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What is Rail API and how it impacts Travel Agencies?

Travel does not include flights on its own, but other modes of transport, of which train and rail are an essential element.

The rail industry has undergone a period of significant change. Increasing customer preferences, globalization of rail passenger services, and a broader choice of travel are establishing a new competitive landscape for the rail industry.

Trawex rail is leading this transformation by providing passenger rail technology solutions that connect rail to the rest of the travel industry. Connect your inventory to travel agencies around the world. 

Our Rail API is a single point of access to shopping, booking, and servicing for all major rail operators around Europe. Get complete control of rail systems, fares, and inventory that you want to make it available.

This API provides access to a huge collection of Trains and Stations data that includes features such as Train Live status, PNR status, and more. With this Rail API, you'll have access to essential details on your own. This includes fares that vary across a number of variations.


Rail API functionality includes:


  • Extensive search

  • Seat maps

  • Payment gateway

  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

  • Group booking

  • Ticketing and fulfillment options

  • Reservation opportunities

  • Fare alternatives

  • Service choices

  • Post-booking activities

1. How to Connect to Rail Booking APIs ?

Rail Booking API


Rail travel is fast becoming a travel choice for travelers around the world. Passengers demanding the best travel choices need to be more informed about the benefits of rail travel.

Trawex Rail API is among the largest aggregators of rail content. It offers a connection to major European rail companies through a single XML API. We provide Rail API that will make your task easier as it allows you to access rail data without interruption and you can focus on delivering excellent services to your customers.

Apart from that, for user convenience, it can be accessed through three channels that we mentioned: API solution, Agency desktop (full search automation, PNR, back-office and report feature included), and Internet Booking Engine (web-based Agency login portal for integration with booking management systems).

Railway companies can compete more efficiently with other modes of transport and improve bookings in both existing and new markets. It makes rail companies a more visible alternative for potential passengers, giving them a viable choice of travel options and a convenient way to evaluate them.

Our Rail API enables the rail system to connect to the global digital market through a single connection. Our platform allows rail companies to sell more tickets in two ways. 

First, we ensure that rail content is presented as a valid travel choice for agency experts, corporate customers, and consumers to further extend your scope and unlock the demand of business and leisure travelers. Second, we showcase rail services in a way that primarily appeals to travel customers to help maximize your sales potential. 

Train Booking System is a travel program that provides all the requisite facilities to its clients when they are ready to schedule any trip. The aim of the web application "Train Booking System" is to provide information to tourists who want to visit different locations and to know the distance between specific locations, etc.

Whether the consumers are large or small, they are all unique. They have specific needs, unique preferences, and unique origins. In order to stay competitive across the globe, you need to consider and fulfill what your customers are looking for.

Our comprehensive set of solutions lets you serve your customers and business travelers with access to the best fares, content, and resources you need to manage their travel needs.


Benefits We Offer Through Our Train Booking API:


  • Faster response without delays

  • Rail API easy to implement and simple to use

  • Assessing views that will help you expand your business

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Modified database to include a new schedule of trains

  • Our rail API makes your day-to-day tasks easier

  • Your portal become intelligent with our Rail API

  • Using a dashboard to track your daily growth metrics using graph 

  • Search trains, check the availability of seats to add to the PNR status

  • Train search and availability

  • Streamline the process from booking to after-sales

  • Enable your choice for consumers

  • Increase recognition of brands worldwide

  • Increase sales worldwide

2. Get ahead of the competition with the most up-to-date Rail API Technology

Rail Booking API


Trawex Rail API connects your rail offering to the travel ecosystem. We provide Rail API that will make it easy for you to access rail data without interruption and you can focus on delivering outstanding services to your customers. 

Our rail API works alongside your existing systems, allowing you to track and manage the train services, fares, and inventory you wish to make available. You maintain full control of the rail distribution platforms, fares, and inventory you want to make available, and we take care of the rest.

We offer integrated solutions specifically designed for rail travel. Our team of highly experienced entrepreneurs is an industry expert. As an end-to-end service provider, we introduce innovative technologies that provide useful data and insights, enabling you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our Rail API helps travel agents to find all the best rail travel choices in one place. Make it easy for them to provide the best deal to consumers in the shortest time possible.
We deliver modular and scalable rail technology solutions to power rail travel both today and in the future. Our wide array of solutions helps you meet and serve your customers by accessing the resources you need to manage every touchpoint along the journey.

At Trawex, we deliver better results by providing Eurail content that is ideally tailored to the needs of our customers. We work with businesses across Europe and globally, offering real-time access to rail fares and information through online platforms that help deliver competitive advantages.

From corporate travel management companies, leisure operators, and international agencies to train operators, content aggregators, and system integrators, our customers value our ability to simplify the complexities of European rail fares and to incorporate booking data aligned to their market ambitions.

This market-leading functionality-including mobile and e-ticket-is delivered across self-booking tools and API platforms, designed to meet unique requirements.

  • Book trains for any destination, class, or train type

  • Check the PNR status of your ticket

  • Find trains between stations, fares, and seat availability of different classes in trains

  • Select Source and Destination cities, Date of the journey, then click the “Search” button

  • Manage your ticket - download, cancel your tickets easily


Here are some of the best Rail APIs.


  • Amtrak API

  • Deutsche Bahn API

  • EUrail API

  • Eurostar API

  • Railteam API



  • TGV Lyria API

  • Thalys API

3. Get Our Rail API to Boost Sales

Rail Booking API


Trawex allows you to demonstrate your full rail offer through a single railway booking API.


