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What is Travel Insurance - Ideal For Online Travel Businesses Wishes to Sell Insurance With their Other Products

Trawex has Travel Insurance XML API Integration, a leading travel insurance company caters best travel insurance and medical service for traveler.


Travel Insurance Integration


Through Travel Insurance API Integration, the travel companies can ensure a worry-free foreign trip for their customers with access to easy-to-customize travel insurance and medical services all in one place.

Whenever we are planning for a trip, we usually think about booking hotels, flights, bus tickets. Although, we miss out on a very important thing, The Travel Insurance.

Just like health insurance or any other policy, travel insurance is also important for the safety of your money and life.

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that offers you coverage from all potential emergencies that you may come through while traveling, either domestically or internationally.

These emergencies include medical treatment, accidental death or injury, loss of luggage, ticket delays or trip cancellations, and other things.

In simple terms, travel insurance plans help you to tackle all medical and travel contingencies while traveling overseas. You can customize your travel plans as per the destinations and needs of the customer.

Travel protection has gotten basic to safeguard one against unanticipated conditions when abroad. It provides peace of mind should things go wrong, and offers recourse and protection against inconveniences.

The ongoing spate of natural disaster, calamities and common upheavals around the globe has made travelers even more aware of the need to buy the correct sort of travel insurance.

There is a huge range of travel policies available in the world. While the benefits may appear similar, some differences can affect the outcome of a claim. To avoid any unwelcome surprises, it is important to read and understand the terms, benefits, and exclusions as spelled out in your policy.

Travel Insurance offers insurance protection while you travel. Travel Insurance might be called by various names by insurance agencies. You need to check and understand whether the policy covers domestic travel or overseas travel or both.

Travel Insurance secures you or potentially family against travel-related mishaps, unexpected medical expenditure during travel, misfortunes, for example, baggage loss, loss of passport, etc. and interruption or delays in flights or delayed arrival of baggage, etc. You should read and understand the approach you are thinking about exactly covers.

Do ask your insurer or agent or intermediary inquiries to clear the entirety of your questions and experience the terms and conditions of the spread completely.

Travel Insurance regularly offers spread distinctly during a particular time of travel.

However, some insurance agencies may offer different mixes of security to oblige the particular needs of clients e.g., there could be a unique arrangement for Corporate Frequent Travelers and so on.

The Scope of Cover and Benefits offered by various insurance agencies would change.

You should look around to guarantee that you buy a strategy that you need. The following are covers that are generally provided under Travel Insurance though the combination may vary. The list, however, is not exhaustive.


  • Medical Expenses with or without a cashless office (most travel insurance products offer cashless office)

  • Personal Accident

  • Loss of Baggage

  • Delay in Baggage arrival

  • Loss of Passport

  • Travel Delay

  • Repatriation

  • Transportation of dead body etc.


Why should one buy International Travel Insurance?


Travel protection is a sort of protection that takes care of the expenses and losses related to traveling. It is a valuable assurance for those traveling locally or abroad.

Many organizations selling tickets or travel packages give shoppers the choice to buy travel insurance, otherwise called travelers insurance.

Some travel strategies spread harm to individual property, leased hardware, for example, rental autos, or even the expense of paying a ransom. As soon as possible sold as a package, travel protection may incorporate a few sorts of inclusion.

The main categories of travel insurance incorporate excursion crossing out or interference inclusion, things and belongings inclusion, therapeutic cost inclusion, and unexpected demise or flight accident coverage.

Coverage frequently incorporates 24/7 hour crisis services, for example, replacing lost passports, money wire help, and re-booking dropped flights.

Also, some travel insurance strategies may copy existing inclusion from different suppliers or give insurance for costs that are refundable by different methods.

To the vast majority of us, travel insurance appears to be an unnecessary cost. It is something which, more often than not, is not considered as part of one’s travel plans.

Travelers have for quite a long time, though little of the essentialness of travel insurance, as its motivation possibly comes to fore when things turn out badly.

But then, after all, isn’t it better to be safe than be sorry, especially when you’re away from home and help can be difficult to get by.

While traveling may take us to the most exciting, exhilarating, colorful and vibrant corners of the planet, it also comes with a fair share of risks and dangers of the unforeseen.

There is absolutely no telling as to what might happen when you embark on your trip as there are simply hundreds of circumstances that can bring your trip to a halt.

