see how new furniture would look in their own home, and allow friends on different continents to meet upon an extraordinary seashore without leaving their easy chairs.

The impacts of this new world, driven by customer desires, will quickly overflow into the travel distribution industry. How long it takes, and how far the industry moves, is impossible to predict.

In any case, considering the rushes of technology that are as of now beginning to effect on the business, change is probably going to be inevitable and extensive. Therefore, the future for some industry players is at a crossroads.


Why work with travel distributors?


Travel wholesalers enable you to widen your client base a long way past the range of your advertising spending plan.

They are essential to the inbound the travel industry as abroad consumers still intensely depends on the counsel of nearby travel agents when arranging and booking their vacation, especially in long-haul and developing markets.

Travels wholesalers can likewise give advertise knowledge, bits of knowledge, and guidance on a particular market. The travel distribution system covers all the channels through which an international traveler can buy your product.


The Future of Travel Distribution System


Any adjustments in the travel industry distributive systems might be stimulated by outside large scale factors, for example, legislative issues and trade, worldwide and national economies, mechanical advancements and access to them, etc.

The airline industry could be affected by increased competition from low-cost carriers, new mergers and acquisitions, and fuel costs, among other issues.

However, the business future of the travel industry may likewise be affected by different components, including travel dispersion.

The travel industry organizations can turn out to be much increasingly successful by the way they sell their products and services; especially on the off chance that they deliver positive client experiences.

Tourists see an incentive in client-driven organizations.Most probably, in the future, there will be significant improvements in terms of technologically enhanced customer services. Tomorrow's organizations will serve travelers from geologically in various regions.

There will be more travelers from emerging markets and developing economies. The travel distribution systems will have to cater to senior citizens, as there are aging populations in many countries.

The distributive channels must be designed to accommodate the divergent nature of users. Tourism service providers and their intermediaries will be expected to provide engaging, intuitive shopping experiences that tap into the traveler’s discretionary purchases.

The travel businesses will need to embrace new technologies and flexible distribution processes; as outmoded distribution components will be replaced.

It is envisaged that new distributive systems will be relying on mobile devices as these technologies enable consumer interaction with speech and voice recognition software.

Tourism businesses could leverage themselves with artificial intelligence. They may facilitate their dynamic pricing, as well as personalization of services.

The distributive systems could interface with computer-generated reality software to assist organizations with marketing their items in charming client encounters.


How does the distribution system work?


Online technology and friends mergers have changed the travel industry, with an expanding measure of hybrid in the jobs and elements of different parts of the distribution system. Organizations draw in a blend of distribution accomplices to arrive at their objective shoppers.

The traditional structure of the distribution system includes Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs) based in world tourism industry; wholesalers based overseas and international retail travel agents. However, this varies considerably from market to market.

For example, it isn't exceptional for an inbound tour operator to be a part of a bigger organization that may likewise work a discount arm in an abroad market, or for a distributor to likewise work the travel offices that sell its packages.

Numerous conventional travel merchants, for example, wholesalers and travel agents adopt an online strategy just as offering their services from a retail shop front.

Both on the web and customary dispersion accomplices have the chance to work with one another and legitimately with products and customers.

As the traditional distribution system continues to evolve, it is important to clearly understand the structure of the companies that you work with and their relationships with other organizations.


Inbound tour operators


An inbound tour operator (ITO), also known as a ground operator or destination management company (DMC), is the business that provides itinerary planning and product selection, and coordinates the reservation, confirmation, and payment of travel courses of action for the benefit of their abroad customers.

They bring the parts of accommodation, visits, transport, and suppers together to make a completely comprehensive schedule.

ITOs are the connection between the travel industry products and the abroad travel merchants that buy them, including travel wholesalers, direct venders, travel agents, meeting organizers, and occasion organizers.


Online travel agents


Online travel agents (OTAs) specialize in online distribution and have no intermediaries – they deal directly with consumers and tourism products. Buyers can purchase a product or a whole vacation package on the web.

Online distribution is less organized than the customary travel distribution system. Commission levels vary, depending on how the site is operated.




Wholesalers are located in overseas markets and have traditionally provided a link between travel agents and ITOs or tourism products.

Wholesalers purchase programs developed by ITOs or develop their packages and itineraries for travel agents and consumers.

These packages will normally offer vehicles, accommodation, tours, and attractions. In certain business sectors, wholesalers are likewise 'direct dealers' who sidestep travel agents to directly target customers.

