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The Most Accurate and Reliable Travel Search Engines

Travel Meta Search Engines provide consumers a time-saving solution for searching for the best deal, through the aggregation of multiple hotels, flights, and other travel sources into one website.

With new competitors leveraging data at the top of the funnel, meta-search engines turn to new services and monetization strategies.

Trawex, a Leading Travel Website Development Company with many years of experience. We serve startups and travel organizations to cater to the specific needs of the client to advance their travel technology with competitive solutions. 

1. What is Travel Search Engine ?

Travel Search Engine


Get the top-notch solution to develop the Meta Search Engine and make a unique comparison website for customers to compare the price between different providers at the portal.

Metasearch engines empower consumers by displaying travel options and directing them to suppliers and online travel agents’ websites and apps to book their travel.

Starting a travel search engine website is a different process for every startup depending on the business plans and goals. The general process includes designing the website and then choosing what type of integration to do, depending on budget, license, or access and stage of development. 

So here Trawex provides the world class solution to develop the Meta Search Engine where guest can compare the price between different providers on a single website and can also book the same.

2. Build A Travel Search Engine Website

Travel Search Engine Website


Trawex helps you to build a Travel Search Engine Website. We provide a single platform to manage the connectivity from PMS or CRS, and the booking fulfillment piece at the direct travel website.

In fact, our collection of customizable templates features a number of designs aimed specifically at those looking to create a professional travel agency website. 

Simple to set up and maintain, each template includes eye-catching stock images to get you started – alongside comprehensive customization options that allow you to edit your color scheme and website structure.


How to proceed:


  • Choose the domain for which you want to integrate the API (Hotel, AIR, Car)

  • Check the API providers who are offering the service you want

  • Then complete all the formalities for the selected API provider

  • Integrate the API into your website (Check with the API providers for more on this)

  • Make your website Live

3. Travel Meta Search Engines To Boost Your Hotel Bookings

Travel Meta Search Engines


Trawex is specially dedicated to displaying travel product pricing and information and is influencing the marketplace for online travel shopping and booking.  

Below are travel search engines list that help you locate travel and destination information. Travel search engines especially aimed at the travel market and we are providing the best travel search engine websites.

Search engines are becoming important in the travel industry. They were created shortly after OTAs and display the current rates of many different hotels in a given destination. 


Some of the famous Travel Meta Search Engines are:




Trivago is one of the latest hotel metasearch engines that have a large market share across Europe.




Kayak is owned and operated by This metasearch engine searches various sites and displays all offers in an intuitive and accurate way.




Wego focuses on the Middle East and Asia Pacific and features popular travel search sites and mobile apps for travellers from these areas.


Google Hotel Ads


The Google Hotel Ads introduces a new method of meta- search marketing for finding and comparing hotels


Trip Advisor


Trip Advisor is the most popular travel website in the world. Statistics show that there are more than 375 million new visitors every month.


Sky Scanner


Sky Scanner has enhanced its market position and now connects your hotel to millions of unique customers each month across 31 countries.




Idealo, which is based in Germany, offers comparisons of hotel prices with other product types. Although mostly used in German-speaking countries, it is extremely significant.

4. Endless Opportunities And Result-Driven Solutions For Building A Travel Booking Website

Travel Booking Website


Trawex provides endless opportunities and best solutions for building a travel booking website. And we provide the best travel search engine ideas.


Direct Database- 


  • Direct database is when you manually create your own travel database. This is usually done when the host is creating a website. 

  • For example, a hotel chain or a tour company that only wants to sell their own hotels or tours, or an airline that is selling their flight tickets directly to consumers. 


GDS Integration- 


  • GDS integration is for OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) to access the full inventory of travel solutions to sell to their customers. 

  • GDS stands for the Global Distribution System that allows travel suppliers to distribute travel products, rates, and relevant information for travel agents to sell. 

  • Some commonly known GDS providers are Amadeus, Sabre, and Galileo, which is also known as Travelport. 


Affiliate Integration- 


  • Affiliate integration is for start-up travel resellers who want to showcase a range of travel deals on their site to earn a commission without having to be an agent. 