Political unrest, a natural disaster or a medical emergency can force you to cut your trip short and return home earlier than planned.

However, travel insurance is a special type of insurance designed to cover the individual from a variety of travel-related perils.


Trip Cancellation or Interruption Coverage


Excursion cancellation insurance, now and again known as trip interruption insurance or outing postpone protection, repays a traveler for paid ahead of time, nonrefundable travel expenses.

Providers vary on acceptable cancellation and interruption causes and the amount of reimbursement available.

The most well-known satisfactory reasons incorporate disease, a passing in the close family, sudden business clashes, and climate-related issues.

Trip cancellation is beneficial when paying more upfront than what you're comfortable losing. For example, if you pay $2,000 for a package tour and the tour's cancellation policy stipulates that all but $100 is refundable upon cancellation.

The insurance will cover only the nonrefundable $100. Also, there is no need to protect a refundable airline ticket. 


Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage


Baggage and belongings coverage protects lost, taken, or harmed possessions during a trip. It might incorporate inclusion during travel to and from a destination.

Most carriers, such as airlines, reimburse travelers if baggage is lost or destroyed because of their error. However, there may be limitations on the amount of reimbursement. In this manner, baggage and belongings inclusion gives an extra layer of security.

The possibility of baggage and individual things being lost, taken, or harmed is a continuous travel problem. Many travel insurance policies pay for assets simply after you exhaust all other accessible cases.

Your homeowners or renters insurance may broaden inclusion outside of your home, and aircraft and journey lines are answerable for misfortune and harm to your things during transport.

Additionally, credit cards may give software security to things like postponements and stuff or rental auto crashes whenever utilized for deposits or other travel related costs.


Short-Term Medical and Major Medical Coverage


The two essential kinds of medical travel insurance arrangements are short term medicinal and major medicinal coverage. Short term policies cover a traveler from five days to one year, contingent upon the policy picked.

Significant medicinal coverage is for travelers who are intending to take longer trips going from a half year to one year or more.

Medicinal coverage can help with medical costs, help to find agents and healthcare services facilities, and even help with acquiring foreign language services.

Likewise, with different approaches, coverage will change by cost and supplier. Some may cover airlift travel to a medicinal office, lengthy visits in outside clinics, and restorative cleaning at home to get care.

The U.S. government urges Americans to counsel their medical protection suppliers before traveling to decide if a strategy expands its coverage abroad.

For example, medical insurance may cover the safeguarded in the U.S. what's more, Canada, yet not in Europe. Also, some medical coverage suppliers may require earlier endorsement for inclusion to stay valid.

Before purchasing a policy, it is imperative to read the policy provisions to see what exclusions, such as preexisting medical conditions, apply and not assume that the new coverage mirrors that of an existing plan.

Emergency medical coverage may be redundant. Most health care insurance organizations pay "standard and sensible" emergency hospital costs in the event that you become sick or harmed while traveling, however but few will pay for a medical evacuation. Note that Medicare does not cover any expenses outside the U.S.


Accidental Death and Flight Accident Coverage


If an accident results in death, disability, or serious injury to the traveler or a family member accompanying the traveler, an accidental death and flight accident policy pays benefits to survive beneficiaries.

Flight accident insurance gives inclusion to accidents and deaths happening during flights on an authorized business airline. General exclusions will apply, such as death caused by drug overdose, death resulting from sickness, etc. 

Accidental death coverage may not be fundamental in the event that you already have an insurance coverage.

However, benefits paid by your travel insurance coverage might be in addition to those paid by your life insurance policy, in this way leaving more cash to your beneficiaries.


Evacuation Due To Political Unrest


Right in the middle of your trip to Jordan, riots break out in several parts of the country due to political unrest. You should evacuate immediately for security reasons however the expense of flight tickets has quite recently rocketed because of the unexpected exodus of travelers.

You have no choice but to pay for the inflated airfares to get back to safety. Who will reimburse you for the cost of air-fare which you had to incur due to an unforeseen emergency evacuation?


Reimbursement of Prepaid Expenses Emergency Evacuation


While arranging a holiday, it so regularly happens that we book our flights as well as our hotel in advance, essentially for the explanation that it causes one spare generously.

Travel in addition to convenience bargains are a typical offering from travel and booking sites.