In different markets, there are no wholesalers in the traditional detected and travel agents perform the two jobs. Traditionally, travel packages are distributed in leaflets and advanced and conveyed by means of retail travel systems.

Wholesalers may operate their retail outlets or work with an established network of travel agents in their own country.

Many wholesalers specialize in specific market segments such as adventure or the seniors market and many also have an online presence.


Retail travel agents


Retail travel agents offer wide distribution in prominent shop front locations and a convenient place for travelers to make bookings and buy holidays.

Traditionally, retail travel agents have provided a link between the wholesaler and consumers. With the integration of distribution roles, the retailer may deal directly with ITOs particularly in Asian markets.

Many retail travel agents have a place with a bigger chain of travel offices or consortiums that utilization their consolidated assets to advertise the office brand.

In certain nations, retail organizations might be worked by travel wholesalers or may focus on specific market portions, for example, extraordinary premium or family travel. Many retail travel agents additionally have an online presence.


Meeting and incentive planners


The business event sector is one of the highest yielding inbound tourism segments. Meeting and incentive planners organize and manage all aspects of meetings and events including conventions, conferences, incentives, seminars, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions, and special events.

Meeting and incentive planners utilize a wide assortment of settings, tour operators, accommodation, group building organizations and restaurants.

They look for unique travel experiences and require different support and facilities for leisure tourism.

Meeting and incentive planners are also known as Professional Conference Organizers (PCO); Destination Management Companies (DMC); Conference Managers; Event Managers; Incentive Houses; Travel Fulfillment Companies; and Special Project Managers.


Trawex Travel Distribution System


Trawex gives a travel distribution system has helped worldwide travel management organizations, hospitality organizations, tour operator to build the topline incomes.

We provide the travel partners with all the documents, enabling them to make the same available for the customers. When a partner makes a reservation, the document provided is dependent on the action is taken by them.

When a request is sent and offer and itinerary follow automatically, a booking gets the process of sending the invoice. Our travel distribution system customized depending on the need for the travel agencies' requirements.

Along will this the partners will get an overview of all the documents created and are connected to the reservation system, which could be forwarded to be printed for the customers.

This is one of the key highlights of the travel distribution system. Our travel distribution system process is centralized, eliminating the risk of making possible mistakes.

Our travel system is modified how people once travel agent models were rolled out to allow direct access to these systems, travel agents could place remote bookings from, streamlining the booking procedure as worldwide air travel started to grow the purchaser.

As consumer expectations increases in a large manner and the retail sector to include more choice, inspirational shopping, and personalized services, these expectations will be satisfied through the Trawex. 

Trawex is the world’s leading travel technology company that is sought after by many and offers state-of-the-art online travel booking engines.

Our booking engines have a lot to offer. The attracting clients that incorporate travel organizations, travel agents, leading hotels, and distribution organizations locally just as one of a kind.

We can bring step towards success, as our booking engines are very alternative than the other and they are integrated with all the essential features that any tour operator would require, offering travel distribution system an exceptional internet booking involvement in its simple to move design and different highlights.

We provide a travel distribution system offers the ability to create, send and maintain quotations dynamically from the system with few clicks in no time.

Our travel platform worked to assist hotels with circulating and recover authority over their online inventory by giving a one-stop-shop technology arrangement that spotlights on the immediate travel distribution system.

We provide hotels the necessary tools to be able to create rich content, manage, distribute and sell customizable and attribute-based inventory directly via our proprietary distribution channels at 0% commission.

We aim to democratize hotel inventory, build a global travel marketplace that enables a P2P economy for the travel industry and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries. We challenge obsolete methodologies, make it basic, reasonable and financially effective.


Top 7 trends in Travel Distribution System


Internet of things


Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most energizing developing travel technology patterns, which includes web-based inter-connectivity between ordinary devices, enabling them to both send and receive information.

As of now, we are seeing instances of its job inside the travel and the tourism industry and this is just going to increment.

For example, IoT technology can be used in hotel rooms to provide customers with a device that connects to everything from the lights, to the heaters and air conditioning, allowing all to be controlled from one place.

In airports, meanwhile, luggage cases can be installed with sensors that will alert passengers when they pass by.


Recognition technology


At long last, recognition technology is particularly fascinating inside this rundown of key tech patterns, because of its potential for expelling grating from buys and making communications consistent.

