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Types of Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest in the world and has developed rapidly over the last decades.

In a crowded marketplace packed with a wide variety of innovative products, tour operators, DMCs or OTAS must distinguish themselves by streamlining their online tour operation and combining the benefits of traditional holidays with advanced custom tour packages.

Over the last decades, the tourism industry has undergone a tremendous digital transformation, helping both travel providers and end-customers to simplify the travel planning and booking process and streamline travel operations. It is possible through the power of Travel Technology.

The travel and tourism industry has grown dramatically over the years with the advent of new technologies. The way of tourism has changed on a global scale.

The effect of technology on the travel and tourism sector is immense, as more and more travelers will compare and check for all kinds of information available on the Internet about potential destinations.

1. Types of the Tourism Industry

There are five major categories of tour operators that you could come into: inbound tour operators, outbound tour operators, domestic tour operators, receptive tour operators and ground tour operators.


# Inbound Tour Operators


Inbound tour operators are considered experts in the destination and are aware of the best tours and activities in any region. They recommend these excursions to their travel customers, so it is vital that you work with these agents to promote your brands. They would be best qualified to offer reliable, exciting tours that are easy to book.

Inbound tour operators bring visitors to the country as a group or through individual tour packages. They manage all activities in the host country; and the types of tours they curate are for non-residents touring the country. 


# Outbound Tour Operators


Unlike inbound tour operators, outbound tour operators operate inside their own countries to take tourists to other countries. They are tour operators that market their tours for international destinations, either for business or leisure travel.


# Domestic Tour Operators


Domestic tour operators are those who put together and sell inclusive tour packages to domestic travelers. In other words, they are tour operators who provide travel packages and tours within a tourist’s native country.

Domestic tour operators often combine a number of tourist components into an inclusive package that can be offered to travelers within the boundaries of a country.

Domestic tour operators form key partnerships with other tour and activity providers in order to achieve a higher portion of the domestic tourism market.


# Receptive Tour Operators (RTOs)


Receptive Tour Operators (RTOs) offer tourism products to tour operators in other markets (as a business-to - business relationship).

In addition, RTOs offer tourism products, whether offered in a tour package or on their own, to tour operators and/or travel agents. They’re just wholesalers, and they don't sell directly to the consumer.

Another main aspect of RTOs is that they are specialists in the field in which they operate; and they know much more than just hotels and the types of tourism activities offered in the region. As such, RTOs help other tour operators identify things such as hotels, amenities and design itineraries in regions they are not familiar with.


# Ground Tour Operators


Ground tour operators operate on a domestic level. However, they vary from domestic tour operators in that they arrange tours for incoming visitors on behalf of incoming tour operators (and often outbound tour operators).

2. How Technology Changed the Travel and Tourism Industry ?

Travel technology is on the rapid increase in today's market, providing customers with better rates, quicker results and simple online booking. The development of the travel portal has fully redefined the means of travel and hustle of the customers. 

Travel companies work on creative and cost-effective ways to find an innovative way to sell their products. Trawex is a travel technology company dedicated to providing our clients with easily accessible travel solutions that help them manage their travel business with complete excellence and accountability.

Trawex provides a wide variety of web-based travel applications to all segments of the travel industry. Our platform is ideal for tour operators, travel agencies, car hire companies and DMCs offering them a booking portal as well as a management and accounting system for flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing and tours.

Our end-to-end travel software solutions designed all around technology needs of the industry help drive business innovation. We have expertise in providing travel management software development services to enable companies to embrace digital transformation and deliver smooth, personalized and differentiated customer experience.

We enable travel companies develop new engagement models to keep up with the rising demands of consumers in a digitally connected world while balancing costs.

Our technologies allow travel companies to scale and develop and manage high-performance travel programmes with even the most complex requirements. From touch points to journeys, we make it possible for travel brands to develop a vision of customer experience.

As a leading travel software development company, our dedicated development team will provide you with both must-have and unique features that make your travel tourism and hospitality applications stand out.

3. Travel & Tourism App Development Solutions

Travel companies around the world are bringing creative, cost-effective technologies to develop a new approach to selling their products or services. Development of the Travel Portal is a marketing term for all travel agencies.

As a professional travel application development company, we have the opportunity to implement technical solutions to the travel & tourism business. Our development team understands the terms of the industry and helps you meet increasing demand from users and partners.

We specialize in developing complex tourism apps that benefit the world's leading travel brands. We provide efficient travel application development services with faster response times and increased return on investment.

We develop the most detailed travel app to suit your needs and goals. You can buy and sell tourist products such as hotels, flights, holiday packages, rentals, excursions, transport, transfers, rental cars, cruises, etc.

Our powerful tour operator software module enables tour operators to build complex products with dynamic inventory availability.

Hire well-trained travel and tourism technology development teams and specialists in the development of mobile travel apps to deliver innovative, world-class results.

We offer exciting Tours Travel Software that provides customized holiday packages and tour packages to worldwide destinations. Our travel website provides a user-friendly platform to book your holiday packages at ease.  We bring you up to date with the latest offers and services.


Key Features:


  • Flexibility to determine the true profitability of each revenue stream

  • Greater flexibility and convenience for online booking

  • High Volume Reconciliation capability

  • Complete financial management

  • Easy access to information in real time to identify new sales opportunities

  • Integral CRM for enhanced sales and support

  • Powerful proactive business alerts and automated business processes

  • Advanced Business Intelligence with in-depth analysis , data visualization and self-service

4. Are you a Tour Operator, looking for a solution to streamlining your tour related operations?

Trawex facilitates managing inventory and group travel, creating packages, managing customers and travel agents, fully automates sales process, improve the ordering of services, manages accounts and provides comprehensive insights into your travel business.

We bring you custom tour operator software to help your business in successfully managing tours and to stay competitive in the industry. Our first-class software has been proven the remarkable ability in promoting brand awareness and reaching more customers via 100% user-friendly features.

This versatile and flexible tour operating system can meet the needs of any tour operator with its modular design. It can be used for all kinds of outbound travel: package tours, flights, cruises, bus tours, group tours and vacation homes.

We help you create packages, book flight tickets and products from third-party suppliers, manage customers and travel agents, fully automate your sales process, automate marketing efforts, manage accounts and gain full insight into your travel business.


With our solution tour operators can:


  • Connect to Extranet for direct suppliers and via XML with Channel Managers

  • Connect through XML with travel wholesalers and GDSs for dynamic content of hotels, flights, transfers, tours, car rentals, etc.

  • Guarantee to own customers speedy product search and instantly confirmation

  • Distribute content through B2B or B2C reservation systems via affiliates (B2B2B / B2B2C)

  • Access dynamic inventory to generate complex package tours containing combined services

  • Set up business rules and accurate pricing an payment arrangements

5. The Future for Tour Operators

Tour operators and providers now need to become smarter. A website that has the ability to capture attention, manage all the logistical elements as well as provide a personalized experience is made up of a number of factors determined by the technology used. 

If you are in the tourism and hospitality industry and are looking to boost your business and increase your bottom line, a better technology solution can help. 

Trawex offers a tailored service such as personalized excursions, upgrades and destinations that ensure the experience becomes richer and easier for the tour operator to create a lifelong customer base. Our software offers functionality specifically designed to deal with the challenges facing the tourism and travel sector. 

In combination with our experience and expertise in implementing and supporting solutions for businesses across the industry, from travel agents and tour operators to hotels and holiday parks, our solutions can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Please get in touch for more about Trawex's technology offering for tour operators here.


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