However, due to an emergency has arisen; you must evacuate the country you’re visiting to get back to safety. But, you've just paid your return flight as well as for an entire two weeks at the hotel, out of which a decent entire week remains.

You must leave but you will lose out on the money which you’ve paid for your hotel as well as for the travel. Who will reimburse you for those pre-paid costs?


Purchasing Travel Insurance


Travel insurance will vary by the supplier on cost, rejections, and coverage. The purchaser should know about perusing all revelation statements before they buy the protection.

Coverage is accessible for single, numerous, and yearly travel. Per-trip coverage ensures a single excursion and is perfect for individuals who travel once in a while.

Multi-trip coverage protects various outings happening in one year; however, none of the journeys can surpass 30 days. Yearly inclusion is to visit travelers. It protects for an entire year.

In addition the duration of travelers' insurance coverage, premiums depend on the sort of inclusion gave an explorer's age, the destination, and the expense of your outing.

Standard per-trip approaches cost between 5% to 7% of the excursion's expense. Specific strategy riders focus on the necessities of business travelers, competitors, and expatriates.

Additionally, when traveling, it is proposed that a traveler register sightseeing plans with the State Department through its free online help Travel Registration site.

The closest international safe haven or office can get in touch with them if there is a family crisis or a state or national crisis.

From the list of reasons referenced above, it is very clear, that travel insurance can, without a doubt, salvage you from an assortment of undesirable circumstances, which cannot just lead to monetary loss but in some medically severe cases, irreparable damage or loss of life.

Thus, whenever you choose or plan for an excursion, remember to take a travel protection approach. Not only can it save you from a lot of unforeseen and unnecessary trouble, but also, provide assistance in case you find yourself stranded at any point in your travel.


Different travel insurance plans provided by the insurance companies


Student Travel Insurance: Student travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that offers medical and financial support to the students traveling overseas for higher education.

It covers medical expenses, treatment for medical and nervous disorders, study interruption, loss or delay in checked-in baggage, loss of passport, childcare benefits, cancer screening, loss of passport, hijacking benefit, trip delay/cancellation benefit, missed departures/missed connections, etc.

For children, minimum entry age is 12 years at the time of commencement of the policy and maximum entry age 40 years in case of adults. 


Multi-trip insurance: Multi-trip insurance is a type of customized annual plan that is designed especially for travelers who undertake multiple trips in a year.

It covers medical expenses, loss of passport, daily cash allowance in case of hospitalization beyond two days, trip delay or cancellation, personal liability, loss or delay of checked-in baggage, compassionate visit, hijacking benefit, accidental death and dismemberment benefit, airline booking/bounced hotel, sickness dental relief, missed departures/missed connections, difference in air ticket prices due to early return or delayed return, etc.


It’s a tailor-made plan for members aged a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 70 years.


Leisure travel insurance: Leisure travel insurance is a comprehensive travel plan for a holiday overseas.


It covers medical expenses, loss of passport, trip cancellation, trip curtailment, repatriation of mortal remains, loss or delay of checked-in baggage, accidental death and dismemberment benefit, emergency cash advance, personal liability benefit, assistant services, daily cash allowance in case of hospitalization beyond two days, airline booking/bounced hotel, hijacking benefit, home content insurance, compassionate visit, emergency hotel extension, political risk and catastrophe evacuation, difference in air prices due to delayed or early return, return of mirror, etc.


Asia travel insurance: It’s an affordable plan designed especially for travel within Asia. It takes care of the uncertainties that you might encounter while traveling to Asian countries.

It covers medical expenses, loss or delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, trip delay or cancellation, personal liability benefit, hijacking benefit, accidental death and dismemberment, personal liability benefit, etc.

The minimum entry age for this plan is 18 years in case of adults and 91 days in case of children. Coverage under this plan is available on an individual basis not on the family-floater basis.


Senior-citizen travel insurance: This type of medical policy is aimed at senior citizens to make their travel a pleasant experience. The maximum entry age limit is 71 years in the case of adults.


It includes coverage for medical expenses, hijacking benefit, emergency cash advance, loss or delay of checked-in baggage, trip delay or cancellation benefit, loss of passport benefit, personal liability benefit, missed connections/missed departure, repatriation of mortal remains, sickness dental relief, political risk and catastrophe evacuation, assistant services, etc.

