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Hotel Property Management System – An All-In-One Software Solutions for Hotels

Trawex's cloud-based Hotel Property Management System is equipped with cutting-edge features to help you automate and streamline daily operations, improve overall efficiency, and maximize revenue.




What is a Hotel Property Management System in the travel and hospitality industry?


A hotel property management system is a software solution designed specifically for the hotel industry. It assists both independent and hotel groups in effectively managing their operations.

The cloud-based hotel PMS system automates all essential hotel operations such as front-office, bookings, accounting information, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, and other day-to-day hotel operations. This allows hoteliers like you to spend more time providing better service to your guests.

It is more exclusively intended to improve hotel management. Hotel property management systems (PMSs) enable you to manage all of your inventories, guest billing, reservation system, check-ins, housekeeping, and bookings in a digital world.

A hotel property management system allows users to easily manage, schedule, and organize all of their daily operations. These solutions serve as the central database for all hoteliers.

Hoteliers who make full use of hotel management systems use the system's functionality to accelerate and optimize their existing processes.

With the right PMS, daily tasks are made easier to control provided the system has the best “tools”. These tools, or features as they are known, ensure that the day-to-day operations of the hotel are taken care of.


Why Every Hotel Needs a PMS (Property Management System)?


In the fast-paced travel & tourism sector, hotels face the challenge of providing a customizable guest experience while operating a profitable hotel business.

Hoteliers who use an effective Hotel Property Management System Solution are empowered to provide the right experience to guests while managing business without constraints.

A PMS hotel software is incredibly valuable because the modern hospitality industry is technology-driven. With bookings emerging from various channels, prices needing to be smartly adjusted for revenue management purposes, and customer service being a 24/7 endeavor, having PMS software can help to deal with these challenges.

A hotel property management system plays a major role in running the hotel’s operations smoothly. It enables hoteliers like you to manage day-to-day operations and complete all tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, choosing the right hotel PMS is key to your company's growth.

It enables hotels, both small and independent, as well as groups, to manage front-office workflow such as booking, guest check-in and checkout, assigning rooms to guests, delegating housekeeping tasks, and billing, etc.

Hoteliers can expand their reach by collecting direct bookings and listing their property on various OTA platforms. All-in-one hotel property management systems provide the control to obtain and list real-time updates of booking data and availability.

A hotel property management system (PMS) allows you to streamline all of your processes, improve communication between departments, optimize data management, and obtain valuable analytics that can provide insights into your overall performance.

Although PMS software is primarily used to manage booking and financial transactions, it could also be used to manage housekeeping and human resources. In general, PMS enhances the main processes in a hotel related to internal and external operations.


Purpose of PMS Used In Hotel Industry:




Most modern hotel PMS systems integrate multiple hotel departments into a single software package. Depending on the provider, most of these integrations could differ. However, comprehensive software will help you streamline most hotel operations such as:

  • Front Desk Operations

  • Reservation

  • Distribution Channels

  • Housekeeping and Maintenance

  • Revenue management and strategy

  • Customer data and customer relationships

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Point of Sales services

  • Back-office operations


Importance Of Choosing The Right Hotel PMS


Hoteliers must choose the right PMS to reap all of the benefits of hotel PMS. Here are a few considerations:

  • A robust cloud-based system with all the essential integrations for your hotel's specific needs that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

  • 24/7 support to help with any difficulties or queries you may have during processes.

  • Extensive audit trails and night audit reports keep you up-to-date on your operations.

  • A dynamic booking system that receives real-time updates and synchronizes with all of your distribution channels.

  • Assist you in managing housekeeping and maintenance from a single platform.

  • Have POS integrations so that you can manage all of your point-of-sale units from a single platform.

  • Integrates with an online reputation manager that allows you to manage your customer insights.

  • Allows your guests to make contactless check-in and check-out.

  • Provides an easy-to-use web booking engine.


What is the best Property Management System for Hotels?


