Fleet Management

A modular solution for enhancing fleet performance with real-time tracking


Fleet Management – Track, Analyze & Improve Your Fleet Operations

Improve your fleet, enhance tracking and accessibility, and manage your workflow with Trawex Tailored Fleet Management Software Solution.

Our Fleet Management System is designed specifically for travel companies to help business owner’s work with the most efficiency. Companies need to improve productivity and eliminate risks with vehicle investment.

Key Attributes of Fleet Management Software

  • Easily add vehicle details to drivers unlimited
  • Billing module to generate billing
  • Perfect to maintain small to large fleets
  • User can send the billing to the respective email
  • Get alert for vehicle documents and update
  • Dispatch module to allocate car of vehicle type
  • Easy to make reservations and make changes, if any
  • Expert module for managing bookings and billing process
  • Booking module to create multiple bookings on time
  • Dispatch of communication between the organizer and the fleet
  • Scheduling functions, including real-time updates
  • Route replays and KPIs including maintenance costs and schedules
  • GPS integration
  • Vehicle tracking with engine management modules
  • One-click invoices and billing capabilities employee reports
  • Expenditure and transaction details

Benefits of Our Fleet Management Software

  • Customer & Employee Record
  • Easily create tariffs and taxes
  • Booking alert by SMS & email
  • Easily create and dispatch your booking
  • Active user, car, and vendor alert
  • Generate the Customer & Vendor Duty Report/Bill
  • Generate individual booking report/bill
  • Dispatch your reservation easily
  • Generate the Consolidation Report in Excel
  • Alert for car renewal document

Why Trawex Fleet Management System

What Is Fleet Management System?

Fleet management software is an advanced module system that tracks all business operations, vehicle maintenance and fleet performance. In addition to workflow automation, the system performs business analysis, advances decision-making and identifies possibilities.

Vehicle and Fleet Management System is a technology solution that helps you evaluate your vehicle's real-time data to gain a better insight and evaluation of your fleet operations.

Vehicle management systems can be managed without the availability of web experts. Also, all activities related to fleet management, such as bookings for bill generations, can be easily scaled.

Opting for Fleet management software is a better method where one can acquire the desired car at a reasonable rate without thinking about the security issues.

Trawex has expertise in developing a smart and easy-to-use Fleet Management Solutions for your business, giving you everything you need to manage your fleet.

Here, we have a team of experts to develop an advanced mobile app and web-based fleet management solution to dynamically plan your daily fleet activities, manage and automate driver tasks, and monitor and schedule fleets.

We are a pioneer in creating and delivering an extensive range of top-notch fleet management app development solutions to industry professionals – enabling them to leverage the potential of cutting-edge fleet management integration and solutions.

Identifying the difficulties of fleet operations, our travel domain experts build a scalable, flexible vehicle management system that can be customized to best suit your exact business needs.

Travel companies with their own fleet of vehicles can use our fleet management module to manage their guests. Our web-based fleet management feature efficiently manages fleet businesses regardless of their size. It enables real-time fleet and vehicle tracking, optimized efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Why Fleet Management Systems are so important?

Fleet management plays a prominent and diverse role in an age of globalization and increasing competition. Fleet management software is widely used by travel companies as it helps to manage multiple vehicles from small to large travel agencies at a time.

As a leading fleet management software provider, Trawex offers custom fleet management software at an affordable price. This software is best suited to all individuals who want to hire more than one car.

Fleet management is a process used by enterprise customers to manage all fleet and resource data, from acquisition to disposal. This enables companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance throughout the entire fleet operation.

When it comes to managing small or large fleets of cars, busses, our best fleet management solution gives you the entire glimpse you need, allowing everything informative.

This is customized fleet management software that offers the ability to manage bookings, billing, and service for all your vehicles at the time, giving you a detailed, up-to-date view of your fleet.

This is the fastest-growing car rental booking software with a lot of features that make it the ideal fleet management software for travel companies to maintain their fleet.

This car booking software is easy to set up. If you're a car rental company, it's easy to manage your entire fleet with our car rental software. Car Rental Fleet Management System is a web-based car reservation system that accommodates all car rental fleets.

We are also focused on delivering projects with time-critical solutions and advanced delivery methods. It is due to the dedicated team of talented professionals who have been able to work in this genre on an ongoing basis and to meet the various industrial players accordingly.

Our specialists have expertise in every work section and this ensures that whatever you ask for, we are here to deliver the best in every possible manner.