  • Affiliate is the easiest and most affordable solution and is most often free to set up. 

  • Affiliate promoters share their booking commission with the affiliate company that is hosting the deals. It is a win-win partnership where the promoter gets access to promote travel services in return for a shared commission. 

  • Affiliates often have creatives to promote such as text links, banner ads, widgets, and white label search engines. 

  • The affiliate referral code is coded into the promotional creatives so that when setting up on a website, the affiliate earns commission when their visitors are referred to by them.


API Integration- 


  • API integration is more advanced than affiliate because it takes more development time to set up and most travel companies do not allow their API to be used freely. A partner may need to be approved for API access before they can set up. 

  • The earning potential varies depending on which company’s API you are setting up. Once approved, you will require an API developer to install the API, which can often require ongoing technical support. 


Take Your Business To The Next Level with Results Driven Travel Solution


The Result-Driven solution for your integration depends on your income and the type of travel company you are creating.


  • Affiliate is the easiest and the lowest cost option. White label affiliates are very competitive, and providers.

  • API is the best option for comparison sites but requires approved access and a time-consuming setup process with specialized developers.

  • GDS would be best for classical travel agents who are working offline and looking to access full inventory.

  • Direct Booking is best for businesses that have already established their services and sell directly to consumers or resellers who are willing and able to create relationships and contracts to resell.

5. Factors And Advantages Of Best Travel Search Engines For Travel Agencies

Trawex provides the best search engine for travel agencies. We provide for its customers the ability to drive more guests directly to their hotel websites. We are providing factors and advantages of travel search engines for travel agencies.

Let’s look at some of the qualities of a simple but best travel search engine for your travel agency:

Easy Integration: An effective search engine easily integrates with your agency’s website.  This reduces implementation costs to your agency.  It also reduces the complexity of use for you and your clients.

Booking Flow:  The booking process should be easy, fast, and feature-rich.

Advanced Functions:  Should include advanced search, extensive flight and pricing details, rich filter-capable flight results, and advanced passenger data.

Registration:  Registration should enable you to easily build your database of online clients. 

24/7 Service:  Clients who prefer to handle their own flight bookings should be able to do so on a 24/7 basis.

Anonymous Search: Allows IATA and non-IATA agencies to customize their iframe sizes and colors.


Advantages Of Using Travel Search Engines


  • For travelers looking to find the best flights, using metasearch engines will extend the search coverage of a given topic—in this case, flight deals—and will allow for a broader spectrum of information to be sought.

  • Instead of wasting time and becoming overwhelmed by using multiple search engines to find great flight deals, using a meta-search engine will reduce time spent on looking for cheap flights, and will offer travelers more results with the same amount of exertion that would be used to browse through only one search engine at a time.

  • Meta-search engines help travelers save time searching for best flights by quickly combining and comparing results, inexorably decreasing stress, confusion, and time spent seeking out the best flight deals.

6. Key Benefits of Travel Meta Search Engines

  • Global inventory

  • Multiple XML APIs Integration

  • Accessible round the clock with best deals

  • Real-time online booking confirmations

  • Custom UIs and mobile compatible Responsive Designs

  • Up-to-date product images, descriptions, amenities, location and maps data

7. Conclusion And Future Scope Of Travel Meta Search Engine

Scope of Travel Booking Website


In General, Meta Search Websites simplify the process of searching and comparing consumer travel products, bringing them to one place and reducing the need to look for the best deal across multiple sites and allowing users to compare different hotels, deals, prices from a wide range of sources early on in the booking process, even before decisions on destinations or details are generated.

Metasearch engines are currently the most powerful sales channels for users who are looking to book a hotel. They have become an alternate choice for hotels to be able to connect to their direct reservation channel – represented on their Booking Engine website – which competes on equal terms with OTAs without requiring a large investment.

Metasearch engine is a kind of tool which works on the web which is very vast; In the future, a meta-search engine can have several optimization features. At present rarely people use meta-search engines because they are very less popular than search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Metasearch engines are for using different search engines on a single browser window, which restricts the user to have use of multiple search engines on the separate browser windows, and that’s the advantage of meta-search engines.


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