Trawex offers the best cloud-based property management systems for hoteliers to manage their properties. Our Property Management System is a one-stop-shop for all of your hotel's needs.

We provide an effective cloud-based PMS that can be seamlessly integrated to help with automated revenue management, distribution channel management, a web-based booking engine, reputation management, guest-facing contactless solutions for feedback, check-in/check-out, and services that provide a full-stack solution for hotels worldwide.

Aside from that, Trawex's Hotel Property Management System allows you to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. You can now easily check in a group while you check out other guests. You can quickly send confirmations to upcoming bookers and address follow-ups for pending deposits. All of this is made extremely simple by Trawex's management systems.

Trawex's Hotel Property Management System allows you to collaborate with multiple users without limitations. It allows you to work together as a group or divide your users into shifts.

The room tariff is the most important aspect of the hotel management software. You can now change the rate by simply clicking on it and modify as per requirement. With the excellent system developed by our team, you can upgrade the guest to a new room, easily add breakfast or airport transfers, and the system will automatically select the appropriate charge.

Trawex provides excellent service for managing your multiple Rates & Packages, as well as add-on services. Our system is so developed that it can transform the way you control your ARR's and showcase your attractive deals so that you reap optimum profits.


Some of the important functions managed by Trawex’s Hotel Property Management Software include:


  • Bookings

  • Hotel inventory management

  • Point-of-sale (POS) integration

  • Reporting of KPIs

  • Food and beverage costing

  • Check-ins and check-outs


What Are the Most Important Features of a Hotel Property Management System?


Below, you will find the most important features to look for.


1) Reservations


The first and most obvious feature your property management system should have is the ability to manage hotel booking. This reservation system should be able to integrate with all channels through which customers can make reservations, as well as provide your staff with access to up-to-date inventory information.

This implies that employees should be able to use the PMS system to determine which rooms are reserved and when. Some PMS systems also offer similar functionality for other hotel services, and hotels in a chain may require access to reservation information from across the entire property portfolio.


2) Front-Desk Operations


Your PMS software should also enable front-desk staff to perform several significant functions. Staff will be able to use hotel software to access up-to-date details about booking and the status of specific rooms within the property, and this information must be allowed to be manually updated.

So, for example, it should be possible for front desk workers to help guests to switch rooms, and update the room information. Staff should also be able to manually check guests in and out and issue key cards.


3) Channel Manager


The best hotel management software will have channel management functions that ensure rooms are available across multiple channels and inventory information is always up-to-date. Some PMS systems support direct channel management, while others integrate with third-party global distribution systems.


4) Revenue Management


Revenue management functionality is another key aspect of your hotel management software. This can assist hotel managers and other staff in evaluating the hotel's performance using key performance indicators such as ADR (average daily rate), RevPAR (revenue per available room), and GOPPAR (gross operating profit per available room).

In addition, a good PMS system will provide rate plan management. This will allow hotels to simply make room rate plans and also put them into effect, allowing managers to more easily respond to changes in demand. These changes may be linked to the season, local events, and various other external factors.


5) Check-In Functionality


Digital check-in functionality is a relatively new offering in the PMS business, but it is growing in popularity. This allows payment cards to be pre-authorized, allowing guests to arrive and check-in using a mobile app on their phone or a self-service check-in device in the reception area.

The PMS then syncs automatically, keeping check-in and occupancy data up-to-date. Benefits include better speed, communication with customers via the app, as well as up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Even if a PMS system does not directly include this feature, many offer integration with external check-in systems.


6) Customer Data


The hotel industry is increasingly data-driven, and this means keeping information about customers. As a result, your PMS system must include a customer data management function that allows staff to obtain contact details, dates customers stayed at the hotel, information about which guests are in which room, and so on.

Customer loyalty programs should be realistic through the software, and the PMS should be able to assist with marketing efforts. Customer information can then be consolidated in a single location, whether obtained online or in person, and the PMS system can even be integrated with your CRM software.