  • Global connections 

A unique API to connect travel agencies in 170 countries and expand internationally.


  • Easy implementation

Easy rail API setup that eliminates unnecessary costs.


  • Single access point

Get our API for Rail Booking and connect to domestic and international markets, opening opportunities for increased revenue across multiple distribution channels.


  • Instant response

Our railway reservation API technology enables direct access to aggregated rail content with millisecond response times.


  • Simple to Use

Connect to the Trawex Rail API with simple integration and benefit from the world’s most advanced shopping, booking, and servicing capabilities from hundreds of suppliers.


  • Unrivaled Content

One integration to access all key European exclusive Rail content.


  • Smart Search

Location-based searching by city and station with additional cost filtering, all including rail fare comparison.


  • Superior Conversion

Benefit from industry-highest success rate in booking opportunities thanks to proven scalability and state-of-the-art supplier integration technologies.


  • Seamless Payment

Flexible payment either using; payment gateway to benefit from a seamless settlement or settling directly via supplier accounts. Billing available in your preferred currency.


  • Grow international sales

Reach travelers worldwide and get new customers.


  • Greater control

Get full control over your rail products and after-sales conditions, including refund and exchange.


  • Detailed reporting

Get accurate reports on any inventory change.


  • Ancillary revenues

Combine rail travel with any other travel service and easily upgrade it to your customers.


  • Better customer experience

Real-time changes in price and availability give your customer’s access to the best available train booking offer.

4. Grow Your Business Using Our Railway Reservation System

Online train booking is growing rapidly among independent travelers with rising demand, especially while traveling in Eastern and Western Europe.

Trawex provides its customers with a rail booking engine that is fully cooperative with the Trawex booking engine and existing travel booking websites to satisfy this requirement.

We provide technological advancements for API integration with European Rail operators. We do have a decade of experience connecting different railroad companies.

Our revolutionary rail software connects you to travel agencies around the world and adapts to the needs of your rail to meet the demands of the traveler.

Train Booking Engine provided by Trawex is a full-featured XML connectivity solution for agents to manage services, schedule, fare, and cancellation rules.

Increase the company's bottom line significantly by using our train booking tools. Our out-of-box train booking program enables you to make reservations, manage activities, and engage in distribution management from a single platform in a hassle-free and simple way.

What is really unique about our train booking program is that it helps agents to have a better view of the seats available and to schedule their bookings for other customers accordingly. Cancelation details are also made accessible to them by a single click.

Overall, this train booking platform is a boon to all those who are looking for ease and convenience when booking train tickets to different locations. And for businesses or travel agencies that are looking for flexible and reliable solutions to boost their business, our train booking engine is a better option!

Multiple options for train operations can be used by this app, including inventory, schedules, rules for enhancing customer service, and fares. There's also an option for train booking agencies to scale up their revenues through websites, train stations, and call centers, besides XML connectivity, travel corporations, and agents.

Train Booking Engine offered by Trawex also has a reservation module with enhanced functionality such as search, booking, promotions, deals, discounts, and customer profile. Also, there are seat maps, negotiated product management, SMS and e-mail notifications, social network integrations, etc available through our software.

Our state-of-the-art train booking platform will allow you to make online payments in a secure and hassle-free manner.


B2B Train Booking Software


Increase your revenue by selling directly from your website with the help of our B2B Train Booking Software. Our portal features software that is the best B2B website that enables quick and simple online booking of rail tickets.

This system is an online web application system that offers entire business control in the hands of rail booking agents who can book tickets for their customers online. 

It gives the agents an accurate explanation of the number of seats available, cancellation list, and strength to help to book against the cancellations immediately.

This software is a benefit for all rail ticketing agents and other associates as it offers secure and scalable solutions for all.


B2C Railway Ticket Booking Software

This state-of-the-art web application software framework offers the ideal forum for online rail ticket bookings on the internet. It lets customers directly book and access tickets, identifies train arrival and departure details in line with their travel plans. 

This software is a secure online rail reservation system. It will enable the customer to search for ticket availability and make online reservations. This B2C platform also lets clients use a secure payment gateway integrated into the portal to pay for their tickets.

You will be able to provide your customers with extensive travel deals, including flights, hotels, transfers, and sightseeing, by incorporating the Trawex Rail Booking system.

Our reservation system is connected to a range of train consolidators and aggregators to give you the ability to find suppliers that are well-tailored to your requirements.

5. How Technology Powers the Future of Rail Travel ?

Rail Booking


It's a new and innovative era for the rail industry. Technology trends continue to change our brand image as customers expand their presence in the industry. As such, the right approach forward is to engage and transform new, constantly connected, and self-sufficient travelers.

Railways are extremely competitive to streamline processes, improve efficiency, raise profits, connect with travelers in real-time, and provide personalized service with the right technologies, all of which result in more satisfied customers and higher profitability.

The primary goal of the implementation of the rail API is to provide all the information needed by users. Agile development is a must because the user has to get the information without complex search procedures. Other essential specifications of the technology are data protection, extensibility, and maintenance. All of these features are included in this web app.

The primary feature of Trawex Rail Booking API Integration is that this mode is not as followed as train lines to flights or hotels. But it's reliable, though. With our technological initiative, you can reach the highly developed market and have a smooth travel experience to help you compete with global brands.

To know more about our Rail API please feel free to contact Trawex.


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