The technology itself includes fingerprint recognition, retina scanning and various other biometric identifiers. Such technology is already being used in some hotels to allow access to rooms via fingerprints, or to allow for semi-contactless check-out.

However, in the future, it is hoped that this technology may be able to allow customers to pay for meals in the hotel restaurant simply by walking through the exit.


Virtual Reality (VR)


Virtual reality has exploded in recent years, with the increased availability of virtual reality headsets as home entertainment products.

While much of the excitement has focused on video games, businesses and marketers have also made use of the technology, especially in terms of interactive 360-degree images and videos.

It is one of the most encouraging tech trends for the travel industry-related organizations since it enables them to carefully move clients to a virtual entertainment of a specific spot.

This allows hotels to showcase their rooms, reception areas and even local tourist hotspots on their website, to encourage booking. Different models may incorporate intelligent virtual maps or VR inn visits/360 video visits to show your hotel upfront.


Augmented reality (AR)


Augmented reality is similar to virtual reality, but involves augmenting a person’s real surroundings, rather than replacing them.

One of the major in addition to purposes of this specific mechanical pattern is that it is less expensive than VR, with clients requiring just a cell phone or tablet gadget which approaches the web.

Through graphical overlays, those in the travel industry can incredibly upgrade the client experience, giving clients significant data or even pure entertainment.

For instance, apps can allow for photographs to be augmented through filters and effects.Details regarding local destinations can likewise be shown as a client focuses their cell phone at them, giving data at the specific time that it is generally important.




Indeed, even 10 years back, the possibility of robots being conveyed consistently inside the travel business would have appeared crafted by a sci-fi author.

Yet, it is becoming increasingly prevalent, with artificially intelligent robots, often equipped with speech recognition technology, being used in place of information points by chains like Hilton.

Robots are also utilized for a variety of reasons. For example, in air terminals, they can be utilized to identify hid weapons, while a few makers are likewise utilizing mechanical autonomy to make luggage cases that keenly tail you.

In addition, travel agents are utilizing robots for pre-screening, making hanging tight occasions progressively gainful for clients.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Away from robots, artificial intelligence is being used in other ways too. Maybe the clearest use inside the travel and the tourism industry is for client assistance purposes, with chatbots having the capacity to deliver fast reaction times to issues or inquiries.

It is also able to continuously learn from interactions with customers. Additionally, hotels and different organizations working in the travel industry can utilize man-made consciousness to precisely and constantly sort through information.

It will have the option to make conclusions about business execution or patterns related with consumer loyalty, and even wisely oversee inventories.


Big Data


In modern tourism management, big data is a fact of life and almost all companies that are successful employ their data collection techniques.

Perhaps the greatest use for this information is to improve personalization, with travel organizations utilizing the data they assemble to make explicit adjustments to their offerings.

Another valuable use of data is to analyze current business performance.In particular, hotel owners can use big data for revenue management purposes, using historical occupancy rates and other past trends to better anticipate levels of demand. When demand is predictable, pricing and promotional strategies can also be optimized.

Our travel distribution system is essential to the inbound travel industry as abroad buyers still intensely depend on the exhortation of neighborhood travel specialists when arranging and booking their vacation, especially in long stretch and developing markets.

We can also provide market intelligence, insights, and advice on a specific market. We specialize in online distribution and have no intermediaries – they deal directly with consumers and tourism products. Buyers can buy a product or a whole occasion package on the web.

The online travel distribution system is less organized than the conventional travel distribution system. Our travel distribution system is advancing incredibly; there are in every case new people, support, new advances, and gadgets.

Our travel distributor industry provides great benefits to consumers by creating a marketplace where travel and tourism products are displayed neutrally.

In this marketplace, web booking can consistently think about the contributions all things considered, with the goal that shoppers and organizations know consistently precisely what is accessible and the amount it costs.

We give travel experts and shoppers' access to imaginative and appealing travel packages and a practically endless scope of combinations.

Our travel distribution platform has customarily been very structured with clearly defined functions for each role in the chain.

However, online technology and friends mergers have changed the travel industry, with an expanding measure of hybrid in the jobs and elements of different divisions of the distribution system.

Organizations are connecting with a mix of conveyance accomplices to guarantee the best method for arriving at their objective customers. 

Our travel distribution system covers every one of the channels through which a global traveler can purchase your product.