7) Housekeeping


The best property management systems will also allow housekeeping tasks to be effectively managed. This kind of feature could be as simple as allowing front office staff to track the status of rooms and whether or not they have been cleaned, but can also allow specific tasks to be assigned to the housekeeping staff.

Several of the most modern hotel management software solutions will also allow tablets or mobile devices to connect to the main system. The advantage of this is that housekeeping staff can update their progress as they go, offering a more up-to-date status report, and communication with the front desk can be simplified.


8) Third-Party Integrations


While a PMS system is designed to be an all-in-one solution, the reality is that many hotels are also going to use other software solutions along with their PMS. As a result, third-party integrations are an important factor when choosing the best hotel management software for your property.

Some of the most common third-party integrations hotels owners look for are with global distribution systems, with online travel agents, with central reservation systems, and with hotel accounting solutions.


9) Invoice & Payment Options


Next, a property management system must provide a range of different payment options. This should include online payment options for front-desk staff, along with e-payment processing for bookings that are made online using a credit or debit card. Software should also allow confirmation emails to be sent quickly.

Furthermore, the software must have the ability to create invoices or receipts for customers, so that these can be easily issued upon check-out, or after using any of the additional paid hotel services.


10) Point of Sales Services


Modern hotels commonly have a range of additional facilities, services, and sales outlets, and the various transactions that occur will frequently need to be added to a guest's bill, which will be presented upon check-out. As a result, a property management system with point-of-sale capabilities can be a great asset.

Employees in the hotel restaurant, gym, or spa should be able to use the software to handle transactions and update the bill for individual guests. The same should apply to room service. The best solutions will allow discounts to be applied too, and the advantage of this is that transactions can be managed at the moment, reducing errors.


11) Reports


At last, automated report functionality must be included in your hotel management software. This will allow hotel employees to quickly access reports based on the most recent data, and these reports could be linked to hotel performance, financial data, or hotel management tasks and processes.

For example, if management requires a report on hotel occupancy rates over the past two years, or on the performance of a specific distribution channel, the software can produce such a report. Similarly, financial reports may be required for accounting and tax purposes, as well as to aid in decision-making.


Driving Ancillary Revenues with our Hotel Property Management System




The hotel industry has an opportunity to not only drive ancillary sales on-property but also to build long-term relationships with their guests by providing valuable products and services. Hotels usually focus on increasing on-property spends through room service, gift shops, mini-bar sales, and hotel dining establishments.

Hotels can now exceed customer expectations while increasing their top-line revenue by utilizing Trawex SaaS hotel property management systems.

Trawex hotel management system can save you time by automating recurring tasks such as updating room rates and availability, sending out reminder emails to guests prior to and upon arrival, and invoicing your guests. 

You can also connect your property management system to a channel manager so that you can accept bookings through various channels online, and they will all arrive in your PMS, allowing you to keep track of them all-in-one place. With our PMS system, your staff spends less time on administrative tasks and more time on fulfilling your guests.

Using our modern hotel management system can increase your revenue by tracking your performance and collecting data about your hotel, analyze it, and creating reports.

From there, you’ll be able to see a clear overview of how your hotel is doing, and you can use this data to make better decisions about how to run the business. E.g., you can use your property management system to implement a dynamic pricing strategy to keep more of your rooms filled at rates that make the customer happy.


By choosing our Hotel Property Management System, you can benefit from the following features:


  • Decrease costs by automating tasks

  • Generate sales by automating marketing and revenue management

  • Improve staff efficiency

  • Increase productivity

  • Streamline accounts

  • Replace paperwork procedures

  • Communicate more effectively with clients

  • Keep your booking dashboard up-to-date at all times

  • Charge extra for late arrivals or check-ins/check-outs

  • Customize check-in/check-out email frameworks

  • Personalize bookings and price plans

  • Streamlines business operations

  • Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Easy-to-use

  • Automatic updates


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We help your own developers
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Customized Hosted Solution

  • Third Party API Integrations
  • Own Inventory Management System
  • Offer your Customers Unparalleled Content
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Comprehensive travel inventory management system

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