With the help of fully-featured fleet management, you can manage your fleet with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency.

With our fleet management software, you'll get additional insight into your fleet without any time-consuming tasks. It comes with proficient features that help fleet scheduling, evaluate fleet operations effortlessly.

How To Improve Business Efficiency With Fleet Management System?

Fleet management is the process that allows managing all fleet and asset information. This gives companies the facility to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure consistency across the entire fleet operation.

Fleet Management may include a variety of functions, such as vehicle leasing and financing, vehicle maintenance, licensing and compliance, supply chain management, and monitoring and diagnosis, driver management, speed management, fuel management, safety management.

Fleet management is an essential part that enables companies that rely on business travel to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with vehicle investment, improve efficiency, productivity and reduce overall distribution and personnel costs.

Boost your fleet, increase tracking and visibility, and manage your workflow with Trawex Bespoke Fleet Management Software Solutions, offering GPS tracking, maintenance schedules, fleet cards, and more.

We build low-cost fleet management platforms for you to own, while also implementing, facilitating and customizing popular fleet management systems and third-party systems to deliver truly superior solutions.

Our custom fleet management software is a perfect website tool that helps you manage your fleet operations from all over the world. It's a scalable and streamlined online resource that can run seamlessly over the cloud or can be installed on your local on-site server.

The software solution enables the fleet owner to calculate the best possible way to transport shipments cost-effectively. Powered by string metrics, our custom fleet management software empowers everyone in your fleet to make a viable impact on your business.

If you're looking for a fleet management system that is not just based on advanced technology, but also focused on revenue growth, Trawex is the best option for you.

Our fleet solution developed using cutting edge Technology is future-oriented. It is built to assist the different roles of stakeholders such as Administrator, Regional Manager, Trip Manager, and Driver. It includes all fleet management, online booking, and real-time tracking modules.

Fleet management software also allocates the booking vehicle to the customer. Details about available cars, price and discount to customers can be made available immediately. Documentation work can be carried out on the platform itself. The generation of bills and invoices made it easy for the manager to manage all business operations, cash flow and real-time fleet tracking.

Various fleet management challenges can be addressed through our fleet management software. The most significant challenge in managing the fleet for car rental services is buffer time to clean and checkup of the vehicle between successive bookings.

Our fleet management software is a fully customized fleet management solution platform that caters to the specific industry and business needs. Integrating fleet management software into the car rental business enhances the customer experience with a reduction in cost by task optimization.

Want to develop an online fleet management software to manage the fleet in real-time? We develop a mobile and web-based fleet management solution to track and generate detailed performance reports and business-critical data on a single dashboard.

Contact us today about our comprehensive fleet management services.

Powerful Features to Run Your Business Successfully

Discover a wide range of features in our fleet management software needed to make your business succeed.

  • Vehicle trackingTrack all vehicles in your fleet and group them on various standards.
  • Highly scalableOur fleet solutions are designed to increase the scale of your fleet business.
  • Centralized user management – Remote control will make it easy for you to manage your vehicle and your customer likes a piece of cake.
  • Device App LockThe AI featured app lock will restrict unwanted access.
  • Open standard protocolsThis makes our system extremely efficient and easy to perform.
  • Offline Access We've designed a mobile app that works in offline mode as well.
  • GPS-based route trackingWe facilitate live monitoring of geofencing and alert vehicles.
  • Cloud solutionThis makes our system more realistic and secure, which ultimately helps you gain the trust of the stakeholders.
  • Renewal Reminders Schedule, track and manage service renewal tasks and keep the vehicle service on time.
  • Reports Generate fleet reports with real-time analysis.
  • Driver PerformanceMonitor driver performance by keeping a close eye on the routes taken by him.
  • Route TrackingIt allows tracking the location and performance of fleet vehicles at any time.
  • Vehicle ManagementManage all vehicles in your fleet and group them on different criteria.
  • Quick ResponseWith its fast response, it will save a lot of time and effort.
  • Trip Audit Ensures a day trip of the vehicle, revenue & custom audits.
  • Fuel ManagementIdentifying high fuel consumption vehicles, optimizing their performance.
  • Fast data sharing with Business PartnersIt enables to monitor of the location and performance of fleet vehicles at any time.
  • Fleet Tracking Application Support and Maintenance Fleet
  • We help in creating UI/UX for both native as well as cross-platform apps. Our Digital eWallet apps feature high-end design features to ensure an overall ease of use.
  • Improved Efficiency Optimizes the various stages of vehicle management and provides data in real-time.