Excursion Management

Our easy-to-use system helps to simplify Excursion Management for tour operators, organisers and travellers.


Are You Looking for Excursion Management for Your Travel Business?

Trawex is a web-based end-to-end Excursion Management software that comes complete with a comprehensive online reservation system with mid and back-office tools. With Trawex, travel companies can sell products online, manage a business, and automate working procedures to increase business efficiency.

We have proven methodologies as we have vast experience in working with various vertical industries, gives us capabilities to effectively address your business challenges and offers various software solutions for your business.

Benefits of Excursion Management Software

  • Worry-free travelEveryone enjoys stress-free travel by not having to deal with payments during hotel stays worldwide.
  • Save moneyGet the best rates with smarter fares and discounts – all within your company policy.
  • Get travel rewardsKeep your employees happy and compliant through offering rewards as they travel.
  • Increase efficiencyIntegrate your expense process with travel for seamless workflow for quick expense reporting.

How We Make Business Excursion Management Easier?

With our Excursion Management Software, you get all your workflows figured out so that your clients can enjoy the benefits of a full corporate travel management package

  • Client Profile ManagementFor getting all details at hand, including preferences and loyalty memberships.
  • Search and BookingFor finding better deals for your clients through a wide choice of integrated suppliers and/or self-operated inventory.
  • Order ManagementFor end-to-end tracking of orders, complete with invoice and receipt reconciliation.
  • Authorization & ApprovalsFor setting up order authorization flows and speeding up approvals.
  • Corporate Policy ComplianceFor ensuring orders and travel spend to comply with your clients’ business travel policies.
  • Travel Documents IssuingFor managing and verifying all travel documents per each traveller, free-form or based on templates.
  • Travel Spend ControlFor keeping track of lowest prices vs actual spend and controlling allocated budgets.
  • ReportingFor getting visibility on your key operational metrics, including corporate policy adherence.

Why Trawex Excursion Management

Excursion Management - Streamline corporate travel with our Excursion Management Software

Excursion Management Software is an online management platform, providing administration to company employees. Especially, it integrates all functionality directly to the company.

Also, this new web application should allow the agents to access and modify certain data that regard the excursions, like customers, their hotel room, the vehicle of their excursion and their boarding status.

The customer was looking for a builder who could establish a trusty collaboration in long terms. The builder could follow the customer's development needs as they appear using the new application.

Trawex is based on a simple principle which is to enable our customers to sell everything and anything related to travel. Our core product categories include Hotel, Air, Apartment, Villa, Car Hire, Bus, City Tours and Package.

Our Customer needed an application for managing their customers, agents and other available assets like vehicles, as well as the reservations in hotels.

Our Excursion Management software supports whether it is b2b and b2c and caters all online Excursion Management solutions to various clients. Online travel business solution enables you to offer online booking services including flight booking, hotel booking, car booking, transfer booking, sightseeing booking and for several other hospitality-related initiatives.

With ERP automate travel management system and make you hassle-free from the daily routine task, analyse your sell, customers, employees’ activities, identify your valuable customer and increase more sell, generate more leads, improve the overall efficiency of the organisation, better control and quick access to a wide range of data, improve data accuracy, streamlined overall organisation processes and let's travel agent, tour operators to access their resources from one place.

Our Tour & Travel Management Software is designed and developed for travel agencies. We have developed this system for many of our clients. This system is normally used for dealing with different activities like companies booking hotels, houseboats, package tours, booking of air tickets, passport processing, foreign exchange, vehicle management and so on.

Trawex offers other web portal and application development services including HR payroll, CRM services, hotel management software, travel management software, ERP services, Product selling software, eLearning ERP Software and many other aspects of services. Our software is a cloud-based SaaS application that can be 100% tailored as per your business needs and organizational structure and process flow.

Trawex is a user-friendly business excursion management tool. It is perfectly suited for business travel booking and management. The online booking platform is easier to use than most consumer sites. Plus, there are no hidden fees, unlike traditional corporate travel agencies.

With Trawex software, you pay just one consolidated fee to get the best deals when you book your company travel. Including 24-hour support for easy travel management.

