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Travel Website Features

Travel industry is slowly creeping into the digital world, it is necessary for travel firms to have a fully functioning website rather than the one with just basic search and booking functions only. A travel company needs to maintain a classy web page. Besides having a nice website design, they also need to have some essential features.

Designing a travel website is more than including pretty images of exotic destinations and hoping that your customers complete their booking. It’s a highly accurate science, and here’s how you can get it right.

Travel Website Design plays a major role in visitors’ first impressions of a business. When it comes to the modern travel and tourism industry, there are a few key trends that are shaping the way travel websites look and feel today.

If you are an owner of a travel and tourism company then listen up. There’s huge competition in the market and in order to step up your game, you need to have these few features on your travel website.

Necessary Travel Website Features

An attractive and feature-rich travel website is of great help to any user. Find out more about the necessary features of a travel website.

1. Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design

For any website on the internet, the first and foremost thing is "it must be responsive" which means that your website must be compatible with any device it is viewed on.

Responsive design capabilities that enable more dynamic aesthetics and integration with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are a major factor in providing customers with an engaging, easy-to-navigate web experience that involves the product or service offered, rather than the website itself. 

Responsive web design is a technology that allows websites to detect the features of devices from which they are reached, and to adapt their layout accordingly. Responsive Web design offers a much more cost-effective and efficient option. Regardless of which device customers use the best layout and most relevant content is always served by a single responsive website.

Images, buttons, columns, and other objects get resized or rearranged. Because of this, users with tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops and so on all enjoy optimum viewing, scrolling, and clicking experiences tailored to them.

2. Search Predictions

Search is the heart of all travel websites. Most travelers who research travel destinations online do not have any particular place in mind. Instead, they are scouting for all the options that catch their fancy. So, a dynamic search engine is one of the top, must-have travel website features, and you need to make sure that you get it right.

Especially when viewing a travel website on a mobile platform, predictive search capabilities ease the traveler's buying experience and provides peace of mind that a travel company is operating consistent with expectations in today’s technology.

Search Predictions feature may only save a person a couple of seconds but it will reverberate with them and make them come back to your website. It also gives a customer mental satisfaction that the company does bookings in these places. Search Predictions software is a must-have for travel websites.

3. Social Media

Social media is a powerful channel to market for travel-related businesses and experiences. It is the era of social media and in this age, every business needs to have an active social media presence on every possible site. 

If you are into the online business world then social media presence is a must. This world runs on stories and examples. People love to share their travel stories and most of these conversations take place on several social media platforms such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Today, much of these conversations happen in the social media realm on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and travel companies with user-friendly social integrations on their website better position themselves to take part in these conversations and use them as the main driver for customer engagement and online reputation management strategies.

4. Ease Of Payment

Choosing the best payment modes for travel businesses is crucial since people make bookings with a large amount of money. You also need different payment options, safety and security, and easy integration of payments.

Because a majority of today’s travellers possess multiple credits, debit, bank, or prepaid cards, providing customers with well-integrated, user-friendly payment methods can go a long way to cementing long-term B2C relationships.

While booking tickets online, customers must be able to make payments quickly with little effort. This is why the website must have several payment options in order that prospects can pay you within a moment with whatever option they want.

5. Google Map Integration

Take advantage of the leading role of Google Maps among your target audience. Using Google Maps on a website is really useful when one wants to give some information to the user regarding the location, directions, or the mode of travel to a particular location. 

When you incorporate Google Maps Integration on your travel domain, it is easy for clients to research and get more ground information on places that they want to visit including the surroundings, hotels, views, etc. They can also get updates about events and cultural functions.

As the online mapping service, incorporating Google Maps Integration into your travel website makes it easy for travellers to research the areas and interests surrounding their destination, which has the potential to result in additional bookings.

6. Compelling Photos and Images

Effectively used, images can help drive more visitors to your website, promote social sharing, and ultimately help drive business goals such as sales. Images present a powerful opportunity to drive visitors to your website – and ultimately to the door of your local business.

Tourism websites need to have really attractive and high-quality photos of destinations. These are what attract people and they want to visit that spot. Make sure you have good quality media on your website for all the places, hotels, major tourist spots that you cover.

In this case, incorporating effective images, photos, graphics, and other visual elements can go a long way in enticing a customer and engendering a certain level of brand loyalty, particularly if the website is branded toward a particular segment of the market.

7. Easy Booking System

A wide range of online booking system features gets you higher revenues by allowing your users to avail of special offers, promo codes, and the ability to do group bookings. Online booking systems are designed to provide all the features of self-service portals. Potential users book services based on the open dates suggested by the system. 

Trawex provides Real-Time Booking System which allows you to utilize client data to generate repeat business and track everything that strengthens your online presence and brand identity. We keep track of your clients, manage reviews, drive client retention emails, and create loyalty promotions.

Trawex’s easy booking system integrates with your website to give your customers a convenient and consistent booking experience. Your customers can instantly book from a real-time booking interface displayed on your current website.

8. Customer Reviews

Clients are much more in control of the type of purchases they make and are more likely to research their options before converting. Testimonials, customer reviews, and recommendations are some of the top ways travelers do research before making any purchase decision. 

Travel website that allows for customers to review all aspects of a travel company’s operations helps further that transparency and allow travelers to see and interact with other customers, creating a small community of sorts that increase a travel company’s ability to engage with customers and utilize feedback to improve how the company functions. 

To ensure you’re giving your customers the potential to be swayed by these decisions, you need to have reviews besides your product. Using the Trawex products, you can harness the power of reviews and boost your rankings and sales.

9. Pricing

Nothing makes a visitor bounce quicker than unexpected charges and taxes are one of the easiest ways to frustrate a client. One of the best features about this travel Website is the pricing trends and the predictive algorithms on where prices are going -- up or down. Make use of pricing tables that are simple and clear: it should offer just the right amount of information to help a traveler choose

10. Awesome Travel Content

As travel agents, suppliers, or travel websites, it is highly unlikely that you will offer entirely unique products to your competitors. But you can showcase your offering and make your product and brand stand out by having awesome content.

11. Your Website Matters More Than You Think

Travel website must serve as a means to enhance customer engagement rather than just being an eCommerce tool. It must be able to create long term relationships with the clients. Travel websites are a comprehensive & powerful tool to make your online presence impactful on today’s digital landscape. 

If you are looking for a travel website, you are in right place. We are a unified travel website development and online travel business solution provider company, delivering scalable B2C & B2B solutions to global travel operators & travel companies.

Trawex can help develop a world-class tour and travel website for your business. Trawex team goes above and beyond to help travel websites stand out with user-friendly web design, and help them to broadcast their message and expand their reach more effectively.

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