The above-mentioned plans and features may vary according to the insurance companies in the market. So that first of all it is better to compare different plans available before selecting the suitable one.


How to compare travel plans online?


It is very convenient to compare travel insurance policies online. Here’re a few things you need to keep in mind while comparing policies online –


  • Assess your needs

  • Research a little about your company’s background

  • Understand which type of travel plan would be suitable for you

  • Compare the benefits and features of all the plans using the above-mentioned parameters.

  • Figure out your perfect travel insurance plan


Different types of travel insurance


  • Single trip travel insurance Policies

Single excursion travel insurance covers travelers for one outing, beginning when they left from home and ending when they return. A single trip policy can conceal to 10 travelers on global or domestic trips.

Travelers who are worried about dropping their outing should consider a single trip policy with trip cancellation coverage. This benefit reimburses insured trip expenses if a traveler is unable to travel for one of the policy’s covered reasons.

Travelers must ensure all or some of their trip costs to be eligible for this benefit. Single trip policies with trip cancellation are the most widely recognized sort of travel insurance policy purchased.

Most cancellation-style policies are comprehensive, covering travelers to their trip payments, medical emergencies, travel delays, and luggage.

This sort of single trip arrangement ordinarily costs between in the range of 4% and 10% of the traveler's outing cost, contingent upon their age, the length of their trip, and their total trip cost.

Travelers who are not concerned about canceling do not need to insure trip cost, and can buy a single trip, non-cancellation style policy to cover medical emergencies, travel delays, and luggage. Since there is no insured trip cost, these approaches are regularly more affordable. However, aside from trip cancellation coverage, the advantages included are typically the same.


  • Annual Travel Insurance Policies


Annual policies are designed to cover travelers taking multiple short trips through a year. Travelers select a particular start date for a yearly strategy, which can be the departure date for their first outing. A yearly strategy will most recent one year from that date.

Yearly policies normally limit to what extent one trip can last and may have limits for what number of excursions can be taken consistently. The Maximum Trip Length ranges from 30-365 days, contingent upon the policy.

The coverage offered on a yearly strategy ordinarily varies from a single trip policy. Most yearly policies are basically intended to give medical coverage, offering Emergency Medical and Medical clearing benefits. These approaches regularly do exclude trips cancellation coverage.


  • Group Travel Insurance Policies


While a single trip approach can cover up to 10 travelers, group travel protection permits gatherings of at least 10 travelers to buy one policy for their trip.

Group policies offer advantages like single travel policies, including inclusion for cancellations, health-related crises, travel deferrals, and luggage.

Obtaining a gathering travel insurance policy can be a progressively advantageous and reasonable alternative for sorted out groups traveling together.

The premium of a gathering strategy doesn't consider the travelers' ages into account. Therefore, because age is one of the main factors that determine a policy’s premium – along with trip cost and trip length – group policies can be significantly less expensive per traveler.


How Does Travel Insurance Work?


In most scenarios, travel insurance reimburses you for covered financial losses after you file a claim and the claim is approved.

Filing a claim means submitting proof of your loss to the travel insurance company so that we can verify what happened and reimburse you for your covered losses.

You can file a claim online, or do it on your phone with a travel insurance application. How does this work in real life?

Let’s say your purchase the insurance plan, which includes trip cancellation benefits, to protect your upcoming cruise to any tourist place. Two days before departure, you experience sickness.

Your doctor advised you to cancel the trip. At the point when you notify the cruise line, they reveal to you it's too late to get money back.

Without travel insurance, you'd lose the cash you spent on your vacation.

Luckily, a genuine, handicapping disease can be viewed as a secured explanation behind trip cancellation, which implies you can be repaid for you’re paid ahead of time, nonrefundable trip costs.

Once you’re feeling better, you gather the required documents such as your airfare and cruise line receipts and information about any refunds you did or did not receive and you file a claim. Y

ou can even choose to receive your reimbursement via direct deposit, to your debit card or check.

Sometimes, this process works a little differently. Travel insurance may pay your expenses upfront if you require emergency medical treatment or emergency transportation while traveling overseas.

Or, with the Prime and Premier plans, you may be eligible to receive a fixed payment of $100 per day for a covered travel delay or $100 for a covered baggage delay.

No receipts for purchases are required; all you need is verification of your secured delay.

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