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The vertical sector of travel and hospitality has seen a tectonic change in technology utilization over the last two decades. Travel companies in the United States no longer follow the traditional process of booking travel offers for consumers and businesses. 

With the advent of travel technology and mobile travel applications, agencies in New York and other U.S. cities are using B2C B2B travel software solutions, where end customers and sub-agencies can book online. 

That's why most travel start-ups are looking forward to the OTA model and the market of travel software in USA, is touching all-time high.

That's what, Trawex plays a critical role in helping USA Travel increase productivity and achieve their growth objectives. We help tour operators deliver, with travel solutions to enhance every part of the leisure packaging value chain.  

Trawex is an innovative travel technology company that will provide USA tour operators with a ‘plug-and-play’ travel technology solution. We have strengthened various travel businesses by travel booking system for Flight, Hotels, Cars, Sightseeing’s, and Travel Packages. 

Our consolidated travel technology solutions mean company assistance and technology practice hand in hand, giving excellent performance, with a particular time of the decision to analyze program administration.

Trawex understands the need for mobile responsive websites that run exceptionally great on all machines. We are also making efforts for mobile utilization advancement for Android and iOS at very reasonable figures.

1. Digitalization for Tourism and Travel Industry

Tourism & Travel Industry


New digital technologies, changing travel patterns and innovative product types are just a few forces that drive the travel ecosystem into a new development. At Trawex, our years of global experience supporting leading companies give us a unique digital perspective about what’s best for your business.

Trawex will put together digital strategy, deep market experience, product skills, and technology expertise to help businesses plan, develop and scale digital business solutions. Together with our customers, we will discover tomorrow's opportunities.

Our development team has a relentless focus on providing a scalable and secure technology platform that can be a driving factor for ambitious travel companies. We specialize in insightful approaches that are highly adaptable to various business processes within the travel domain.

2. Tour Operator Software - Complete Solution for Tour Operators

Tour Operator Software


In this fast-growing travel industry, tour operator needs the best software which manages their package and maximizes booking online to increase their business profit also they require proper tour operator structure to increase their revenue. 

Tour operator software is helping you with it. Tour Operator Software is a travel software for travel agents, tour operators, and travel agencies that enables online travel inventory management, package customization, online booking, online payment gateway, group booking with excellent services such as ordering, accounting, reports, CRM and many more.

It will bring advantages such as real-time booking and sales automation to make it easy for you and your visitors to book their trips without any errors. It can also help you quote faster both retail customers and B2B agents to increase your team’s productivity.

Trawex helps Travel and Tour Companies to transform their business with technology to bring change and prosperity. At Trawex, we help companies to understand the benefits of tour software in long-term business which intrigues them to embark on the journey.


Tour Operator Software is made up of top modules such as:


  • Booking/Reservation Management
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Back-office Management
  • Accounting Management

3. The All-In-One Booking Engine for Tour & Activity Operators

Tour Booking System


Trawex provides a state-of-the-art tour booking system with a tour quotation booking system for tour operators and travel agencies worldwide to help them manage their tour business efficiently. 

Tour booking system is an easy-to-use, multifaceted booking system specifically built for tour operators and travel agencies looking to offer their customers with a wide array of local tours, trips, and experiences in one location 

Tour Operators can easily integrate tour booking systems in their travel website which enables 24*7 access and fast response preventing the loss of potential bookers. By means of tour booking software, tour operators can offer guests the convenience of booking. I.e. Customers can book tours immediately.

Travel booking software saves their time with efficient operation so that they can concentrate on creating memorable travel experiences using a tour quote booking system.

With our tour booking engine, tour operators can accept bookings on their own website. In your own brand. Use the payment options you choose. In the currency you want. Across devices.

4. Unlock Explosive Growth with World’s #1 Travel CRM Software

Travel CRM Software


Trawex specializes in the development of intelligent business solutions for hospitality and travel industry representatives. We focus our activity on custom software development. The creation of the CRM system according to the features of the company, its product or services strengthens customer relationships, increases profitability, and enlarges the stream of potential customers. 

With a dedicated CRM system, you will be able to concentrate on your core business strategies, implementing in your CRM industry-specific processes and terminology. Our CRM platform can help you manage your customer and business relationships by offering a single central location designed to meet all your unique business needs.