Other than moving toward you directly, international travelers may book your products travel distribution platform is a bleeding-edge B2B worldwide reservation distribution system for the travel business coordinating providers and travel agents in a one-stop-shop.

Our travel distribution platform works a booking proper system for travel agents. Our Travel circulation stage computerizes appointments of Suppliers of Tours, Flights, Accommodation, Attractions, and Car.

Our travel distribution platform for inventory follows and travel booking commercial center that legitimizes and decentralizes the hotel business, enabling clients to include rooms sponsored by shrewd agreements.

Our travel distribution platform will also have implications related to customer data, usage, storage, and accessibility and are bound to give rise to data and privacy regulations.


Factors influencing Travel Distribution System


Customer Perspective


The ideal situation for any retailer or manufacturer is to have just enough inventories on hand to sell or to keep production lines running smoothly.

These clients wish to hold as little stock as conceivable without running out. Since most customers require a few different items, each sold or utilized at an alternate pace, anticipating the product blend turns into an indispensable part of their condition.

Extra factors, for example, deals advancements at the retailer or regular inventory build by the producer, can make determining troublesome.


Distributor Perspective


The ideal condition for dissemination management is to have all completely stacked trucks working on normally planned courses 100% of the time with a 100% wellbeing record.

Since the client deals back and flow in actual life, accomplishing this perfect goal is difficult. In some circumstances, temperature control and another special handling can further complicate the issue.

Additionally, a compelling circulation and warehousing organization endeavors to keep up the ideal inventory with their providers to keep inventory management costs at a sensible level without over the top security stock.

However, with the correct arranging and execution, distribution management can adequately relieve these appearing to be contradicting difficulties.




Running out of product or parts is the customer’s worst nightmare. Distribution management must guarantee the correct progression of data, determining, and exact, safe, and timely deliveries are given.

In some scenarios distributors are provided real-time sales information electronically to replenish inventories automatically without traditional ordering.

This kind of transparency permits each connection in the store network to envision the necessities of the end customer and to alter their inventory levels and organize conveyances in like manner.

In these situations, the client will likewise give progressing forecasts.In different cases, open and nonstop communication with the client will assist the merchant with anticipating inventory recharging, plan gear and staff for delivery.


Planning & Measuring: Creating a Culture


The initial phase in readiness is to build up a client-centered strategic organizational culture that mixes the significance of consumer loyalty with the substances of business gainfulness.

Measure each component of the business from anticipating, acquisition, inbound cargo the board, warehousing, and inventory control to arrange preparing, load combination, delivery scheduling, and backhauls.

Working directly with representatives in each discipline, search for approaches to make each process more proficient.

Key contemplations are process duration, cost analysis, on-time deliveries, precise request satisfaction, and wellbeing estimations.

Arrange with possibilities for each circumstance and guarantee that all staff has a contribution to making arrangements reasonable.


Training & Commitment


Preparing representatives to execute the necessities of a dispersion organization is more than clarifying and demonstrating "how" to play out a capacity.

Hidden effective performance is a consequence of people getting "why" a vocation should be done well and the potential implications of terrible showing to the organization's future.

The way to better distribution management is than help new staff becomes acquainted with all parts of the activity to have the option to settle on wise and autonomous choices later on.


Implementing the Right Tools: Warehousing and Distribution


Inventory management and warehouse management system (WMS) software can help to optimize space within a warehouse.

By boosting existing space, organizations can prevent costly extensions and make progressively proficient inventory positions.

Thus, with stacking and steering software, wholesalers can enhance vehicles and drive costs. These instruments fuse load amounts and target appearance times with separation and drive time.

Improving the armada is a generous cost driver for a fruitful distribution management organization.


What We Offer

Trawex platform currently empowers 1000+ customers across 4 continents, 10000+ bookings a day, 1000000+ travel searches a day, across 200+ Suppliers, 600,000+ Hotels, 1000+ Airlines, 200,000+ Activities, 30,000+ Cruise Itineraries and much more for your brand.

Inventory Consolidation

Instant integrations with more than 100 suppliers that are integrated on demand.

Travel APIs

A complete set of travel APIs that empower our clients to develop custom travel solutions.

Custom Modules

A production-ready library of Modules that can be used as is or customized as per your requirement.

Faster Time to Market

Integrate suppliers in matter of few days. Over 100 suppliers maintained.

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  • Third Party API Integrations
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  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system
We help your own developers
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Customized Hosted Solution

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system

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  • Multilingual travel websites
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