Travel booking also uses industry-leading AI to save time and money. The system remembers user preferences and automatically applies them to new bookings. In addition, the system automatically identifies booked flights not taken and recoups a portion of the travel cost to the business, and uses a group discount to provide the best prices for travel, saving your company up to 25% across flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Trawex pairs with our Excursion Management software to provide an all-in-one T&E solution, easing the T&E process for both users and approvers.

Trawex has worked with several leaders in the travel industry. We provide IT solutions for property management systems, hotel registration and reservation systems, booking portals, travel shopping engines and timeshare holiday systems.

Our solutions enable travel enterprises to improve profitability across all distribution channels and ensure effective management of revenue and occupancy yield.

We help the start-up travel entrepreneurs to enter the ever-growing and highly-competitive travel industry by creating their modern technology equipped beautiful website offering seamless user experience. Our creative Website designers are always passionate to pour their creativity in building travel-related websites.

Our developers use the right web development platform as per your business size, current, and future needs. Every piece of advice we provide and feature we offer will definitely add value to your travel business website and give great heights to your start-up.

It’s essential to choose the right Excursion Management Software Solution consisting of all the basic and advanced features that fit well with your business needs. We help you to choose the best Excursion Management Software suiting your business current and future needs and goals.

We developed a web-based scalable application with several features. Those include the management of agents, customers and all related to the info, a list of transactions regarding customers, hotels, vehicles, paid entry locations and taverns. The administrators can create, edit and delete information about the various items and aspects of an excursion. Detailed views are created based on the data entered providing an overview of all the available information.

The Excursion Management System provides a secure, stable management platform. It has been developed entirely with the use of PHP and it uses MySQL for its database. We designed the interface to be intuitive and user friendly. Until today, it’s a valuable software tool for the tourism industry and, moreover, boosts customer’s business productivity.

Trawex has developed efficient tours and travel management software which is being used by many travel agents and is running their business successfully.

Our Excursion Management System comes loaded with a whole lot of features to keep you ahead in the business and simply the operations. Some of the must-have features are mentioned below
Customized Tour Packaging

A business needs to do everything possible to keep the customers, and one such thing is providing them with customized solutions. With this feature, the customer has the freedom to create their own personalized tour plan and itinerary. They can select their hotels, type of vehicle, sightseeing details and another service as provided in the system. All these can be done from any device by any customer from across the world.

Create Attractive Itineraries

You as the travel operator can make use of this system to create attractive itineraries that will have stunning photos of destinations, positive reviews from customers, special deals and offers and everything that can possibly attract a customer. This increases customer engagements and attraction and proves positively generating more revenue for the business.

Flexibility and scalability

The system is built to suit all your requirements as and when it’s needed and evolve with your growing business. With a different and unique customer base, operations, demands, and size of all business owners, the software also can be customized to meet the appropriate requirements with time and thus you can move ahead in your business with ease.

Payment options for customers

Offering flexible payment options to the customers is a crucial feature to include in the system to enhance convenience for the customer and promote sales. Flexible payment options are a feature that a majority of travel customers look for while making an online booking.

Mobile accessibility and user-friendly

Mobile-friendly responsive design for easy browsing and accessing the website from all devices. Along with a user-friendly interface that encourages the customers to engage more with the offered modules and create the most satisfactory services.

Around-the-clock availability

With an online travel booking portal, reservations can be made anytime from anywhere with ease. As the services will be available around-the-clock you do not need to be working all the time to receive a booking request. Consumers can book the activity as per their schedule.

This Excursion Management System from Trawex helps the tour operating companies to centralize the entire business process which reduces the manpower requirement and also reduces the turnaround time. The customer data, business reports and invoices are stored in a single system and with access to this data, knowing the status of your business becomes easy with an increase in efficiency.

Why Should An Agency Rely On This Software?

  • Error-free operations
  • Removes staff dependency
  • Time-saving as it is an automated tool
  • Eliminates costly overheads
  • This module helps the user to create a tour package, helps to manage transport, hotels, tickets, visa and guide
  • Easy database management
  • Itinerary makes records easy with description