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How Digitalization Is Revolutionizing the Travel and Tourism Sector

Tourism is one of the sectors increasingly driven by digital technologies. Hospitality and accommodation companies are among the first to incorporate digital technologies in their operations to connect audiences and ensure that their customers have the best possible experience away from home.

In order to perform well enough and gain competitive advantages, players in the tourism industry are always looking for the newest and fastest ways to meet their customer and tailor their product to their target audience, and Digitalization is one way to gain that competitive advantage.

Digitalization goes a long way to making travel more affordable, accessible and easy than it has ever been. New emerging innovations, changing travel patterns and creative product types are just a few of the strengths that accelerate the travel industry into new developments.

Trawex is advanced in technology stimulate innovation, development, and globalization in the tourism sector, and fully redefine travel concepts. Our years of global experience supporting leading companies give us a unique digital perspective on what's best for your company.

What Is The Travel And Tourism Industry?

Travel and tourism have been important social activities of peoples for a long time. In simple terms, tourism is the act of travel for the purpose of pleasure or business, and the provision of services for this act.

Tourism is generally regarded as the act of traveling to a different location, for either business or pleasure purposes. However, it actually has quite a specific definition: the act of traveling to another environment, for at least 24 hours, but for no longer than one year, for purposes related to business or leisure.

1. The Difference between The Travel Industry And The Tourism Industry

Travel and Tourism Industry


While the travel industry and the tourism industry are interlinked, it is important to understand that there are some notable differences between the two. Essentially, the tourism industry relates to the industry centered on tourism, which is the specific act of travelling to a different location, either for business or pleasure.

By contrast, the travel industry is simply related to a person’s travel from one place to another, and the various services they use in that process. In some ways, this means that the travel industry is slightly broader than the tourism industry because it covers a wider number of travel purposes and includes trips to non-tourist destinations.

2. What Are The Sectors Within The Travel Industry?

Sectors in Travel Indusrty




With years of travel industry experience and pool of trained resources, we create solutions for small and large independent travel agencies which help them manage the day to day operations in a unified manner.
Our approach is to meet you for an initial discussion, so that we can completely understand your business goals and agree on how best to work together to produce a successful project on schedule and on budget.

Your site will have all the essential functionality and services you need to succeed in increasingly dynamic online marketplace, and much more.

Such a system helps them in activities like managing records and accounts, handling customer inquires, booking and rescheduling, conducting follow-ups with customers, and so on.


Tour Operators


Trawex delivers a leading travel technology platform to specialist tour operators. We develop our innovative tour operator software to meet the needs of specialist travel a brand, ensuring it is easy to use, scalable and delivers true value.

We provide our technological solutions to tour operators, who are interested in vast distribution of their products, expansion of customer database and sub -agent network. Our services, based on Trawex back-office system, will contribute to your growth both online and offline.



Trawex will give DMC the options of B2C and B2B booking sites, with full independent versatility for product and pricing management.

What's more, with Trawex, you can run completely unique front ends, even with different brands and designs, which ensure that your B2B and B2C offerings can be fully unique.

Flight and/or hotel services can also be included and bookable online, and we can also provide dynamic packages of flights / hotels with your own products.

TMCs & Corporate


At Trawex, we recognize that a robust travel management booking system is a crucial element for every profitable and growing travel management business.

The versatility and depth of Trawex features, together with an simple and intuitive mid-office interface, reinforce the fully customizable front-end options, which together provide an extremely powerful TMC solution that produces outstanding results for a number of companies.

Trawex is a top travel technology company, providing online travel software development solutions including airline reservation system, hotel booking system, car reservation system, IATA software for, travel agents, travel management companies, travel aggregators, destination management companies,  B2B B2C travel agencies and tour operators. Trawex is the best Travel technology company in the market who has gained advanced Travel Technology tools to implement advanced technology to build the product from the scratch.


Travel Technology Solutions we offer:


3. Travel Agencies to Boost Bookings In The Tourism Industry

Boost Tour Bookings


Travel agencies can be essential for maximizing the number of customers a travel company reaches and attracts bookings from. However, different agencies specialize in different areas in the tourism industry and appeal to different types of customers. With this in mind, it is important to work with the right travel agency to further your strategic objectives.

Read “Travel Agencies: Find the Right Travel Agency to Boost Bookings” and you will be able to find out more about the value of travel agencies and access a list of some of the main platforms to try to partner with.

4. Latest Tourism Marketing Tips

Tourism Marketing


From social media sites to remarketing, the world of the Internet offers hundreds of ways for the travel and tourism businesses to connect with their niche audience. Just as the travelling needs and behaviour of tourists have changed, so has the way tourism businesses market their services. 

This is where tourism marketing plays an important role as an effective strategy to promote touristic services, such as hotels, restaurants, transportation, and destinations. 

To help guide you to make the right decisions regarding your tourism marketing plans, take a look at this article, ‘Tourism Marketing’.

5. Trends in Tourism: What You Need to Know

Tourism has evolved faster than ever before as the modern traveler is now caring more about their carbon footprint and their travelling needs. For businesses, emerging tourism trends are extremely important in order to remain relevant in this fast-changing industry. 


The Emerging Technology Trends in the Tourism Industry


Technology has played a vital role in the tourism industry for over a decade now by helping businesses minimize costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience. Businesses, as well as customers, can highly benefit from technology trends for improved reservations, guest services, and communication. ‘Key Technology Trends Emerging in the Travel and Tourism Industry’ is an informative guide that explains the key tech trends in the tourism sector.


Tourism planning is a process through which the set goals can be achieved and the various choices linked to tourism development can be addressed. It is a long term and constant process of preparing, upgrading and improving a destination for tourists.

Communities are the basic elements of tourism. It mainly depends upon the level of acceptance shown by local communities.

The travel industry has become a combination of DIY internet tools and travel management companies. Transportation innovations such as trains and airplanes have eliminated the problems and lowered travel costs. In short, it has become possible for travelers to go anywhere on the globe in less than 48 hours.

The market has split into a vast number of nice markets such as ecotourism, backpacking and historical tourism. There has been a handful of trips into orbit around Earth which is branded as ‘space tourism’ which is going to be an exciting chapter in the industry.

We at Trawex, will keep updating this infographic as and when interesting things happen in the travel industry. Stay tuned!


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