Grow your business faster by cultivating and tracking every lead before it ends, generate beautiful itineraries with strong follow-ups and customer profiles that help create stronger relationships with customers. We deliver a feature-rich, customizable, and easy-to-use travel CRM for travel business.

We help travel businesses to succeed with technology. Our Travel CRM is a premium travel software. 
Our custom engineered travel CRM software simplifies travel invoice management, booking management, and organize customer information. Manage multi-channel bookings from one channel.


How CRM Software Can Ease Travel Business CRM Activities?


  • Manage customers Inquiries for all travel services
  • Get customized reports of your leads as per their status
  • Get an overview of all bookings and payments received and outstanding status within seconds.
  • Let your customers know quickly about future activities, sales, discounts, and tours.
  • Set up daily follow-up alerts and experience faster and easier lead management.
  • Generate multiple or personalized destination-based package quotes.
  • Make cancellation and refund quickly and be your customer's choice.
  • Communicate with your clients, get reviews quickly and easily
  • Allocate on-line tasks to your team members and submit instant updates

5. Travel Agency Accounting Software for Travel Business

Accounting and finance are key functions of each company. That’s what our accounting software delivers the promise of quality service and quality accounting for your tour and travel business to handle your finance with ease.

Our travel accounting software creates an effortless way of finance and accounting management for all travel agencies. This advanced tour and travel accounting software are capable of fulfilling all the financial needs of your business.

This software offers online access to complete finances in the business while you are travelling anywhere and anytime. It is pioneering web-based accounting software for tour operators and travel agencies that provide all the features you need to manage billing, invoicing, accounting, finance in a hassle-free manner.


Key Features of Finance and Accounting module:


  • In-depth and comprehensive financial reports for better decision making
  • Reduction of manual errors due to the automation of processes
  • Saves time taken for approval of invoices and cash disbursements
  • Saves staff costs on manual accounting
  • Auto sales & purchase entries are reflected in the accounting
  • Auto-generated payment receipt & invoice in PDF form

6. Back-Office Management - Simplify your Back-office Operations

Trawex provides a powerful travel back-office system that helps you manage all your business rules, such as markups, commissions, promotions, etc based on predefined criteria for effective revenue management and automation of routine tasks that take up a lot of time. 

Our back-office system solution works seamlessly across both web and mobile devices, allowing you to manage the various aspects of your travel business on the go. What's more, the travel agency back-office software is 100% cloud-based which means all your data is stored securely online and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. 

With our back-office software, you can significantly cut down your overheads and eliminate costly human errors, improving your overall business profitability.


Our Web-Based Back Office System Manages:


  • Tour management - Create tours through input services and easily define the selling price.
  • Automated supplier ordering - communication with your suppliers is fully automated.
  • B2C online booking - publish your travel products online.
  • Partner booking (B2B) - allow your travel agents to book easier, download invoices, create vouchers
  • Reservation management - create reservations, enter customers, and track payments
  • Document creation - create invoices, vouchers, receipts, etc
  • Finance and accounting - complete management of your accounts payable and receivable
  • Reports - get a better insight into the business of your tour operator and find critical locations

7. How to Select the Best Tour Operator Software Which Helps Tour Operator to Grow Their Business?

Best Tour Operators


Trawex is a leading travel technology company that introduces a travel system for a travel agent, tour operators, travel agency, and travel portal company which helps to grow travel business faster in an easy and effective manner by providing an online booking facility.

It increases revenue, sales, and also expands the range of travel products in an easy and quick way to boost consumer relationships, develop customer loyalty, and increase the sales growth of the travel business.

It also has excellent functionalities such as back-office functionalities, bookings, CRM, and accounting. As with all of this tour operator software, online booking can enhance rapidly and efficiently.


Explore how Tour Operator Software can be a Game Changer for Tour and Travel Industry!
See why USA Travel and global travel agencies have chosen Trawex to implement and enhance their travel experience, generate new revenue, and drive productivity.

Trawex is a world’s leading travel technology company specialize in innovative, strategic Travel Technology Solutions, strongly oriented by our collaborative and transparent customer relationships. 

We understand the needs of the travel market in a number of ways and are uniquely equipped to deliver best-in-class products with the shortest time on the market. Our products empower Travel Agencies, Tour Operator, and Business Travel intermediaries.

Contact Trawex Today for a complete solution for your USA tour operators to manage your customer travel efficiently. We integrate key travel functions to make every step of every journey easier to manage at every stage of every process both in front of the house and behind the scenes.


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